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GMR Entry #1 - June 2015 - October 2015



To date, I have found a few hundred shark teeth of assorted species and condition, around 100 belemnites and then various other items while screening for fossils at the GMR. This will be my first "trip report" blog on finds from all previous trips (June 2015-October 2015). These images are just the "best" finds within the things I've found at GMR to kick start the reporting I hope to do more timely and detailed with individual trip analysis. There will be several items/categories I am missing and will most likely mention in the future, especially the random "modern junk" I've come across in this creek.

Goblin Shark teeth? I find A LOT of these, but most are either in half vertically or missing one side of the root.

GMR Belemnites

Belemnites everywhere! I have actually started to control myself on these amber sticks glistening amidst the stream, I'm trying not to take more than I can look at!

GMR Blog 12 Tympanic Bulla

I believe this is tympanic bulla?

GMR Blog  07

I'm not sure why, but I really like these fish teeth so I get pretty excited each time I run across some.

GMR Blog 04 Mouth Plates

The few "larger" teeth I have found so far, even though it's in pretty poor condition, the largest one there had me stoked for days as it was my first large find. I am pretty sure my co workers wanted to stab me with it after the first day of trying to show everyone!

Not sure what these are, wonder if they are possibly vertebrae? I find a lot of rusted looking flat rocks like this varying in sizes.

GMR Blog 10 Bones P 1

And then some random finds and bones (I'm pretty sure one was a chicken bone from a Sunday picnic :P). I'm always very happy with my trips to GMR, even if I went for an hour after work one evening, there is always a neat little find that makes it worth while! The scene can be quite relaxing if you have time to walk a bit into the stream, but the smell always keeps you from forgetting what you are in and not to put your hands near your mouth! :)


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