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  2. Spectacular fossils in Oakville, Ontario

    The ribbing is too tight for an Ordovician nautilod, methinks. Of course, it would be fabulous if the OP gave us a scale.
  3. Spectacular fossils in Oakville, Ontario

    Is that not an orthocone nautiloid/ceph/whatever you want to call it? It's quite nice and it'd be too bad if you're not able/allowed to collect it.
  4. Compressor for prep?!

    I’m saying that if you get a higher capacity, it could last longer as it would tax the motor a bit less to fill. In terms of longevity, I ran a 3 gallon for 1.5 years at 100 PSI for an average of 8 hours a week with no problems. Still works, though I use my 20 gallon now. I was just sick of it always trying to catch up.
  5. Is this a gastropod?

    yes it is a fossil of a gastropod
  6. Spectacular fossils in Oakville, Ontario

    Thanks for the info, but I'd suggest to visitors that they leave their tools at home unless they have explicit permission to use them.
  7. Compressor for prep?!

    It was recommended to me way back when I got my first compressor not to get an oil-less one since they don't have such a long life and are noisier than the oil lubricated ones, so you end up spending more money anyway in the long run. I'm glad I followed that advice, although oil did once get into the lines and stopped up the abrader.
  8. Compressor for prep?!

    When you say hack it do you mean foot the bill for it or literally make it work for prep? You have me a bit nervous. I thought that was the best one out of the lot.
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  10. Compressor for prep?!

    I keep at it. The loss of pressure is about ten seconds for me. Tools still work during that time. I’m using a PowerFist, which is a Canadian knock-off brand from our version of Harbor Freight, Princess Auto. If you can hack the 27 gallon, gor for it.
  11. Kane

    If I had the tools to draw under microscope, I could do much better. Pencils cannot be sharpened to the level I need. #inscribePagodaGrainofRice.

  12. Compressor for prep?!

    So do you take a break every 10 minutes? What’s the make and model? Thanks @Kane Thinking about that Dewalt 27 gallon.
  13. Compressor for prep?!

    My 20 gallon runs fine pushing at 110 PSI, the rate my ME and Aro are comfortable at, and only kicks in every 10 minutes -- enough time for cooldown. I run oil-less.
  14. Compressor for prep?!

    I also prefer the oily air compressor, as Kris said. I had an oil-less one but it didn't last long and I was always fixing it; buying spare parts. Mine looks like this but is made by Campbell-hausfeld. I paid 400 and change about fifteen years ago and I have had no problems with it. I use a coalescing filter from Grainger for oil removal. https://www.grainger.com/search?searchQuery=coalescing filters&suggestConfigId=6&searchBar=true I have one of the 200 or so dollar models. I am not sure how to measure the CFS and PSI and compare them to tank sizes, but I do know this....once when my non-oiled compressor died, I rented a portable unit on wheels with two small tanks the size of a scuba tank on the sides, and using my CP9361, it ran all the time. You don't want an air compressor to run all the time. The motors are made to run for a few minutes, then cool down before they turn on again. Having said that, I think the ten gallon unit might be too small for what you plan to do.
  15. Help ID Please

    I agree. Around here they come in all sizes and sometimes in huge tangled masses. I saw a big slab in Cooke County that stood on end was as tall as me with more burrows than matrix holding them together!
  16. A few mysteries from my creek haul- one big one!

    Tea? Lol, that’s on a good day!
  17. Spectacular fossils in Oakville, Ontario

    Looks rather like a tentaculitid. How big is it?
  18. Pre/Cambrian Collection

    This thing on the association plate has a vague resemblance to the back half of an arthropod. If it is, it’s too incomplete to identify however.
  19. Pre/Cambrian Collection

    Last is a very nice association. A nearly complete Guangweicaris spinatus and a yet-to-be-identified trilobite.
  20. Novice question

    I’ve uploaded more images. Thanks for your help!
  21. Pre/Cambrian Collection

    I received a nice shipment of fossils today. I’m only posting a few here, as I want to prep the rest out before posting. The ones here are probably the best they’ll get. First up is a pair of Cotyledion tylodes. They are classified as early stem group entoprocts. These are easily one of my favorite fossils from Chengjiang, as there are not many sessile organisms present in the record. Next is a vetulicolian with a complete carapace and a partial “tail.” Haven’t had time to look into the exact species but will do so this week. Here is a very large chancelloriid plate. They were originally classified as sponges but that is no longer the consensus. No one really is sure what these interesting creatures are. Again, still not sure what species, but the family is large so I’m not sure I’ll find an answer.
  22. Gainesville Mystery Tooth

    Hi Northern, What references mention C. sealei from the Gainesville area and C. signatus from Baja California? I'm in Florida helping a friend go through some Bone Valley teeth and have sorted out some oddballs. One of them is about a half-inch high with a slender curved crown finely serrated. It has short heels with a few serrations on them. I'm trying to figure it out.I think I've found some C. plumbeus (sandbar shark) and maybe a few baby teeth of bull shark, lemon shark, and sandbar shark. Jess
  23. Compressor for prep?!

    Simple. It just takes a few parts and some basic mechanical skills. It’s as easy as mounting the trap to the wall or your workbench. Put a male quick connect fitting on the inlet side of the trap and a female fitting on the outlet side. Then, you can use an air hose to connect the trap to the compressor and a second hose from your trap to your scribes. All you need are the parts, 2 wrenches, and some Teflon tape. I’ll shoot a pic of how my traps are set up. It’s not as simple but will give you an idea.
  24. Help ID Please

    Thanks so much for taking time to answer this post.
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