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About this blog

Welcome to Macrophyseter's (Greek makros "big"+ Greek physeter "blower"; meaning "big blower") Paleo-Profiles. Here, you will find posts of profiles of prehistoric (and sometimes extant) animals. In these profiles, I will use a mix of valid sources, unofficial but possibly credible sourcesand pure speculation, each text colored by its respective reliability. If you tend to avoid unstable/source less statements, then ignore any colored text.

Entries in this blog

Paleo-Profile: Livyatan melvillei

The modern sperm whale Physeter macrocephalus (which means "long-headed blower") has been celebrated and feared in classic literature, often being depicted as ruthless ship-destroyers, most famous of these literature was Herman Melville's novel Moby Dick. But fossil discoveries in the early 2000s beg to differ, revealing a massive leviathan as big as the sperm whale but with powerful and gigantic jaws spawning teeth bigger than a human arm and an appetite that would make Moby Dick resemble a min



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