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Eastern NC Trip Reports

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Meet your Host, Mr. Ash!



Hello, I'm Ash.
I'm long winded when I type. I'm an oxymoron in who I am, what I do, how I am perceived and also how I perceive.

This initial blog post is not going to contain anything more than a get to know me, so if you want to read about my fossil finds, go ahead and skip to the next topic. For those who end up finding interested in what I have to say beyond the fossil finds, you may come back to this post with hope to understand my through process. This is the background of my life, the reference guide and index you may find yourself referring too when I fail to put all of the puzzle pieces in one convenient place (in future posts).

I'm a 28 year old man with the heart of a 10 year old boy and the spirit of a true pisces. I have "severe ADHD" and a personality that is VERY easily obsessive/persistent on subjects as well as extremely random/impulsive at times. I have always LOVED the wonders of the past and while attending ECU for media production, I discovered the academics in Anthropology. I ended up getting a BS in both Communications and Anthropology - I work in a completely unrelated field post graduation.

I have resided in Greenville for 10 years and 5 months to date, having moved from a childhood spent outside the Ft. Bragg area of NC, most of which was on a 200 acre "farm". We were not farmers in the way one farms for a living but instead my father farmed as a hobby and enjoyed having enough land to distance the unwanted crowding while maintaining ease of access to conveniences of the small cities.

I could not appreciate my fathers land for the depths of history it holds until my mid 20's. I will hope to have a blog dedicated to that topic/region solely in the future. For now, I share that the childhood finds of native american artifacts in freshly plowed fields, mud floor houses built in the early 1800s found burried in wild wooded chunks of land and the summers spent on the OuterBanks of NC are the sparks and fuel stemming the continuous desire to explore, uncover, understand and document the history of the earth beneath me.

The intention of this blog is to share my personal growth as I learn about the world of Paleontology at the GMR and surrounding local areas of eastern NC. I hope to document my finds and really encourage any feedback/criticism on these reports as I learn how to ID my finds!


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