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Two Cool Cephalopods ....

Hello Everyone its been way to long since my last entry. I've been sharing on the Facebook page because its so easy to upload from my phone. But I will start back bogging...... I miss it :)

I found these cephalopods two weeks ago here in middle TN- Leipers Formation from what I'm told. I found it interesting how the shell casing seems to have been peeled back on both......


Scouting Out New Sites

Today I set out to find a site that I saw in a flicker image that a geology student posted. I didn't find that particular spot, but I found many long the way. I did stop at once but only stayed about 20min. I wanted to keep moving. I found a few things and I know I'll be going back :)


blog-0992315001346348931.jpgFirst here are some things I found behind a mall in Madison, Tn

1 blogentry-3008-0-49308900-1346345601.jpg 2 blogentry-3008-0-01985000-1346345608.jpg

3 blogentry-3008-0-45598200-1346345614.jpg 4 blogentry-3008-0-03649200-1346345621.jpg

5 blogentry-3008-0-42291200-1346345625.jpg 6 blogentry-3008-0-19420600-1346345732.jpg

7 blogentry-3008-0-24177900-1346345739.jpg 8 blogentry-3008-0-58632400-1346345745.jpg

This was just cool :)

9 blogentry-3008-0-47262400-1346345753.jpg 10 blogentry-3008-0-91540500-1346345761.jpg

here is what I found again behind a mall but in Providence, Tn

the first 5 are all from one plate I couldnt capture everything on it due to my camera limitations.

11 blogentry-3008-0-77878300-1346345933.jpg 12 blogentry-3008-0-86245700-1346345936.jpg

13 blogentry-3008-0-48419900-1346345940.jpg 14 blogentry-3008-0-87069300-1346345944.jpg

15 blogentry-3008-0-54451900-1346345949.jpg

16 blogentry-3008-0-36878900-1346346517.jpg 17 blogentry-3008-0-67086700-1346346528.jpg

18 blogentry-3008-0-47889400-1346346543.jpg 19 blogentry-3008-0-98654800-1346346551.jpg

20 blogentry-3008-0-54936500-1346346558.jpg 21 blogentry-3008-0-76478100-1346346565.jpg

22 blogentry-3008-0-55369800-1346346832.jpg 23 blogentry-3008-0-65586100-1346346837.jpg

24 blogentry-3008-0-01944500-1346346841.jpg 25 blogentry-3008-0-42766500-1346346845.jpg

26 blogentry-3008-0-95304400-1346346849.jpg

27 blogentry-3008-0-30932600-1346347200.jpg 28 blogentry-3008-0-43420400-1346347205.jpg

29 blogentry-3008-0-10644000-1346347215.jpg 30 blogentry-3008-0-77802500-1346347226.jpg

31 blogentry-3008-0-49837900-1346347236.jpg

And last but not least my after work hour and 15 min hunt :)

The first pic is of the inside of my hunting apron lol

then I was bold enough to empy it in a public place to take some pics.

It's official I'm a crazy fossil lady :)

32 blogentry-3008-0-44245400-1346347417.jpg 33 blogentry-3008-0-74384800-1346347427.jpg


Oop's I forgot the coin lol 35 blogentry-3008-0-01525800-1346347447.jpg


My 2Day Hunt

Day 1

Last saturday on the way home I stoped at a road cut that I had my eye on for some time. I found some lovley bryozoans my favorite thus far. I only stayed about 20minutes because it had been a long day but I do plan to go back.

