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  • Rhenocrinus ramosissimus JAEKEL, 1906





    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Echinodermata
    Class: Crinoidea Miller 1821
    Order: incertae sedis
    Family: Incertae sedis
    Genus: Rhenocrinus
    Species: Rhenocrinus ramosissimus
    Author Citation JAEKEL, 1906

    Geological Time Scale

    Eon: Phanerozoic
    Era: Paleozoic
    Period: Devonian
    Sub Period: None
    Epoch: Early
    International Age: Emsian (early)


    Hunsrück Slate Group
    Kaub Formation


    Acquired by: Purchase/Trade


    Width: 8 cm


    Eschenbach-Bocksberg Quarry
    Rhineland- Palatinate


    Taxonomy from Fossilworks.org.

    Description of the genus by Südkamp 2017, p. 116: "The small cup is conical. The long slender arms are unbranched or may have a single isotomous division high above the cup. So, there are 7 - 10 arms present. Between the long, stout alternating ramules there are two brachials. The anal sac is large and elongate and consists of several vertical rows of small hexagonal plates."

    There are two species known: R. ramosissimus and R. lobatus. The difference is respectively in their round and similar, and pentagonal alternate, stems. The cup of R. lobatus is more tapered. 

    Common in the Rosengarten quarry. Elsewhere very rare or absent.

    Identified by oilshale.


    Schmidt, W. E. (1934). Die Crinoideen des Rheinischen Devons. Teil I: Die Crinoideen des Hunsrückschiefer. Abhandlungen der Preussischen Geologischen Landesanstalt, N. F., 163, 1-149.
    Südkamp, W. (2017): Life in the Devonian. Identification book Hunsrück Slate fossils. Verlag Dr. Friedrich Pfeil. München 2017. ISBN978-3-89937-221-2.


    User Feedback



    Dramatic in the first photo and almost peaceful in the second.

    How long did this take to prepare? Very detailed, beautiful work. I love how spread out the pieces are, and that they are visible, uncovered. Very, very nice to look at.

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