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My Triassic Blog

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Dear Visitors of my blog!

Welcome to this blog. I hope you enjoy it and have a good time staying here.

About me and my collecting area:


I am a fossil collector living in Austria. My favourite fossil collecting field are the ammonoids of the middle to upper Triassic "Hallstatt" limestone in the Northerrn Calcerous Alps. Hallstatt limestone represent a type of condensed triassic "ammonitico rosso" facies which do also occur in several other parts of the world. Greece, Hungary, Romania, Bosnia, Turkey, Oman and East Timor are the most known of them. In this blog I try to give you insight to this formation and its ammonoids.

There are two main reasons why I create this blog.

First and main reason is to share my fossil passion with other fossil lovers all over the world(especially triassic collectors)

Second reason is a selfish reason, constraining myself to polish up my rusty english and write down my thoughts, experiences and hunting trips in a foreign language.

Stratigraphic timescale of the Hallstatt limestone


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Recommended Comments

Hello Andreas,

I'm looking forward to more of your blog!

You're doing a great job with your english! ;)


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I love Triassic ammonites too !!!I'm looking forward to your news.

Good luck with finding ammonites !!!


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Thank you all for your nice comments and your encouragement to go on with my reports!


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