Collection from an Ordovician outcrop in Nashville, Tn






Day 2

Collection from an Ordovician outcrop in Hendersonville, Tn

I went back to the road cut that I had found the trilo head in hopes of finding another. I spent 5 hours out there. The weather was great and really enjoyed myself, but not one trilo. :(

I told a friend I could almost feel them looking at me with thier little muddy faces laughing at me as we played a game of hide and seek. :P

But it was not at all a loss, I found some goodies.

blogentry-3008-0-98996400-1345211574.jpg blogentry-3008-0-23388900-1345212090.jpg I'm not sure if my ID is correct on this one -> blogentry-3008-0-52450900-1345212083.jpgblogentry-3008-0-53835900-1345211586.jpgblogentry-3008-0-31837600-1345211591.jpgblogentry-3008-0-05545400-1345212059.jpgblogentry-3008-0-99025000-1345212068.jpgblogentry-3008-0-00726500-1345211581.jpgblogentry-3008-0-69565600-1345212309.jpgblogentry-3008-0-11863800-1345212321.jpgblogentry-3008-0-14081400-1345212329.jpgblogentry-3008-0-83552200-1345212335.jpgblogentry-3008-0-97149500-1345212313.jpgblogentry-3008-0-79920800-1345211550.jpgblogentry-3008-0-41143000-1345211561.jpgblogentry-3008-0-05095100-1345211567.jpgblogentry-3008-0-15162200-1345212305.jpgblogentry-3008-0-72260200-1345212289.jpg


A Promising New Location

Well Today I went to a new location about 20 minutes away.


It was very promising but I didn't find much of anything to bring home aside from a few favosites and horn coral.

The location was nice I plan to go back in the morning maybe take a friend to keep Maximus occupied so I can scan the shoreline without being pulled.

Here is a video and a few pics to show why Im sure I will find something.

VIDEO :popcorn: -------->>>>>>>>>> IMG_6213.mov


Interesting Fossils Finds Today

After work this morning I decided to go for a quick trip to Hurricane Creek Recreation Area in La Vergne, Tn which is just one of the many access points at percy Priest Lake.

I wanted to try to find something before the heat kicked in. I found a few small things which turned out to be very interesting.

This plate reminds me of filigree. I'm thinking it could be worm burrows.

blogentry-3008-0-57936400-1341361014.jpg blogentry-3008-0-61662000-1341358605.jpg

Here is a great little shell hash plate


This one didn't look like much, I found one like it once before but it wasn't as defined as this is. You can see the cross sections of gastropods and cephalopods and more.


Here is the biggest chunk of Beekite I've found. I just love the texture of this stuff.


A cool little crinoid stem.

blogentry-3008-0-07624300-1341359701.jpg :)

I need some help with this one.


Last but not least this little critter has me puzzled.

blogentry-3008-0-42270500-1341360193.jpgblogentry-3008-0-36005800-1341360202.jpg .


I found a monster!!!!!!!!!!!! I must have walked by it dozens of times. Today we had light rain the great for finding fossils because the rain washes away the dirt, and you can see what is hidden. I found this in about fifteen minutes. I wish I had my phone on me so I could have made a video. I almost walked by it but I saw the lines on a stone. I went to turn it over I kept saying " this can't be it's huge". Well here is my new baby

blogentry-3008-0-12372200-1339378267.jpgblogentry-3008-0-57103000-1339378364.jpgblogentry-3008-0-35368200-1339378352.jpgblogentry-3008-0-16417100-1339378357.jpgblogentry-3008-0-60378800-1339378430.jpgblogentry-3008-0-43382100-1339378440.jpg Is there a way to figure out the approximate size from a fragment?


My New But Very Old Fossil Plate :)

blog-0839397001338784245.jpgI took a friend and her daughter for thier first fossil hunting adventure yesturday and we did pretty darn good. Here is the cutest fossil little hunter around, meet Max blogentry-3008-0-42121500-1338782851.jpg

At first I was able to dislodge a piece that was about five feet across but it was so heavy. Although it was very exciting when it came up in one piece, we desided to break it and this is what we ended up with. blogentry-3008-0-13239200-1338782965.jpg We came away with 8 very nice fossil plates, two of which we're 27 and 29 inches in length.blogentry-3008-0-37245400-1338782945.jpg blogentry-3008-0-36094800-1338782951.jpg blogentry-3008-0-59839300-1338782958.jpg blogentry-3008-0-58909000-1338783991.jpg We plan on going back very soon and with help in case we are able to get a bigger piece. I want to clean it up a bit it has a muddy film over it even after the powerwash. If anyone has any tips on cleaning and maybe sealing it please let me know. I want to hang mine eventually


Here Are Todays Finds.

