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Merychippus goorisi, Fleming Formation

Merychippus goorisi, Fleming Formation

Merychippus goorisi, Austin Co.

Barstovian, Miocene

Mar, 2022


It seems more recent studies have determined Cormohipparion goorisi to actually be of the genus Merychippus, a variety of three-toed horses well known from the American Miocene. At least in 1981, this species was the oldest known hipparion in Holarctica (Northern Afro Eurasia and North America). Merychippus had longer muzzles, deeper jaws, wider set eyes, and relatively larger brains. It seems the type locality was flooded in the creation of Lake Livingston. The Miocene of Texas is overlooked. In the future, I hope to dig a bit deeper into hunting the time period.

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