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* Dinosaurs Of The British Isles Winter Talk Review *



I think it was a real treat for the Stamford and District Geological Society to have had a palaeontologist such as Dean Lomax to visit us and to talk about Dinosaurs of the British Isles. Without the publication of his NEW BOOK you just couldn’t comprehend the diversity of Dinosauria roaming our shores...

Barely a week seems to go by without the announcement of some new dinosaur discovery. We seem to have become accustomed to media reports highlighting some exciting aspect of the Dinosauria, often from faraway places and remote parts of the world. Whilst it is always intriguing to hear reports of fossil finds relating to prehistoric animals that once lived in the Arctic Circle or indeed, to see pictures of the newest type of feathered dinosaur identified from north-eastern China, it is worth remembering that dinosaurs, lots of them for that matter, once roamed the British Isles.

To hear about meat-eating dinosaurs from Swindon, Stegosaurs from Peterborough and Tyrannosaurs from the Isle of Wight left you gobsmacked.

Ive also heard on the grapevine that Dean might be working on another new publication about Marine Reptiles…..let’s hope we can get him booked in for next year..!



“Oh yes and there was the rather embarrassing scenario on my part moment, when Dean incorporated into his PowerPoint presentation and showed everyone my Theropods footprint I found at Saltwick Bay “…Ha Ha.


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Sounds like a very interesting presentation Darren, I would have liked to have been there for it :)

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It's a shame I missed that, but a bit far for me to travel.

I've recently started reading his new book "Dinosaurs of the British Isles".

I would strongly recommend it. It's written in a style that's easy to follow for a relative novice like me, but also pretty detailed. Loads of good quality photos to help identification.

Must have been nice to have you're finds included in his presentation Darren : )

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