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  • Hippoporidra edax




    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Bryozoa
    Class: Gymnolaemata
    Order: Cheilostomatida
    Family: Hippoporidridae
    Genus: Hippoporidra
    Species: Hippoporidra edax
    Author Citation (Busk, 1859)

    Geological Time Scale

    Eon: Phanerozoic
    Era: Cenozoic
    Period: Neogene
    Sub Period: None
    Epoch: Pliocene
    International Age: Piacenzian


    Duplin Formation


    Collector: Michael Reagin
    Date Collected: 11/08/2009
    Acquired by: Field Collection


    Length: 22 mm


    un-named creek
    Bladen County
    North Carolina
    United States


    Mutualistic relationship between bryozoa and hermit crab inhabited gastropod shell.

    User Feedback

    very nice! am always fascinated with pagurized gastropod shells. It's especially interesting when the aragonite is gone and the bryozoa are all that is left of the shell as in the Castle Hayne.

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