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Megalodon Shark Teeth

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Top Of The Food Chain

At over 60 feet in length and weighing over 50 tons, C. megalodon was without a doubt one of the largest and most terrifying predators to ever exist.

It was literally,

The Apex Predator, The Top of the Food Chain.

Megalodon sharks lived from about 25 million years ago to around 1.5 million years ago. Megalodons had enormous teeth that grew up to seven inches in length. These razor sharp teeth were used to attack and devour ancient whales. In general, all shark teeth are highly evolved, being perfectly adapted for the shark's prey. Because Megalodon preyed upon whales, their teeth were massive and sharply serrated like a steak knife - an adaption which allowed them to easily cut through the meat and bones of giant whales.

A team of scientists led by Stephen Wroe conducted an experiment in 2008 to determine the bite force of the C. megalodon and concluded that very large specimens were capable of exerting a bite force of up to 40,131 pounds per square inch (over 5 times greater than that of T. Rex), arguably making the giant shark one of the most formidable and powerful predators to have ever inhabited the oceans.

Megalodon teeth were also extremely robust and solid allowing them to bite into whale bone without breaking. During their lives, Megalodons had teeth that were a bright ivory white color just like our teeth. Fossil Meg teeth however come in a variety of beautiful colors. Over millions of years of fossilization, the white enamel becomes mineralized, taking on the characteristic colors of the minerals surrounding it. By far the most common color is a dark grey color typical of teeth found in South Carolina rivers and some other Southern areas of the United States. Rarer colors include Reds, Blues, Greens, Yellows, Oranges, Black and combinations of these colors. Ivory colored Megalodon teeth typically come from phospate deposits, while other colors are usually found in Rivers. The more unusually colored teeth are much rarer and command significantly higher prices than the more common colors. Also, because high quality teeth over six inches in length are both rare and in high demand, these monster teeth command much higher prices than their smaller cousins. In fact Meg teeth over 5 inches in length tend to increase exponentially in price with increasing size.