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Prehistoric Planet Trilogy

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Prehistoric Planet: A Land Reborn




Inside the sub, the group stares in amazement as they watch the Trilobites and sea scorpions crawl along the sea floor. The sea scorpions appear to be hunting some of the trilobites. They notice a large ship that has come to its final resting place, and engraved on the side "Genesis” A Helicoprion shark slowly swims by the ship. "Hey, isn't that the ship that disappeared in 1999?" asked Jonathan.

"Yes, remember Dennis told you where everything disappeared to when they went into the Bermuda Triangle; they were taken back in time" replied Stephen.

"I do remember that now, that is where he got the idea" said Jonathan with a smile

A school of ammonites swim past the window, darting in and out of view. A few moments later, they watch as the pod of Shastasaurus and multiple Elasmosaurus glide past the sub, and begin to hunt one of the dense schools of fish and Ammonites that are in the area.

"Absolutely incredible" exclaims Stephen, awestruck.

The large schools of fish and marine reptiles suddenly flee the area; the ocean is still, only the occasional move from a trilobite covering itself with sand on the ocean floor. Jonathan looks towards the surface as a large shadow shields the dappled sunlight from above. His eyes grow wide with terror,

“Don’t move” he whispers, never taking his eyes off the large object. Looming above them swims one of the most dangerous predators to ever stalk the earth.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 12-

The Mosasaur circles the sub, its large brown eye peering in through the port hole, right at Jonathan. It continues to circle the sub until another Mosasaur bumps into it, knocking it off the electro-magnetic track. The small sub to slows to a halt as they watch the scene unfold; the Mosasaurs turn their attention to one of the smaller Shastasaurus, it is injured, causing it to swim slower than the others. The large marine reptiles slowly begin circling their floundering soon to be prey, sizing up their next meal. The first mosasaur charges, but the Ichthyosaur is quick. In a flash the large ichthyosaur has the marine reptile within its jaws, a cloud of blood flows from the flesh wound along the Mosasaurs’ flipper. The Mosasaur whips back and forth and quickly frees itself and then flees into the curtain of dappled sunlight. Suddenly, the second Mosasaur charges hyper-extending is jaws like a snake, and then slams into the ichthyosaur, landing a fatal bite right along the giant’s neck. The large reptile arches its back in pain as a cloud of crimson blood disperses into the water. The Mosasaur quickly lands another bite along its stomach, darkening the water as blood and innards spill into the water. The large assassin continues to circle its dying prey, waiting for it to slowly bleed to death. The electrical impulses generated by the struggling Shastasaurus attract much larger predators.

A large mass from above darkens their sub. Jonathan, Lex, Stephen and Tim look up in amazement, and fear. The Megalodon swims slowly and gracefully towards the Mosasaur, challenging it for its kill. The Mosasaur snaps its jaws in fury, accepting the challenge. The two leviathans circle each other for a moment, each sizing up their opponent. The Mosasaur suddenly charges, it unhinges its jaws and slams into the sharks seven foot gill slits, pinning the shark to the sea floor. The wounded shark struggles, whipping its body back and forth, stirring up a cloud of sand and blood. The shark continues to thrash around, causing the large marine reptile to release its death grip. The Megalodon quickly retreats to the depths as the victorious Mosasaur returns back to finish its meal—

—The Mosasaur suddenly is rocketed clear out of the water by an unseen force. As the marine reptile rises out of the water, the Megalodon begins whipping its head back and forth, its seven inch serrated teeth sawing into the Mosasaurs’ stomach, tearing a 500 pound chunk of flesh and innards from the floundering marine reptile. As if in slow motion, the two leviathans crash into the water with a mighty splash. The Mosasaurs’ lifeless body sinks down into the darkness of the abyss, followed by a trail of dark, crimson blood. The Megalodon circles the abyss for a moment, then grabs the dead ichthyosaur in its jaws, and disappears into the depths.

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