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  • Constellaria sp.




    Constellaria sp.

    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Bryozoa
    Class: Stenolaemata
    Order: Cystoporida
    Family: Constelleriidae
    Genus: Constellaria
    Species: Constellaria sp.

    Geological Time Scale

    Eon: Phanerozoic
    Era: Paleozoic
    Period: Ordovician
    Sub Period: None
    Epoch: Middle
    International Age: Katian


    Simcoe Group
    Verulam Formation
    upper member


    Collector: Kane Faucher
    Date Collected: 06/11/2017
    Acquired by: Field Collection


    Length: 56 mm


    JD Quarry
    Simcoe County


    Specimen from the upper member of the Verulam Fm. Measures 56 mm at widest extent of the colony. Stellate maculae clustered more closely together than C. florida and more akin in appearance to C. fischeri.


    Specimen is currently not described in this formation, to the best of this collector's knowledge, although other specimens have been collected from this location in the past.

    User Feedback

    very nice

    we have a different species here in Tennessee, Constellaria florida

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    Very nice! I had actually seen some other examples of C. florida online, with one helpful site distinguishing some species differences by the spacing of the monticules as well as whether they had brachiation or not.

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