I thought I would give the lake another try we had a good rain and I hoped it had washed the mud off the rocks enough that I could find something. I found that it had and I found a few things, I'm not sure what everything is yet I found a few different types of coral in one spotblogentry-3008-0-28350000-1336546297.jpgblogentry-3008-0-05978700-1336547204.jpgblogentry-3008-0-63678900-1336547221.jpgblogentry-3008-0-02531100-1336547242.jpgblogentry-3008-0-63496400-1336547256.jpgblogentry-3008-0-62106200-1336547273.jpgblogentry-3008-0-73688800-1336547291.jpg here is a huge chunk I had to dig upblogentry-3008-0-46644600-1336548729.jpgblogentry-3008-0-90851300-1336548748.jpgI love this plate I foundblogentry-3008-0-24960700-1336548922.jpgblogentry-3008-0-72835800-1336548940.jpgblogentry-3008-0-39205300-1336548952.jpg

I also found a few rocks with odd shapes insideblogentry-3008-0-64028800-1336546853.jpgblogentry-3008-0-90486600-1336546976.jpgblogentry-3008-0-72162700-1336546996.jpgblogentry-3008-0-65949600-1336547015.jpgblogentry-3008-0-00196000-1336547035.jpgblogentry-3008-0-42110700-1336547053.jpgblogentry-3008-0-67703600-1336547071.jpg I think this is a ceph but I don't see any sections so I'm thinking it could be the body chamberblogentry-3008-0-09288600-1336548479.jpg blogentry-3008-0-00910800-1336547976.jpgblogentry-3008-0-51314600-1336547896.jpgblogentry-3008-0-21060400-1336547918.jpgand a smaller oneblogentry-3008-0-07148100-1336548090.jpgblogentry-3008-0-49574800-1336548107.jpgblogentry-3008-0-20995700-1336548125.jpgblogentry-3008-0-21422800-1336548145.jpg

Now this is a frag that looks like it could be a brachiopod but if it is it was huge but I have a feeling it isn'tblogentry-3008-0-61198900-1336548413.jpgblogentry-3008-0-14343000-1336548407.jpg This is one with trace fossil that looks coolblogentry-3008-0-52312700-1336548564.jpg

This rock caught my eye but you really cant tell if it's anything , well I cant maybe on of you canblogentry-3008-0-93973900-1336549170.jpgblogentry-3008-0-93983100-1336549192.jpgblogentry-3008-0-65379800-1336549211.jpg I took a few along with me to the car wash for a spa treatment lol he coral cleaned up wellblogentry-3008-0-06224800-1336549343.jpgblogentry-3008-0-16689900-1336549361.jpgblogentry-3008-0-38741500-1336549380.jpgblogentry-3008-0-85554700-1336549400.jpgblogentry-3008-0-20954500-1336549673.jpgblogentry-3008-0-90783500-1336549691.jpgblogentry-3008-0-55573800-1336549713.jpg here are some things I couldn't collectblogentry-3008-0-87974400-1336549961.jpgblogentry-3008-0-39343600-1336549969.jpgblogentry-3008-0-77621700-1336549976.jpgblogentry-3008-0-54111200-1336549983.jpgblogentry-3008-0-43796000-1336550036.jpgblogentry-3008-0-09095900-1336550042.jpgblogentry-3008-0-37341100-1336550753.jpg


My Largest Cephalopod To Date :)

Well while letting Maximus take a swim in the lake. . I looked down and there it was plain as day, my new cephalopod. I didn't go out to find fossils today but I did all the same. As I moved the rocks from around it I prayed it wasn't part of a huge rock that I could'nt move, but luck was on my side. I found it at the Percy Priest Lake here in middle Tn.


