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  2. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    I was just looking at helicoprion stuff today! Amazing specimen I would love to have one of these in my collection some day
  3. Trace cloven toe half?

    I really don't see bone texture. These are 2 bison hoof cores, the longer is 4 inches long.
  4. croc scutes

    Could be pholad borings. They would all have openings to the exterior that only narrowed slightly to the outside of each hole if at all.
  5. Planning my 1st trip to Whiskey Bridge

    I've only been there once but the nice thing about Whiskey Bridge is how free weathered and noticeable the fossils are; very little to no work required. From what I remember it isn't well suited to screening on site but I was there after a rain. Maybe if you screened the lowest exposure in the actual river. That said, screens are always handy to have around for other sites. Like you want to try I make my own and generally use 1 inch mesh, 1/2 inch mesh, 1/7 inch mesh, and for tiny fossils I use a fine window screen. 1/7 inch works best as the smallest in many places but there are some fossils from Whiskey Bridge that will even go through that. That said, I didn't have any trouble finding these small fossils without a screen there. They really stick out. I'd recommend multiple ziploc bags or tackle boxes to sort fossils by size to prevent losing/crushing of specimens. If you want to try your hand at prepping some actual matrix from the site there are free chunks. I've had some success finding different specimens by preparing these. Cleaning the fossils is easily done with warm water and a toothbrush in most cases. If you have an air abrader they make super quick cleaning of Whiskey Bridge fossils, even at low pressures and with cheap paasche models. Lastly, Middle Eocene Clairborne Group Invertebrate Fossils from Stone City Bluff, Burleson County, Texas by John and Barbara Emerson is a very comprehensive and informative book on the site and will make an easy identification of most specimens you find. Good luck.
  6. Trace cloven toe half?

    Not to worry, there are more knowledgeable folks than I that will be glad to point it out if there is.
  7. Exotic Dinosaur Teeth

    I've always thought this morphology was an Allosaurus type tooth. I just never took the time to confirm it but decided do so with the characteristics off of one of the teeth in my collection. Matches your pretty closely. The best person to comment on it was C. Hendrickx so I emailed. These are his comments: "Yes, that looks like an Allosaurus/allosaurid type of tooth to me. Only a phylogenetic analysis can confirm this though but that's what I would say. And it's not surprising given that the fossiliferous deposits of Cherves-de-Cognac are Berriasian and we have allosaurids in the Tithonian of the Iberian Peninsula. So, pretty logical to me." @Runner64 @Anomotodon @DD95
  8. croc scutes

    Has a similar pattern but this looks geological in origin. Not an alligator osteoderm. Cheers, Brett
  9. croc scutes

    Could be ordinary rocks with some kind of bore holes though. They seem to lack the shape and features that you normally see of croc scutes
  10. Bone Id help

    I think it's a chunk of mastodon jaw, the scalloped bone representing sides of tooth roots.
  11. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    November seems to be a Helicoprion month this year it seems Great specimen, thought I'd share mine. Came from an old collection after it was discovered in the early 1930's. Helicoprion davisii tooth whorl 7 cm by 7 cm Early Permian, Phosphoria formation, western United States
  12. Fossil ID please, U.K. Jurassic coast

    Always best to practice your prep on something you won’t be upset at ruining! What are you using? A rotary tool such as a Dremel?
  13. Park Pilgrimage Produces Protohadros

    Great story and congrats on finding dinosaur material in your own town! I'm happy you'll have a local dino species to show the kids on your displays, that should be great to stimulate their interest and imagination.
  14. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    Nice even more special now that the orginal has been sold
  15. croc scutes

    pretty sure these are from a crocodile. does anyone have a 2nd opinion?
  16. Claw Core and Hoof Core?

    Hi Brandy, I think it is hard to say with the first one, because it is mostly spongiosa (except for one side as far as I can see in your pictures) The claw or hoof cores look porous due to a lot of openings that contain blood vessels supporting the growing nail/hoof in the living animal. Your specimen looks much more spongy though, and the pores are somewhat "cut" open, that is not the original surface of the bone. That means most of the original surface is gone, could be a rounded fragment of a much bigger bone. No idea about the second. Best Regards, J
  17. Fossil ID please, U.K. Jurassic coast

    Thanks for such a speedy reply! Ok will bare that in mind when I carry on with the pale rock. We have a lovely ammonite already so this one is more of an experiment.
  18. Ray tooth?

    Rhinobatos with the root eroded off.
  19. Another interesting beach find

    Thanks. It was another first for me after many years looking.
  20. Fossil Fragment, Likely From Skull.

    I'm a complete novice here, so I'm probably way off base, but something about the way the lines kind of crimp together reminds me of some of the large turtle fragments I've seen, almost like a nuchal scute. It may not be shaped quite right for that, and I'm not sure how common turtle fossils are in your area. Just throwing my two cents in since there hasn't been much response yet.
  21. Today
  22. Ray tooth?

    Thanks, Brandy!
  23. Fossil ID please, U.K. Jurassic coast

    That does look like an ammonite in the pale rock, but even if you manage to prep it out it looks like part of it has been worn away. Top right looks like a nice pair of vertebrae, possibly ichthyosaur; nice find! Not sure about the other two
  24. Carboniferous Plant Hunt!

    Thank you! It was definitely a good hunt!
  25. Another interesting beach find

    Glad you got it ID'd. What a great find!
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