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First Ever Vert

this is hardly worth posting in comparison to what other put up here but i was so happy to find this little one yesterday!               I went on a little adventure on sheer impulse yesterday afternoon down to the Essex coast and found myself landing in Walton-On-The-Naze.  Apart for the vert if found a fair amount of what i think is wood and crab fragments, not a 100% on the crab bits but i haven't got around to rummaging through my books to f



First Prep Work

Sooo, this tiny little thing was was picked up two years ago on Lyme Regis beach, the nodule it was in was pretty big and i had high hopes that it contained more than one. Alas, sadly only this poor little soul was retrieved and with a broken shell too.    Still, I'm pretty pleased with it considering its my first go at prep work and with no sandblaster. i just cant believe it has taken a little over a month to get the little bugger out. i'm in two mind if i should try and re



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