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  • Rodent Incisor




    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Chordata
    Class: Mammalia
    Order: Rodentia
    Family: Theridomyidae
    Genus: Isoptychus
    Species: Isoptychus sp.

    Geological Time Scale

    Eon: Phanerozoic
    Era: Cenozoic
    Period: Paleogene
    Epoch: Oligocene
    International Age: Rupelian


    Solent Group
    Bouldnor Formation
    Lower Hamstead Member


    Zone MP21


    Collector: Theo Vickers
    Date Collected: 11/25/2017
    Acquired by: Field Collection


    Length: 7.1 mm


    Bouldnor Cliff
    Isle Of Wight
    United Kingdom


    Lower incisor from the theridmoyid rodent Isoptychus. Collected from a thin lacustrine horizon in the Lower Hamstead Member of the Bouldnor Fm. at Bouldnor Cliff, an early Oligocene locality on the northwest coast of the Isle Of Wight, UK. Identified by mammal specialist Jerry hooker from the Natural History Museum. 

    User Feedback

    It looks nice, but honestly it would be better if you could submit a few more pictures from different angles, and also some with a good size indication (for us to have a clear idea of its size).


    Good find though!



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