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  • Pulalius vulgaris




    Pulalius vulgaris

    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Arthropoda
    Class: Malacostraca
    Order: Decapoda
    Family: Xanthoidea
    Genus: Pulalius
    Species: Pulalius vulgaris

    Geological Time Scale

    Eon: Phanerozoic
    Era: Cenozoic
    Period: Paleogene
    Sub Period: None
    Epoch: Eocene


    Lincoln Creek Formation


    Date Collected: 05/05/2019
    Acquired by: Purchase/Trade


    Width: 3
    Height: 1.7
    Thickness: 2.5
    Diameter: 3


    Grays Harbor County
    United States


    These elusive crustaceans are found within the Lincoln Creek formation near Astoria in Washington. During the Eocene, Grays Harbor was a hub of activity for marine life. This was shortly after the dinosaurs went extinct and life was blossoming once again. The Lincoln Creek is primarily formed from siltstone and marine deposited sandstone where concretions containing the ancient remains of crabs and other fossils exist. Calcareous concretions, many of which contain megafossils[1]. Like other crabs (i.e. Fiddler) these crabs have a dominant claw which is aligned on the right side of the crab. There's some evidence online which suggests this dominant claw was used to attract mates, defend themselves, and vie for territory. These crabs are difficult to prepare requiring on average twenty to forty hours of preparation time as the concretion (nodule) they are encapsulated in is condensed. Most of the sites once accessible within the formation are now closed to the public and the lands are now privately owned.



    [1] GS The Lincoln Creek Formation Grays Harbor Basin Southwestern Washington (BEIKMAN, RAU, and WAGNER) : https://pubs.usgs.gov/bul/1244i/report.pdf

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