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  2. Another trip to the Callovian

    VERY nice finds, as usual! Some serpulids really ARE spectacularly colorful! -Joe
  3. Today’s finds from the Peace.

    Looks like you've got some nice goodies there! -Joe
  4. Third annual TFF Secret Santa!

  5. Third annual TFF Secret Santa!

    Hmm? I didn't receive any address.
  6. A good first day Peace River

    Great finds, wish I was there.
  7. Glycymeris americana

    This little clam, though rather common; is nice to find in great condition. This particular specimen is one of the nicer ones I have found in this location.
  8. Ammonite prep advice

    Think this specimen is Xipheroceras...
  9. Today
  10. Claw back from restoration

    Thanks everyone
  11. Yesterday
  12. Today’s finds from the Peace.

    Bought a brand new yak, got to test it out today. Beautiful weather all day. Went to the peace river with my wife. Here’s the finds, not all fossils but cool nonetheless. Looks like some boar, bovine, mammoth, turtle, ect ect. I found a nice meg right out the gate, but my wife lost it! Such is life. The river levels are getting perfect in some areas for snorkeling. Will be going back all week(I’m off). Cheers guys, and happy hunting.
  13. Pick a side

  14. Pick a side

    Looks amazing! Great work!
  15. Pick a side

    Well it's almost done!
  16. Claw back from restoration

  17. Tiny Ammonites ID

    I'll stick with malachite as being the most likely contender.
  18. Another trip to the Callovian

    They are actually fascinating creatures if you have the chance to observe them today.
  19. St leon

    I have a small (~15-20mm wide) Isotelus roller from that cut. Came out of the "buuter shale" along with Flexis and crinoids. All pretty small. But that cut has produced some amazing fossils and there is no reason to think a large Isotelus couldn't be found there. I have also found larger intact Flexicalymenes in the Whitewater above the well known Liberty "shales." The Richmond Group has an amazingly diverse fauna. You just have to be persistent.
  20. Tiny Ammonites ID

    @KimTexan and @Tidgy's Dad they are definitely crystals.
  21. Another trip to the Callovian

    Nice finds! The worm one is especially cool (I know I say that every time, but it never stops being true)
  22. Another trip to the Callovian

    I took another trip to my old stomping grounds in the Wutach Valley a couple of days ago. There was a particular corner at one of the exposures in the Callovian to which I'd been giving some thought, so I decided it was time to tackle it. As usual, I forgot to take my camera. Sorry . Suffice to say, it was a successful dig and I took a couple of photos of the finds in the raw once I got home. Then everything went awry. First of all, my air abrader decided to stop working and then the photos disappeared into thin air. I know I took them. They didn't show up as I was uploading them, but I wasn't paying attention because of some other ones on the memory card, so maybe they just got deleted automatically when I removed the card. Anyway, I sent out a distress call to the man who constructed my abrader and managed to get it going again with the help of his advice. Here are the first ones I got done. More to come later. Homeoplanulites sp. 6cm. The neat thing about this one is that it's got something on the back as well: A Serpula sulcata tube worm sitting on a piece of shell. Bullatimorphites sp. 3cm. Another, somewhat larger at 13cm., Homeoplanulites sp.
  23. Due to the cracks in the tooth crown I'm thinking the curvature might be due to the fossilization process.
  24. St leon

    Awesome! My Favorite type of trilo
  25. Collinsville Ok

    Looks more like the centrum from a vertebra, now.
  26. A question about clearing away rock debis

    A drinking straw in your mouth works. Maybe a vacuum cleaner, house type or small computer type powered by an USB plug depending on size of specimen you’re working on.
  27. Mysterious dinosaur vertebra

    Most likely it is Iguanodontid, but from this piece it will not be possible to id it to species level, or i don't think even to a genus. There are so many and they are always being reclassified. Look at this, for example : https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/guest-blog/the-explosion-of-iguanodon-part-2-iguanodontians-of-the-hastings-group/ And it may even be a completely different type of dinosaur. I don't think you can get any more precise than dinosaur.
  28. Ammonite prep advice

    Starting to look interesting
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