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  • Apholidotus ossna LUND




    "Garden Eel"

    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Chordata
    Class: Actinopterygii
    Order: Tarrasiiformes
    Family: Indet.
    Genus: Apholidotus
    Species: A. ossna (or ossuosus?)
    Author Citation LUND in FRICKHINGER, 1991

    Geological Time Scale

    Eon: Phanerozoic
    Era: Paleozoic
    Period: Carboniferous
    Sub Period: Mississippian
    Epoch: Late
    International Age: Serpukhovian


    Big Snowy Group
    Heath Shale Formation


    Acquired by: Purchase/Trade


    Bear Gulch
    Fergus County
    United States


    This fish belongs to the Tarrasiids, a group of extinct bony fish with elongated body and a diphycercal caudal fin that was continuous with the dorsal and anal fins. The continuous dorsal-caudal-anal fin is well webbed between the fin rays. Fish with this fin disposition today are slow weak swimmers that move either forward or backward, by body undulation, median fin undulation or pectoral paddling. Fish such as these are shelter dwellers in geometrically complex shallow water environments, such as weed or sponge beds.

    No valid description seems to exist. For Apholidotos ossna Lund, the reference given is "in Frickhinger, 1991". Another name - Apholidotus ossuosus Lund - is used by UMPC (University of Montana Paleontology Center) in their catalog. In his own much later publications (e.g. in 1999), Lund himself in not using any of these combinations, he is only using the nickname "Garden Eel".

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