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  3. Hi all, new trilobite question. What do you think about these, quality??? i think the first that i posted were better but the seller sold them An other question...I've never seen a double color trilobite what can it be? and the thing behind it could be a shell?
  4. Is there a good read for ID'ing fern species

    There is a similar situation in one of Europes most famous Carboniferous sites (famous for it's colours): quarry, plants 1, plants 2, bug The piesberg intrusion there is responsible for a smooth metamorphosis, the silver-whitish colours are result of a pressure-shade-pseudomorphosis, mineral is there a hydromuscovite variety called Gümbelite. Iron is mobilized from the sediments and responsible for the colours, sometimes it occurs with gypsum. I think there might be a similar mineralogical situation in your sites...
  5. Sometimes You Have To Whack It !!

    Rich, without checking a calendar I believe I found it approximately 50 days or a little less prior to the time that it throws open. So I was cycling it sometimes every day.
  6. Clam flat

    Sorry . . they all seem to lack noticeable surface features, and have a varied but present taper the entire length with only a slight curve.
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  8. Need help identifying gift (mammal?)

    He spoke pretty good English with not much of an accent so I’ll go with English.
  9. Need help identifying gift (mammal?)

    Thanks for the help!
  10. https://www.sciencealert.com/ancient-birds-from-100-million-years-ago-had-really-really-weird-feathers
  11. https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2018-12/uoc-to121418.php
  12. More pecan gap mosasaur vertebrae

    Just now saw this. Seems like every time I am called upon I happen to be off for hours Fantastic finds! The Pecan Gap mosasaur material is spectacular, and so are the ammonites! Always interesting to find ventrally squashed ammonites, something that seems to be more common in the Kpg for some reason. I have found a few ventrally crushed Scaphites semicostatus in the upper Atco, but beyond that not many other specimens crushed in that way.
  13. Lower Oligocene fossil

    That's a good observation but dosen't seem right. I'm struggling to find any reference for Lower Oligocene fish from the UK.
  14. Hi, Phacopid AMMONITE ? Drink a second coffee Roger ! Coco
  15. Conasauga Crusade #7: Jackpot

    Nice finds (nice to see Monica is monitoring your 5 a day) .
  16. The first one appears to be a phacopid ammonite from Morocco and the second a Perisphinctes ammonite from Madagascar. The Last one is certainly a Bernstein with inclusions.
  17. Mesozoic moss animals

    pauldt Colony growth strategies, dormancy and repair in some Late Cretaceous encrusting bryozoans: insights into the ecology of the Chalk seabed Paul D. Taylor, & Emanuela Di Martino & Silviu O. Martha Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments pp 1–22 First Online: 07 December 2018 size: about 18 MB Given the status of the first author: I wouldn't exactly say "MUST-read",but when you love the bryozoa(and let's face it ,who doesn't*?),and you have some spare time.. *useless asterisk
  18. Shark teeth

    Love the meg!
  19. doushantuo

    We have only one of these.

    Just a reminder..



    Currently,about 70 percent of the surface of this globe is covered with a powerful solvent (/buffered solution) that is liquid at one atmosphere pressure.

    Considering the amount of anions and cations present in this liquid it's amazing we don't get electric shocks whenever we go for a swim







  20. Yes, George was still playing back then. Are you into country music? You don’t necessarily strike me as one, but then again I have no clue what type of music you listen to.
  21. Conasauga Crusade #7: Jackpot

    You just recited the excuse list I always (try) to use on my mom!
  22. Conasauga Crusade #7: Jackpot

    The ecoskelrtons are the fragile bit. There's still a positive there if no exoskeleton is there, but it isn't nearly as detailed.
  23. More pecan gap mosasaur vertebrae

    What other formations around here hold mosasaur material
  24. Sometimes You Have To Whack It !!

    I just saw the fish! Sweet! Congrats! 39 is not a bad number. I have a horseshoe crab that took about 2 years to open. How often were you cycling? Cheers, Rich
  25. Calvert Cliffs 2018

    Wow! Those are AMAZING! I especially like the cow shark teeth and Ecphora!
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