Well I went out today looking for trillo's but had no luck. I brought home a chunk of fossil Matrix that I thought I could pick apart and maybe just maybe uncover one. Chances are, there is no chance. :Pblogentry-3008-0-87035300-1335152191.jpgblogentry-3008-0-92808700-1335152356.jpgblogentry-3008-0-76352400-1335153478.jpg

I did find a beautiful clean brachiopod nestled inside the matrixblogentry-3008-0-38316300-1335152515.jpgblogentry-3008-0-10503400-1335153512.jpg

I found chunk of matrix with a calsite crystal deposite in it but it was high on a hill that was precarious at best and if I lost my footing?.... well lets just say "it wouldn't be a good look". So I visually mapped my path and went for it. It was bigger then I thought but I was able to break off the bit I wanted. I saw more even higher but It wasn't worth the risk.blogentry-3008-0-30655100-1335152680.jpgblogentry-3008-0-81200200-1335154250.jpgblogentry-3008-0-13674800-1335152770.jpg]blogentry-3008-0-05672800-1335153046.jpg[

I walked further down and found two huge slabbs that had fallen from the very top of the strata. I was able to examine them and was surprized how the thin layers were and that they did'nt shatter in the fall, With very little effort I was able to pull away the wafers, exposing the fossil hash full of brachiopods, bryozoa and such.blogentry-3008-0-94381000-1335152871.jpgblogentry-3008-0-92339600-1335153090.jpg I'll have to take better pics of some my finds. I used my phone and a magnifying glass this time.


Roadside Hunt

On my way home from work early one sunday morning. I pulled over to check out a road cut this is what I found.

I think I found some corals, what do you think? :)


Hummmmmm Chaps Or Boots?

Well I suffer through the summer not going out hunting for fear of snakes so Im thinking of investing in some PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) I found this site: http://www.snakeboots.com/

and Im trying figure out should I get chaps or boots but I have to admit.... I really want a full suit and helmet oh and stilts :blush:

these will do



Fossil Art

I just got a new photo app on my iphone which I love.

I thought I would share my results. I really like the aged ones. :wub:


Lock 3

I found a boat access on my iphone gps called "lock 3" in Hendersonville,tn. Its small and has sand that I thought may have been shiped in, but when I looked under some over turned trees the sand was there also.

It had thousands of these lovely little shells scattered all over the shore line :wub:. I'm wondering what kind they are.

I cant wait to go back it was so relaxing.

As soon as the the cicadas leave I'll go back :D


What A Dam Morning

I went to one of our Dams to see if I could find anything. All I found we're some questionable rocks with what could be trace fossils of some sort. The rocks look like they had been trucked in from somewhere, so I dont know what location they are from.


What I Found Sunday

I went to my sunday spot that is in the back of an industrial park. I found a trilo fragmentblogentry-3008-0-19854400-1302006781.jpg and I think a few flint nodulesblogentry-3008-0-48026000-1302006995.jpgand more.

I'm sorry about the pics i had to use my iphone :blush:


Stream Cleanup

Well at the begining of the week I saw large yellow signs at our road entrance saying "Stream Clean up Saturday 9:00 am" So I made plans to take part after I got off work. Well Lastnight was a bad night at work. I barley got a break, by morning I was oh so ready for bed. On the way home I saw the signs.

I went home, changed and went back out as fast as I could, avioding my bedroom at all costs.

So to make a long story short I made it and stayed 2 hours. I was the 2nd person there and after awhile we had about 10 in total. It was nice being out and I got my 2nd wind going up and dowm the stream looking for fossils as I picked up trash. I found some new areas but one of the girls saw a snakee so I'm done with stream hunting until next fall. Im not risking walking up on a copperhead. but Im glad I was able to help out today.


8 Hours Spent In Three Locations

I guess I had a bug that day. I just wouldnt go home and It was such a nice day. I didnt take lots of pics but here are a few.

I also found a tooth not sure what kind, I'm thinking it may be a horse tooth.


Out For A Ride

I went out for a ride this morning to take some pics and see if I could find anything. I drove up toward Springfield, TN to take photos of a beautiful stata. I also found a few things:

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