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it went ok

We drove around for four hours and we couldn't find pit 11. Then at the last moment we did. We walked the 2 miles then got there and looked around the hills. My dad found a mango seed shaped concretion and I found two pretty good looking nodules myself. Most of the other nodules we found were already broken. My sister found some awesome spots of shale that helped me a lot.

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When We go especially at pit 11, we go off the path and climb down the sides of the hills atleast 50 ft down or straight up the other ones and you can still find buckets full. You have to go in the places you can tell most people don't, thick brush, some of the steep hills then brush away all the old leafs and dirt at the base of the trees you can find some nice ones at the base of the trees.

The edges of pit 11 get picked over very quick when the ice thaws out...

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