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  2. Dr Mud & The Crab Concretion Crusade

    That’s not a bad price for 16 oz. @mamlambo this equates to about 470 mls. This araldite was 36 NZD for 200 ml. So factoring in delivery the price is similar. Ive used araldite before but was a bit worried that the mix is too sticky and won’t spread well. It did work out well last time, but I am always nervous especially on a very good concretion! Im in NZ a lot (and hope to move back) so getting delivered to NZ works well for me.
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  4. Thank you! Thank you so much! Thank you Randy Thanks John! But I believe that I most of all got very lucky. While I did pay attention to the winds and knew that day would be fruitful, finding a tooth like this is almost never to be expected, especially at high tide! Merci! Ca serait pas mal, n'est-ce pas? Merci beaucoup! Thank you! Thanks Sebastian!
  5. Puzzling me for weeks...what is it?

    Yeah ...probably the billfish Aglyptorhynchus sp. a common find if you hunt long enough in the Summerville / Charleston area. From the Oligocene. Thanks @caldigger !! Good team. Haha
  6. Circles

    Crinoid segments
  7. Interesting Oreodont fossil

    I had a similar situation with a bone in the mouth of an Oreodont skull I was prepping.
  8. Circles

    Isn't this fossilized sediment? And what can anybody tell me about how this rock was formed? I'm intrigued by it. Oh yeah it is from southern missouri.
  9. Circles

    Isn't this fossilized sediment? And what can anybody tell me about how this rock was formed? I'm intrigued by it. Oh yeah it is from southern missouri.
  10. Thanks @Doctor Mud! Glad you like the videos I just use iMovie on my mac, might spend some money on something more professional one day but for now it does what I need. I just have a CP9361 clone with a 2" tungsten stylus, very much beginner equipment. I don't want to spend too much in case I find I don't enjoy prepping but rather the finding!
  11. Puzzling me for weeks...what is it?

    I just realized that I have a similar vertebra with process:
  12. Dr Mud & The Crab Concretion Crusade

    @Doctor Mud There is actually a guy on trademe that is the agent for Starbond. It was $100NZD delivered for the 16oz, about $20 for the 2oz. Probably worth doing the 16oz if you have a few crabs to prep. https://www.trademe.co.nz/crafts/woodcraft/listing-2390910314.htm?rsqid=ace928516db54054b7e80426bcf5f884-001 If you need me to forward it on to Aus, let me know.
  13. Dr Mud & The Crab Concretion Crusade

    Condolences on Your loss. Keep finding those great rocks.
  14. Devonian coral Favosites sp. from Arkona

    Hi Greg, I'd label it as Favosites argus. I've attached an excerpt from "FENTON C, . L., and FENTON M, . A. 1936. The "Tabulate" Corals of Hall's "Illustrations of Devonian Fossils." Ann. Carnegie Mus., Vol. 25, pp. 17-58, 8 pls." If you care to peruse. It's the publication cited in the '58 checklist for F. argus. Also, if you can manage a copy "Ross, M. H. 1953. The Favositidae of the Hamilton Group (Middle Devonian of New York). Bull. Buffalo Soc. Nat. Sci., Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 37-89, 16 pls., 9 figs."; is indispensable as far as Hamilton Group favositids are concerned. f_argus_fenton_1936.pdf Best, Darrell
  15. I have some Pyrite that is as golden as ever after many years. I thought that Pyrite is stable and Marcasite was unstable. Isn't Pyrite disease more correctly called Marcasite disease? Cheers, Rich
  16. Puzzling me for weeks...what is it?

    Here is some reference pics that were offered to me a short while back. Thanks to @Brett Breakin' Rocks
  17. Just curious on this one? It's more than I thought about spending on a trilo but it looks very cool.
  18. Eye Candy for your Wallet- Dave's Rock Shop

    If these have pyrite infilling, I could see the removal of the outer layer of shell or patina revealing pristine, unoxidized pyrite, which would be a rich golden color if it is copper pyrite. Not to say there isn't some brush residue as well, but has anyone tried it with something other than a copper (brass) brush, to see if there is a difference? In any case, exposing fresh pyrite to air only leads to oxidation, which is what I see happening on my specimen. I tend to avoid unnatural abraded/polished/sculpted fossils also, but it was cheap and pretty. Someday I'll get a pristine, unaltered one, but it might still need to be treated somehow to protect the pyrite.
  19. WM Browning Cretaceous Fossil Park - ID Help Needed

    I think they are upper teeth of the Scapanorhynchus, goblin shark, as viewed on pp. 28-29 of the Manning and Dockery publication from 1992.
  20. brachiopods Fossil

    Yes, that look like a slightly squished crinoid columnal with some other debris stuck to it.
  21. Puzzling me for weeks...what is it?

    Yes I think this is a vertebra process or dorsal spine? from a billfish (swordfish or marlin) I found something like this a while back in New Zealand Miocene deposits and wondered what it was.
  22. Mammoth Repair

    Thanks. I use acrylic paints due to the ease of cleanup.
  23. Puzzling me for weeks...what is it?

    I could be wrong but I’m thinking some kind of vertebrae but from what I’m not sure
  24. Streetsville reconnaisance

    Great to see that site is still productive. Nice corals! I collected around there in the early 1980s and found similar fossils. Don
  25. I agree this is two teeth that have been put together with some type of putty or other similar material
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