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Between A Rock And A Hard Place

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First Ever Vert


this is hardly worth posting in comparison to what other put up here but i was so happy to find this little one yesterday!









I went on a little adventure on sheer impulse yesterday afternoon down to the Essex coast and found myself landing in Walton-On-The-Naze. 

Apart for the vert if found a fair amount of what i think is wood and crab fragments, not a 100% on the crab bits but i haven't got around to rummaging through my books to find out yet.


Also come across a few odd bits that i have no clue as the what they are, some i found on the shore and one bit up by the crag cliffs.


I'll post a photo below, if anyone can point me in the right direction ill be greatful, the area is Caenozoic.





First Prep Work

Sooo, this tiny little thing was was picked up two years ago on Lyme Regis beach, the nodule it was in was pretty big and i had high hopes that it contained more than one.

Alas, sadly only this poor little soul was retrieved and with a broken shell too. 


Still, I'm pretty pleased with it considering its my first go at prep work and with no sandblaster. i just cant believe it has taken a little over a month to get the little bugger out.

i'm in two mind if i should try and remove the remaining matrix or keep it how it is because it acts and a nice little stand.


so yeah, my first little Gryphaea Arcuata:D

DSC_1298 (2).JPG



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