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So im a little unsure where to start out, i guess im going to write this all down to try and gather my thoughts and update my progress, Im aiming to become competent enuf in fossil prep to be able to get a paid full time job in something im massivley intrested in. Currently ive got boxes and boxes of uk fossils, mostly ammonites. They all need prepping too. Seems the ideal place to start, but first i need the equitment. Check, well sort of ive got a compressor and a st pen tho its in storeage and about 300 miles away. When i did use it ive found it nearly impossible to clen anything up, so the next step is to get a TT pen orderd. money permitting i shuld have this by the end of this month.

On a slightly unrelated not......ive got all these ammonites and would happily trade them for other fossils so i can get some slightly diffrent things to prep. Secondly im in the UK , so anyone wanting to come over hear to hunt let me know as ive got some sweet spots whear ive found an icthysaur and ammonite about 18inches across. I will add pics some time but they are in storeage too at the moment.

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