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  2. Juvenile t-rex tooth?

    I stumbled upon a possible rex tooth which is only 0,75 inch and is labeled as a juvenile t-rex. I know that small tyrannosaur teeth is harder to identify but I cant deny that the bulkiness of this makes me believe its a rex tooth. Its found in the hell creek formation of powder river county. Boys and ladies , what do you think?
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  4. Unknown Pentamerid Brachiopod, Clinton Group

    Now that I look at the list of brachiopods that can be found in the Reynales Formation of the Niagara Escarpment in Hamilton, there are Pentameroides subrectus found not far off at nearby Albion Falls. I wonder what sort of valve that shell is in the middle?
  5. Northern Alberta annual September fossil hunt

    Happy birthday, happy trip! Lovely landscape.
  6. Odd structures on Texas Cretaceous oyster

    Interesting illustration. Since this is from the Cretaceous I guess crinoid would be a pretty unlikely Id and the worm tubes are common here. It's really the other structures I'm wondering about. Wouldn't mind knowing the name of these oysters either. I see them occasionally but never looked for an ID.
  7. Tooth embedded in bone

    I was going through my old fossil collection with my 4 year old and I came across a bone that potentially has something, tooth?, embedded into it. The piece of fossilized bone is ~6x3 cm. About 2cm thick. Looks like any old fragment one might find laying around. When viewed from the side the periosteum? appears to be deformed and crushed. Embedded into crushed portion of bone is a fragment that looks like it could be a tooth or a piece of a tooth? The embedded fragment is symmetrical, flat (~4mm thick) and is curved. Width is ~17mm. I can only see about 7mm of it before it is obscured by the bone so i don't know how long it is. I cant make out any serrations. There are 3 small protrusions on the visible edge that are 4x2 mm. These protrusions are comprised of one in the middle and one on each side. The photos make it look more irregular than it is. It was decades ago when I found this but I would guess it was in and around Drumheller Alberta Canada. Doesn't help much but any more detail and I'd be guessing. Probably just a concretion or nodule that caught my eye when I was a kid but I figured no harm in asking. Cheers
  8. another tiny thingy...I am saying sponge?....but could be wrong or some sort of fossil plant or sponge with a crystal center?
  9. Next Shelf Up - Oligocene epoch Terrestrial

    The Stibarus jaw section and Perchoerus skull are great finds. Wait, I remember that Stibarus on the forum from years ago. You don't see a leptochoerid every day.
  10. fossilized tiny egg mass???

    well its not what I thought but it is interesting.....I find the weirdest things
  11. Odd structures on Texas Cretaceous oyster

    It looks like a form of Bryozoa. I have not come across that variety before, but I have come across others in the Cretaceous. Possibly @erose or @BobWill will know. I have hunted the Grayson in Hurst numerous times, but the Razor Ranch area briefly one time.
  12. Northern Alberta annual September fossil hunt

    Yeah, ain't that the truth!
  13. Northern Alberta annual September fossil hunt

    Yes, those are swallow nests. I've been to this spot probably 6 times and this is the first time I've seen them. Something must have changed to bring them into this area.
  14. Odd structures on Texas Cretaceous oyster

    The coiled piece could be a crinoid. illustration is from: "Crinoid anchoring strategies for soft-bottom dwelling", 2005, Seilacher and MacClintock. Palaios vol. 20. There is also a paper specific to holdfasts from the Silurian of Gotland but doesn't really identify to species. That paper is "Crinoid holdfasts from the Silurian of Gotland", 1977, Franzen. Lethaia vol. 10.
  15. Odd structures on Texas Cretaceous oyster

    Ultra ancient rock art.
  16. Odd structures on Texas Cretaceous oyster

    Weird, haven’t a clue. But very interesting!
  17. fossilized tiny egg mass???

    I agree.
  18. I say leave it alone, I do not like restorations.
  19. I found this plate of oysters I don't know the name of in the Lower Cretaceous Grayson Formation exposure at Rayzor Ranch in Denton Texas. I showed it to @trempie4 in August and @Jeffrey P when he was here in September and neither one wanted it so I finally took it home myself. As I was exposing more of the oysters I first noticed these nice little serpula on and around the oysters. Then I noticed something I haven't seen before. i wonder if it could be some kind of feeding trace. Any ideas?
  20. fossilized tiny egg mass???

    They look like oolites/Oolitic limestone.
  21. 2018 Secret Santa Spectacular!!!

    I was going to ask a similar question!
  22. fossilized tiny egg mass???

    found west of Houston in Brookdhire in gravel load from Brazos River at first I thought it was a piece of turtle shell then perhaps a piece of corral but when I looked at it through a microscope ???? I went online and looked around found something similar but its modern horseshoe crab eggs???...could this be eggs from a very old horseshoe crab? but I think they are smaller...or perhaps something else? it is slightly curved...the clutch is flat about a 1/4 th inch think and an inch in width this is the first thing like this that I had found. if its eggs they don't seem to be on anything just a solid crystallized mass. have also included a pic of horseshoe crab eggs for comparison. a few of the pix I took of them wet others dry.
  23. You could give it to me so I can decide its fate
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