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  2. << want's one.. or 2.. or however many I can fit in my place.. Now as to affording.... anyone have a small splinter of a tiny bone I can buy?
  3. ID’ing Dino Bone Fragments and Sections?

    Should I name the website? I don’t see any references, which is part of the reason why I am asking here.
  4. Very nice. I wish I could play with it with my prep tools. RB
  5. Symphyseal Otodus?

    I still wonder if it’s a Parotodus Symphyseal, here’s two @MarcoSr posted a while back. It looks like mine could be somewhere in the middle, though the blade in mine is quite a bit thicker and lacks cusps (thought they could be worn off)
  6. Yes, quite rare. From what I can see pretty much all fossils come from the "Kansas chalk" deposits that Troodon already mentioned. Once every 2-3 months there is a piece on the big auction site. Additionally, there is some pterosaur fossils from Morocco available for sale once every few feeks/months.
  7. Asaphid with intermediate eye stalks

    I prefer a deeper pleat as well. Most of my kilts have a 3-4” deep pleat. My newest kilt has a thinner pleat but it is pleated to the sett rather than the line so it doesn’t look like a lampshade. It also has a box pleat rather than a knife pleat. I don’t think you should get a kilt. I don’t think the world could handle that much manliness.
  8. FOSSIL ID - large animal Vertebra?

    Verts can be difficult to ID even when complete. Add some stream rolling and my ID confidence level drops.
  9. Symphyseal Otodus?

    I must say I wondered if this was a Parotodus or an alopiid when I first saw it.
  10. Show us your plastic dinosaur

    And I see at least two giraffes! Some kid is gonna grow up mighty confused
  11. I would be perfectly content with a piece like that I'm under the impression Pteranodon material is quite rare, is that true?
  12. Show us your plastic dinosaur

    From a bin at a flea market. Not sure how the tiger, giraffe, and the vehicle got in there, but ok.
  13. ID’ing Dino Bone Fragments and Sections?

    I have a hard enough time putting species names to complete bones . I would like to see the the reference sources that that claim came from, always like to learn new stuff.
  14. Trilobite Identification and Opinion on prep

    If we start using this method we would have to use it on fish aswell
  15. Proximal end Pteranodon radius?

    The only info he gives on locality is "the chalk beds of Kansas."
  16. ID’ing Dino Bone Fragments and Sections?

    Some dinosaurs have specialized bones. You could tell if you had an osteoderm from the pits and veins. I believe spinosaur neural spines also possess the vein-y quality. Other than that I have no clue. Outside of dinosaurs, whales have a distinctive bone if you see the bone a lot and I’ve heard the same is true for mammoths. In acanthodians, they fin spines are very veiny, so if you didn’t have the outside “skin” you could still tell what you had. This seems like a good time to tag @Troodon
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  18. First crab prep!

    Not bad for fifteen minutes! Hope there’s a nice crab in there!
  19. Trilobite Identification and Opinion on prep

    Wow, that looks great! Thanks for showing us, and demonstrating that it certainly can be done!
  20. This is my low-budget version: Pteranodon femur and some other bone (a metatarsal maybe?).
  21. Symphyseal Otodus?

    Thank you Jess for your input, I’m just thinking know that I’ve never seen a juvenile a Otodus. I saw this tooth for sale a few months ago but have been fretting, but I’d seen a few Carcharocles symphs recently and thought it was worth asking the forum. I’ll tag them as well: @MikaelS @sagacious @isurus90064
  22. Trilobite Identification and Opinion on prep

    Here are brachiopods I did for a nature center that way: I am willing to let anyone try. just pm me with a cost if interested in this idea. By the way, the clear resin is "artificial water" from a taxidermy supply company.
  23. Latest acquisition - fossil capelin

    Thanks, guys! It pays to shop around, sometimes.
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