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Hummmmmm Chaps Or Boots?



Well I suffer through the summer not going out hunting for fear of snakes so Im thinking of investing in some PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) I found this site: http://www.snakeboots.com/

and Im trying figure out should I get chaps or boots but I have to admit.... I really want a full suit and helmet oh and stilts :blush:

these will do



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I am really liking the snake boots!

The price is way too high for me. I may duct tape my rubber

boots several times... lol

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I recently bought a pair of the snake boots, not because of snakes, but because of all the no-see-uhms that always seem to get up my pants leg. With those, I just tuck my pants into them, and haven't had any bites at all. the pair I have are extremly light, and not too hot, even in the low 100's. They also give excellent support. Seems like I paid around $140 for them, and that was at a size 14.

Brent Ashcraft

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I am really liking the snake boots! The price is way too high for me. I may duct tape my rubberboots several times... lol

me to but I'm saving up :)

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what brand did you buy Brent?

Uhh, the green cordura with brown leather. LaCrosse I think. 14s can be hard to come by.

Brent Ashcraft

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Ooops-they are redwings. I couldn't be real choosy due to size. I ordered tehm through a bass pro shop outlet store, where tehy called the store and found what was actually in stock versus what was back-ordered.

Brent Ashcraft

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I routinely collect in regular clothes, and mostly short pants.

I guess I am lucky that I have never been threatened by venomous snakes, so until now at least, protective clothes seem unnecessary.

It's also been my experience that in temperatures exceeding 85F, you should see few snakes. So, if you out collecting then, you should be at low risk. Around water, you may see more, but they should be less active. Also, in most localities, the non-venomous water snakes far outnumber the Western Cottonmouth. Just some info that may help you.

I liked your photos and text!

Take it easy.


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well today I got up the nerve to go and saw so many snake holes around I got out of there. I can wait :0\

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