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Micropaleontology blog

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About this blog

I want to have a place that i can put my docmentation of my works hope others can find them useful too

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Please read this section before continue in this blog

Currently this blog only contains my personal information on:

1- micropaleontology of a section in Iran (Arak) which described here. (in website gallery only images+microfacies- complete refrence is in the excel file)
2- some palynological works
you probably fisrt should download the following:
- Map of the area: http://wikisend.com/download/391330/Map-final.jpg
- Excel file for the complete refrence(Farsi Refrence is more complete):
Notice that:
- pictures of thin sections are only samples and sure you can't get much information from there. in proper time i will put better images.
- whole content is only for educational purposes and also mistakes happens all the times :D
- Contents might get updated anytime

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