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So I thought that I would do quick little posts along with the more in depth ones. I decided that I can use these to answer questions or explain one thing quickly.

This time I decided that I would talk about the orange bucked I have sitting on the floor. It is a dust trap machine. It uses water to catch the air abrasive material and the rock bits that are cut away by the abrasive. It works really well!! I have been using it for a couple of weeks and I just cleaned out our vacuum and there was no particulate matter in the vacuum!! :) How cool is that!! It is used to pull air out of the box that I have been preparing the fossils in. It helps keep the dust way down! Check out the video!

Big thanks to the University of Utah for letting me work in their lab and for getting the parts together so I can build it! Also a big thanks to the Garage Gazette and to user goodfellow for posting how to make this! here is the link to the instructions on how to build it: http://www.thegaragegazette.com/index.php?topic=65.0


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