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  2. I can't be sure, but I imagine his book focuses on where he personally collected most of the time, and since I think he's from the Cobourg area, perhaps he focused more on the fauna found in the rocks further east of us. Just a thought.
  3. Mulbring Quarry permission

    Hello, I'd like to visit Mulbring Quarry with my kids ... I went as a Year 1 Geology student and also took my kids there years ago, but it looks as though I need to contact someone first... could anyone who knows please let me know what I should do? Thank you :-) R
  4. A hike through the Wutach

    Great finds once again, Roger! (Actually, I was thinking of you today because I was writing labels for my Middle and Upper Jurassic fossils, and since I have been lucky enough to acquire some of your ammonites over the last few years, I found myself writing "Ludwigia from TFF" on many labels )
  5. Upcoming NY Trip - Cambrian Trilos?

    Do you have any particular outcrops to recommend?
  6. dino egg with embryo/fetus

    Welcome to the forum @SuzieA Kitsap County, WA from France. Your concretion is a pareidolia. If you want to see nice ones you can read that post : Cheers, Sophie.
  7. Penn Dixie, Disappointed

    If you liked collecting in the Wanakah Shale that was exposed underneath the limestone layer which you say is now cordoned off, you might want to check out the Spinatrypa layer. which is just a few feet above the Wanakah and the limestone. Plenty of brachs and other fossils very similar to the Wanakah. Penn Dixie staff, if they're not too busy would likely show you where it is. Good luck. Plenty of good advice in the other posts as well.
  8. Too Many Fossils

    I didn't know you could trade fossils here! I might try that. Hahaha! Maybe in the future! Jared
  9. Too Many Fossils

    Or, another solution : let me give you my address.
  10. dino egg with embryo/fetus

    That is some wise worlds . Welcome to the forum@SuzieA Kitsap County, WA and I am looking forward to seeing more of your finds. Bobby
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  12. Interesting thought! I imagined that genus to have rings with slight concavities, or a little dip in the middle. Basing this on the Gull River rocks, and on Alice E. Wilson's Ottawa area catalogue. But I am shakey on IDs, so it is a promising possibility. Thanks for the tip. P.S. Wonder why Hessin is so cursory about Georgian Bay formation? Seems not to have photos of many of our types.
  13. Too Many Fossils

    Here, let me give you my address. Problem solved!
  14. Too Many Fossils

    Absolutely!! Build a bigger house!!!
  15. Too Many Fossils

    Too many fossils? Is there such a thing? seriously though Kane has the best idea unless you can come up with some creative display ideas like hanging on ceiling or something like that (wich the wife really frowns at)
  16. dino egg with embryo/fetus

    You're very kind. I certainly hope you feel welcome to the forum.
  17. Too Many Fossils

    You can trade or sell them here in our dedicated subfora, or sell on the auction sites. Alternatively, you can donate them to schools or related youth programs. Along the donation line, you can always offer to volunteer them for our rolling auctions to support the forum.
  18. Nice looking skull! After Blowing up the pictures on my iPad it looks like the bones are authentic. Lower jaw looks good and so does the right side of the skull. I am unsure about the left side though. The section is displaced and looks a little odd. I can’t tell if it’s from the crushing or if it’s been added. The contours don’t flow like they should and they don’t match the right side like I’d expect. But once again it could be crushing damage. I can’t confirm either way without having it in hand. If you’re thinking about buying If it was reasonable I might jump on it and put the bad side to the wall. If they were asking a premium then I might pass if it was me. Both sides are missing some pieces as you probably already know.
  19. Upcoming NY Trip - Cambrian Trilos?

    Saratoga Springs has Cambrian trilobites from both the Teresa and Hoyt formations.
  20. dino egg with embryo/fetus

    Thank you all! I appreciate everyone's input. And "Grandpa" thank you for your kind words.
  21. Too Many Fossils

    Hello, So, I'm going to get straight to the point. I live in a small house, and I have way too many fossils right now. My entire collection consists of 35 Diplomystus, 10 Knightia, 7 Phareodus, 2 Mioplosus, 36 pieces of petrified wood, 1 fossilized sand dollar, 2 gastropod shells, some fish bone fragments, and 38 other fossils that are unidentifiable. I'm going to be up front right now, I have way too many fossils in my small house. I'm trying to figure out what to do with the excess. Does anybody have any ideas what I could do with the excess? Any help will be appreciated, Jared
  22. Good to know. In that case I will steer clear of the whooly rhino teeth.
  23. Thanks for that RJB, I greatly appreciate your advice!
  24. I went fossil hunting at Tillywhandland quarry this evening in the search for more Acanthodian fossils. I split dozens of stones finding nothing until I came across what must be the smallest mesacanthus mitchelli that has ever been found. It is so small it could have fit onto a 5p coin. For anyone who has never been to Tillywhandland quarry, it is quarry located on Turin hill near Forfar, Scotland. It famous for producing early Devonian fish and eurypterid fossils. The rocks there formed at bottom of volcanic lake about 405-410 million years ago.
  25. Hong Kong is China so all laws that apply to China also apply to H K. Thailand prohibited export of Dinosaur fossils a number of years ago. My guess is that it also applied to all vertebrate fossils.
  26. Unfortunately I've been having a hard time finding the exact laws concerning issues of fossil exportation from these countries. If anyone knows any good resources I could use for research purposes I would really appreciate it.
  27. Bone ID - very specific shape

    If it's Jurassic and if it's similar to hadro humerus, then Camptosaurus might be a possibility. Camptosaurus is an iguanodontian and thus is fairly similar to hadrosaurids, just more primitive. It's humerus is similar but less defined. Within hadrosaurids though, their humeri are very, very similar. I would suggest trying to piece any matching bone pieces together so that you can possibly get a better idea what you're dealing with.
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