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About this blog

Hear about my fossiling adventures, updates on my collection and more!

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Denton Fossils

Today I went fossil hunting down to Denton, Texas. The weather was fairly nice with some wind. The outcome were some turrilite fragments, a ton of exogyra arietina (for selling), an echinoid, some Cetaceous/Jurassic sea floor, brachiopods and a clam.
Some of many Exogyra Arietina


Cretaceous or Jurassic sea floor blogentry-20385-0-08482500-1453681720_thumb.jpg


My First Blog Entry

Hello and welcome to Pterodactyl's first blog on the forum. On my blog I will share my fossil hunting experiences, new and old stuff in my collection and anything else I feel like I should add. To keep you excited I'm going to Denton, TX to fossil hunt and I will also be going to San-Francisco to hunt as well. Hope you enjoy.

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