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  2. Congratulations. Great find!
  3. Great tooth musicnfossils Congratulations !!
  4. Ludwigia

    Show me your favourite Ice Age fossils!

    Mammuthus primigenius from a gravel pit in Hessen.
  5. Fossildude19

    Where can I get dinosuar teeth?

    I'm not into dinosaur teeth. Please send Fossilhunter21 any suggestions via PM. Thanks.
  6. Kane

    Where can I get dinosuar teeth?

    Members can provide assistance to the OP via private message as Forum rules prohibit the naming of sellers on the open boards.
  7. I am really interested in dinosuar teeth (I mean who isn't) but I'm having trouble finding a place to buy them from. So I was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to buy them from?
  8. Today
  9. JamieLynn

    Echies of Texas (Some Better Finds)

    If you get out early enough in the morning....it's not TOO bad. hhhahahha
  10. Congratulations @musicnfossils!! Thats an awesome find.
  11. I think you get my special award for "best photography". Beautifully presented tooth. Cheers. -Ken
  12. digit

    Find Of The Month Winner's Gallery

    MAY 2021 VERTEBRATE FOSSIL OF THE MONTH (VFOTM) Daspletosaurus sp. tyrannosaurid tooth - Late Cretaceous, Dinosaur Park FM - Steveville Area, Alberta, Canada Congratulations to @musicnfossils !!! MAY 2021 INVERTEBRATE/PLANT FOSSIL OF THE MONTH (IPFOTM) Tumidocarcinus giganteus crab - mid-Miocene - Canterbury, New Zealand Congratulations to @mamlambo !!!
  13. The winner of the May 2021 VFOTM (finally ) goes to... Daspletosaurus sp. tyrannosaurid tooth - Late Cretaceous, Dinosaur Park FM - Steveville Area, Alberta, Canada Congratulations to @musicnfossils !!!
  14. Fossildude19

    Is it a fossil? (first post)

    Nice pseudofossil!
  15. Share your favourite ICE AGE era fossils, I love to collect them myself This is my favourite fossil: Coelodonta antiquitatis lower jaw Length: 42CM Weight: 3,557KG Location: Permafrost, Siberia
  16. Ireally dont need anymore fish but just wanted to get outside again. RB Hey Jacob, was a ton of fun. Just wish I was a bit younger and I would have been out there digging till midnight just like you youngens.
  17. Shellseeker

    Found in Peace River 2

    and it is tiny. I have never come across one this small !!
  18. GreatWhiteMac

    Finally Back to Big Brook

    Nice finds!
  19. GreatWhiteMac


    Great finds!! Love those shiny triangles!
  20. Bobby Rico

    Warped Dinosaur Tooth

    I like to see one of yours if it is not hard to find. I have seen trilobites that look stretched, I wonder if it is the same proses. Cheers Bobby
  21. paulyb135

    My Collection of Theropod Teeth

    There is one minor error in one of the labels (my fault) which will be corrected. Can anyone spot this?
  22. paulyb135

    My Collection of Theropod Teeth

    I finally got round to labelling all my collection with the big thanks to @-Andy- and his excellent and concise laminated work. I wish I did this sooner as they certainly look much more presentable and informative than beforehand. Plus the others
  23. Rockwood

    (Another) unknown invertebrate

    In that case a simple no should suffice.
  24. Fossildude19

    (Another) unknown invertebrate

    It may just have to end up being a mystery item. I am having a hard time seeing any kind of detail that would lead to a confident ID.
  25. Coco

    Mazon Creek id help

    @Nimravis Coco
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