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  2. Whitby area find; bone?

    Thanks everyone, fish never even crossed my mind because of the size of it. Nice to have a new species in the collection. Apologies for the sideways pics, they weren’t like that on my phone
  3. Turrilepas nitidulus - armored worm plate

    Wow! Thats a rarity! I had never even heard of those before...cool find Tim!
  4. Whitby area find; bone?

    Cool find!
  5. A piece of Calceola sandalina A piece of coral This weird thing which I suspect might be coral as the structure is very different to the surrounding rock.
  6. This is a large last minute find I made before we left. The rock seems to contain quite a large piece of Solitary Rugose Corals and another 2nd piece deeper in the rock as well as bits of Thamnopora. There are some Brachiopods, Crinoïds and perhaps other corals in there as well but I am a bit conflicted about the piece as is very cool with great items enbedded in the rock, but I am a bit fearfull of prepping it as the rock seems pretty though. I am a bit doubtfull between coral or Bryozoan, although I personally lean more towards Bryozoan Multiple coral pieces A pretty detailed piece of coral which is suspect might be Thamnopora as well.
  7. 9-20-20 Trip to my little slice of badlands

    Great finds! You're doing well out there! What animal is that big tooth here from? Doesn't look like oredont to me.
  8. A lovely piece of Calcite found by my girlfriend My guess is that this is what remains of a Goniatite. Pity it is only a fragment as I don't believe we found any other Cephalopod material during our trips to both Resteigne & Couvin. Although it could also be a gastropod as I don't see the typical whirls that one would expect on Goniatites. Most (but not all) of the Crinoïd stems we found. I'll have to do some research as to what species occurred at this location. And then here comes the first wave of Corals & Bryozoans we found. A nice Bryozoan One of my favorite pieces we found during the trip, a large coral. Although I am still unsure about the species. I doubt it is Hexagonaria, but it could perhaps be Favosites? A coral, perhaps Thamnopora?
  9. Agatized Coral? Nut? Seed?

    Hey, youre about to hit 3000! Congrats on being here so long!
  10. Whitby area find; bone?

    TqB is right with Gyro. Nice find
  11. Cretaceous NJ ID help (crustacean and tooth/spine)

    I just wanted to give an update on this post, I sent the crustacean away to decapod expert Rodney Feldmann and he is convinced this is a rare New jersey lobster, known as Linuparus! It's always exciting to find a species you previously haven't in New jersey! Thanks to all who helped on this and have a great weekend! -Frank
  12. Shark Teeth Trades

    It was a great experience to trade with you
  13. Shark Teeth Trades

    My final trade from this post is complete. In exchange for some Maryland fossils, @will stevenson sent me a plethora of shark teeth and invertebrate fossils from the UK, Belgium, Kazakhstan, and Morocco, including many many extras. Thanks so much, @will stevenson!
  14. Identification help

    Or even if it is a fragment of a femur ?
  15. Nice bird bone from the Zandmotor

    Yeah this is why I'm keeping the date relatively open. And yes your bone appears to be from the same sediments! Mine doesn't have any iron incrustations, but sure seems to have the same preservation. Nice specimen by the way!
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  17. 9-20-20 Trip to my little slice of badlands

    Great finds, except for the one that rattles......
  18. Here are some more detailed photographs of some of the finds from Resteigne. The first one in probably my favorite find of the day, which is the block with the Trilobite Pygidium. But besides the Trilo, the block also includes some Brachiopods and some kind of minerals (Pyrite?). The Trilobite pygidium Spinatrypa sp. Brachiopod (not sure on the species yet) One of my other favorite finds is the block of Devonian sea floor with many Brachiopods, Crinoïd stems & Bryozoans. I know some of the Brachiopods are definiatly Spinatrypa sp. but I don't know about the others. Some Spinatrypa sp.
  19. Paratodus benedeni tooth?

    Thank you Troodon, Parotodus benedeni was finaly added to my collection
  20. 9-20-20 Trip to my little slice of badlands

    Ditto to Jeff's comments!! Looks like the environment is a little drier than the rivers of Florida. I did fly into Denver this summer to go to a Veterinary Conference in Wyoming. But due to Covid, I refrained from contacting you. Hopefully the vaccine AND masks will allow normalcy next year. Keep up the great finds. Mike
  21. Whitby area find; bone?

    I think it's Gyrosteus (giant sturgeon type fish) rather than reptile (happy to be proved wrong though!), hyomandibular or ceratohyal bone from the gill area. Pieces crop up there quite often and have that characteristic coarse texture. Nice chunk!
  22. Identification help

    Thank you Rockwood. Sadly I have no idea where it was found and I know this prohibits a real identification. However, given the size of it is anyone able to give me an idea of what it might be the femur of?
  23. what do you collect? (or keep)

    I collect anything when I’m on the field as I can trade it with people but the only things I keep are vertebrates echinoids ammonites and crustaceans with a main focus on sharks teeth
  24. Trilobite Contest

    Much closer guesses but no cigar!
  25. The first photo's will follow soon! I have just photographed the first bunch of items from Resteigne and I am currently rescaling them so I can upload them to the forum. I'll probably also start a separate topic in the ID section of the forum as I am not entirely within my element to ID certain pieces, especially the corals. Very nice finds, I always love the details on corals once they are polished! My girlfriend has some polishing equipments and she was thinking on cutting and polishing some of the finds as well Thank you, it is indeed only a 1 hour drive away. I normally planned on visiting Barvaux on the same day as we went to resteigne but we ended up spending a lot more time in this quarry than anticipated leaving no time to stop at Barvaux So I have planned a visit to Barvaux and Marche-en-Famenne somewhere in the next few weeks
  26. Paratodus benedeni tooth?

    Nice tooth, BTW thats Parotodus with an o
  27. Nigerien fossil id

    These are great photographs Chris glad you where able to fit them on here with the size limit.
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