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Between A Rock And A Hard Place

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First Prep Work

Sooo, this tiny little thing was was picked up two years ago on Lyme Regis beach, the nodule it was in was pretty big and i had high hopes that it contained more than one.

Alas, sadly only this poor little soul was retrieved and with a broken shell too. 


Still, I'm pretty pleased with it considering its my first go at prep work and with no sandblaster. i just cant believe it has taken a little over a month to get the little bugger out.

i'm in two mind if i should try and remove the remaining matrix or keep it how it is because it acts and a nice little stand.


so yeah, my first little Gryphaea Arcuata:D

DSC_1298 (2).JPG




What brought me here

For myself as a child I'd always found them somewhat of a beautiful oddity, on family days out to the coast i was always at my happiest rummaging through the shell's and stones. i never found anything remotely fossil like but I'd always end up coming home carrying half the beach. 


Many years later that particular interest had faded and died a death, until last year when I went rummaging in the quarry at Berry Head Brixham and ended up coming home with some rather large, pink calcite crystals. Since then I've been eager to get started but for some reason or another it's had to be put on hold.. until now.


Now I'm trying to read and cram as much information as I can in to my head, acquire the equipment I'm  going to need as well as willing the wetter weather to get here so I can start planning a few trips down to the coast.

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