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Eastern NC Trip Reports

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I had a good weekend on the river this past Saturday and Sunday. I did some fishing and scouting for new dig spots. I have yet to find my own place where 1. no one else knows/digs that I am networked with 2. that produces decent quality and OK quantity. Saturday evening that was checked off from my fossil hunting bucket list, though. I plugged down the river in my lil 14' jon boat, saw some shells atop a bank that looked familiar to the fossil pecten in edgecomb county and made a quick dash to the shore! I had quite the struggle among the brush and trees between myself and these barely visible shells - but I made it, grabbed a very nice C. madisonius with some little barnacles atop of it. As I'm climbing down I spot something embedded in the rock/hardened clay and got so excited I literally laughed out loud. MEGLADON TOOTH!  -This I was not expecting, but welcomed! I pried it out, really neat color and sadly chipped away about a third - but still in good condition and a promising sign as I looked around and also found two beautiful little great whites almost pearly white! Such unique colored teeth for this part of eastern NC as normally my finds, like GMR, are darker grays and blacks and then you have the aurora teeth and hour east that these appeared more like in color but still different. I would love to know the minerals responsible for this coloration here. Anyhow, I returned with my Good digging partner, Rick, Sunday and we found a few more things that were alright. More to explore - more to come I'm sure! 






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Nice finds @AshHendrick


When are you taking Theresa and I to your new :meg: spot?? :D We promise not to tell anyone else and will be stealthy. :ninja:

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You have written " I made it, grabbed a very nice C. madisonius "... But what means "C." ?


you can put only the first letter of a genus only if you have already written the full name before, because if we don't know this fauna we are unable to know about which species you talk on ! Furthermore, I live in France... ;)




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Coco, sorry! I'm a newbie to throwing out names - it's about the only shell I can recognize/name off the top of my head right now, haha! Chesapecten madisonius,

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the colors are due to weathering. A bank of grey relatively unweatherd sediment will have gray and black teeth. A bank of weathered orange and brown sediment will have light colors including white.

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