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  2. 14 year old rock collection with fossils in It

    Sorry for such a late reply everyone- my state’s shut down from the Coronavirus and I had to do tons of paperwork - but anyway I’m heading into my studio today and I’ll pick up my camera to take some better photos of everything with my micro lens! In the meantime these are just from my iPhone but a bit closer up! The sizing limit for uploads is giving me some issues though - I’m not sure why
  3. Heavy Mystery...

    What’s heavy, smooth and rounded on one side and with wavy channels on the other? I have no idea either, but I dug it out of the hill behind my house. Found among fossil palm wood, fishy bits, and shale. Partially exposed in dirt on the side of a hill. I found another smaller, broken piece with the same cross section profile and the two dissimilar surfaces on either side. North Georgia, Walker county, USA. 10 minutes south of Chattanooga. Nice view of Lookout Mountain too for all you Civil War buffs.
  4. Center cow Calvert cliffs

    Hi Randy here. A friend of mine found this tooth today along Calvert cliffs.its a center cow but is it pathological?
  5. Dino poop or just a rock?

    I think you meant, "(for a change)", but are far too polite to say so.
  6. Fake Hadrosaur Egg?

    Howdy @mikecoscia, your egg is likely real with a few areas reconstructed. I am not sure it is from a Hadrosaur, as the surface appears different from the vast majority of spheroolithidae the egg family associated with hadrosaurs. The overall shape does fit spheroolithidae, but I would need a good cross-section of the eggshell to be certain. Do you have any better close up pictures? I would agree with @snolly50 and the base where the egg is joined with matrix does appear to be reconstructed.
  7. Thank you fossildude for the observation, I will keep your comments in mind.
  8. Fish Heads in North Georgia?

    It may not be! More wood perhaps? I just hate backyard mysteries. Sometimes when you get an image in your head it’s hard to shake it and see something else!
  9. New Mazon Creek Collection

    Here is the other shrimp-like fossil I found open in Pit 11. Again it's very small and I found it already opened. It's sort of red-colored. I would guess another Acanthotelson.
  10. CP or Dnsons ARO

    Thanks again . Do you know if the ARO 8315 would be similar to the cp9160?
  11. Beauty Brachiopods NJ Cretaceous

    Any freshwater in the creeks, or just salt? I don't get much exposure to salt in the Chicago area, but I've done salt twice from shore. Once in Long Beach, CA and once in Nassau, Bahamas -- both times from shore. Corbina in CA and barracuda in the Bahamas, nothing over 3 pounds.
  12. Fish Heads in North Georgia?

    Sorry but I don’t think this is a fish head. Some other members will be able to give you an accurate ID on what it is.
  13. Air abrasive system

    @will stevenson What sort of stuff are you looking to prep?
  14. NJ Stream Ammonite

    @Carl @erose Thanks for the ideas. What era are those species from? Generally, in NJ the streams are cretaceous, but from what I gather the area I was in might have been of older origin. The Pycnodonte does resemble the spiral of the shell somewhat, and the Gryphaeostrea vomer certainly has a similar appearance.
  15. Mazon Creek ID’s

    The thought crossed my mind when I first saw it. It does and it doesn't look like one. I'm looking for some defining feature and don't see any, but that only means I don't see them, not that they aren't there. Someone more experienced with MC insects may see something I don't.
  16. Today
  17. Fish Heads in North Georgia?

    Hello all! This is my first post in the forum besides the introduction. I’m open to any and all interpretations on this piece. Did I just find a fish head in my backyard? There are tons of fossils (marine and palm) pouring out of the hills on my property. I’m so close to Chattanooga (10 minutes away), I imagine we would share similar geology but I’m unsure and try not to make assumptions. Yay for the scientific method! Found on the surface at the base of a shallow ravine among lots of fossil palm wood, shale outcroppings, and some volcanic(?) glass. Northern Walker co, Georgia, USA. Pictures are as follows... 1) “Right” side 2) “Left” side 3) “Top” 4) “Bottom” with “mouth” facing left 5) “Back” side with “top” at the top of photo 6) “Underside” with “mouth” at bottom left of photo 7) The location behind my driveway that keeps vomiting out fishy bits and petrified wood!
  18. Beauty Brachiopods NJ Cretaceous

    haha @Mark Kmiecik go to www.saltwaterunderground.com and find your way to my FB/IG page.....been doing daily fishing updates here in NJ since the lockdown....
  19. Sara: The World Traveling Ceratopsian

    Don’t worry, keep it on hold for a while, I’d rather you didn’t visit the post office and risk getting covid 19 than me recieve it a month sooner
  20. Planolites burrows?

    Pretty much, Haha.
  21. Tiny tooth ID needed

    +1 for archaeolamna
  22. Trilobite IDs

    Kermits are so cute.
  23. Dino poop or just a rock?

    Yep, @Tidgy's Dad is correct (as usual). Coprolite will generally have a very smooth texture. Interesting piece!
  24. Three shark teeth for ID

  25. @will stevenson you are up next. That said, I didn't know if we wanted to put this on hold (like the rolling auction) for the time being?
  26. Another Multiblock

    Very beautiful! At least we can see here some fossil hunting since in my country it is very risky.
  27. Dino poop or just a rock?

    Thanks, yes very interesting!
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