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  • Echinochimaera snyderi Lund, 1988





    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Chordata
    Class: Chondrichthyes
    Order: Chimaeriformes
    Family: Echinochimaeridae
    Genus: Echinochimaera
    Species: Echinochimaera snyderi
    Author Citation Lund, 1988

    Geological Time Scale

    Eon: Phanerozoic
    Era: Paleozoic
    Period: Carboniferous
    Sub Period: Mississippian
    Epoch: Late
    International Age: Serpukhovian


    Big Snowy Group
    Heath Formation
    Bear Gulch Bed


    Acquired by: Purchase/Trade


    Length: 6 cm


    Bear Gulch
    Fergus County
    United States


    Echinochimaera snyderi belongs to the peculiar looking chimaeras (also called sea cats, ratfish or ghost sharks). Chimaeras possess two dorsal fins; the first dorsal fin is supported by a movable spine associated with a venom gland. Recent sea cats live in all oceans of the world, preferably at depths between 200 and 2000m.

    This juvenile specimen of Echinochimaera snyderi is most likely a female; adult males are slightly smaller and have a more curved dorsal spine.



    R. Lund. 1988. New Mississippian Holocephali (Chondrichthyes) and the evolution of the Holoceephali. In Teeth Revisited: Proceedings of the VII Int. Symp. on Dental Morph., Paris, May 1986, Russel, D.E., Santoro, J.P. and Sigogneau-Russel, D., Eds., Mem. Mus. Natn. Hist. Nat., Paris, (serie C) 53:195-205

    R. Lund and E. Grogan. 2004. Five new euchondrocephalan Chondrichthyes from the Bear Gulch Limestone (Serpukhovian, Namurian E2b) of Montana, USA. In G. Arratia, M. Wilson, R. Cloutier (eds.), Recent Advances in the Origin and Early Radiation of Vertebrates 505-531

    User Feedback

    Daaaaaangola, how cool is that!!!



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    Wayan Man


    Lovely, Bear Gulch fish are fascinating.

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    I agree with everyone else, this fish is amazing!

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    I was unfortunately only in Bear Gulch once and could only search the waste dump at that time. 
    Bear Gulch is nevertheless one of my favorite sites - so many strange, fascinating and excellently preserved fishes are found in Bear Gulch. Beside E. snyderi also the close relative E. meltoni can be found there:

    Echinochimaera meltoni Lund, 1977 - Sharks & Rays - The Fossil Forum

    Is it true that collecting in Bear Gulch is not allowed anymore?

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