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  2. Third annual TFF Secret Santa!

    Won't be able to check untill saturday but yeah i hope package will arrive by then.
  3. Cephalopod Shell Color!

    Nice work absolutely stunning pictures and brilliant information. Alex
  4. Calymene from Morocco

    They’re regularly available for £3-£4 here in the uk. I can’t believe anyone would contemplate even making a composite let alone faking one.
  5. Start of my theropod teeth collection

    Timurlengia has arrived! Here are more details Serrations:
  6. What kind of fossil shell?

    I would be amazed if that weren't some kind of oyster shell.
  7. This piece has every appearance of an authentic, well prepped Oreodont skull. The incisors look a little "flat," as opposed to the roundness I am accustomed to. Perhaps that is just the appearance in the image. If I were in the market for such a fossil my next question would be; "How does the asking price stack up?"
  8. I agree...it looks real enough to me but it has had a little restoration done. Nothing TOO significant though. -Joe
  9. Downsizing PD fossils

    Hi Kane, hope I'm not too late to the party pm sent
  10. My Jurassic Park - United States

    Very nice indeed. In great condition . Cheers Bobby
  11. I voted for the Phlegethontia, but I'm biased.
  12. What kind of fossil shell?

    I looks like a big oyster, similar to Crassostrea.
  13. N.J. Cretaceous I’d Xiphactinus?

    Can’t help you with an ID but I do like your soft focus pictures. Nice to take more of a romantic slant to an ID post.
  14. Today
  15. Looking for a good fossil related summer program

    **Disclaimer** I am fully willing to pay for this experience. I should have made that more clear
  16. I LOVE cookies, especially Oreos

    This is really fantastic, so much to learn, so little time... adding @Boesse since I have a few questions: 1) I may have mistakenly thought that this specific example is the unattached vertebral disk of a marine mammal, because of the different adorned/unadorned sides. 2) Because it is small, made an assumption that it is dolphin, not whale. 3) Wondered -- are these diagnostic to species. Now to comments: I may have been choice limited in Bridgeport, Connecticut ..... https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/hydrox-cookies-oreo I always! licked out the cream filling before dunking the chocolate wafers into milk. Is there another way??? I meant "epiphysis" as in marine mammal vertebral disc. Usually I get educated by what I am finding, and in one size or another, I was finding a fossils that looked almost exactly like this. Then I actually found something that is more in line to what you and @digit are documenting. and this one...http://www.thefossilforum.com/index.php?/topic/10971-skull/ I am wondering what we can determine from the size (mine is about 40 mm diameter) and characteristics --- Is it associated with the vertebrae or the radius? How small and how big do these come (what is the differentiating size between dolphin, pilot, and sperm whale) IF we can associate with vertebrae. Maybe some bright young Phd is doing a paper on this. Like Ken/Digit, have I said lately how much I treasure this website?
  17. My Jurassic Park - United States

    A few new Tyranno teeth from Texas that I've had a while
  18. N.J. Cretaceous I’d Xiphactinus?

    The tooth is Enchodus. In the third photo of the tooth base you can see how the left half of the base juts out more than the right half; that is typical of Enchodus. Xiphactinus bases are usually an even oval with some facets.
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