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  2. Want did I find

    Definitely sand dollar. Well, part of one any way. So, it's actually a "sand quarter" .... (*rimshot*)
  3. Spinosaurus vertebra prepped

    Yes I agree with you. Any idea of the species this crocodile vertebrate this belongs to? I would like to correctly identify it before displaying it again.
  4. Congrats Skye! That's an incredible fossil!
  5. Blind 1-4-1 fossil or mineral trade

    You should start a new topic for this.
  6. Want did I find

    I agree with sand dollar. The texture is consistent with sand dollar.
  7. Gainesville FL trip advice

    I did some recent research on Gainesville creeks and did find that all within city limits are definitely off limits due to damage caused by digging.
  8. Ichthyosaur Collection

    Amazing collection!!! Don
  9. Ray mouth plate?

    The top is from an Eagle ray. The bottom is from a bonnet ray ( I think?)
  10. I would love too, but unfortunately for the moment I am low on fossil stash. Once I rebuild my Surplus, I would be interested. It would be nice to see members participating in the blind trades again. It was fun.
  11. Utah oysters

    I found some Pycnodonte newberryi in the Mancos shale outside of Capitol Reef National Park. My blog post: https://viewsofthemahantango.blogspot.com/2012/06/pycnodonte-newberryi-from-utah.html
  12. New Jersey Wenonah slabs (2016-2018)

  13. New Jersey Wenonah slabs (2016-2018)

    Thanks! I hope you enjoyed your last trip!
  14. Is this a stromatolite?

    Can you get a closer view of the cut side of the rock, possibly while wet so we may see if there are more details in the swirls? An interesting find for sure.
  15. New Jersey Wenonah slabs (2016-2018)

    Wow, those are some impressive slabs for sure. Congrats on exploring a (much) lesser known facet of the Wenonah formation.
  16. New Jersey Wenonah slabs (2016-2018)

    Thank you and yes, that's an echinoid (here is a close-up). We dont find that many at all from the Wenonah so it's one of my favorite fossils! I'll get a scan of the potential sponges too.
  17. New Jersey Wenonah slabs (2016-2018)

    Thanks Jeff! As you'd expect, some friends of ours have thoroughly examined these and as far as the Wenonah goes, these do appear to be kind of unique!
  18. New Jersey Wenonah slabs (2016-2018)

    I'll take your word on Hamulus! Here is the potential fish spine (there is a nice vert right next to it too). Let me know what you think about that ID.
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  20. Show us your fossils though a macro lens.

    Inspired by @Nimravis crystals inside of a small Pennsylvanian brachiopod I was wondering have any more of you got crystals growing inside a fossil ? If you have please post here with some nice Marco images. I will second Ralph’s with an theropod indet from Morocco, I hope you like this little toothy geode .
  21. Is this a stromatolite?

    Its hard to tell, it might be worth looking up any literature available on the local geology of the area you found it to see if stromatolites are present.
  22. The Growing Collection of Ziggycardon

    And the final fossil from my previous order arrived! A nice plate with 4 Knightia sp. found in the Green River formation in Wyoming, USA (Eocene, 48 mya) And I noticed I hadn't posted this yet, but I finally added the best of the miocene shark teeth we found during my 2nd fossil to the Wienerberger quarry in Rumst as well as a few recent purchases to my shark teeth riker box
  23. Seminole County fossil hunting

    I have seen an answer in another post... Coco
  24. New Jersey Wenonah slabs (2016-2018)

    Wow, wow, and wow! That has to be one of the largest collections of Wenonah mollusks there is. And many of them are rare. Truly awesome! Congratulations and thanks for sharing.
  25. Branchiosaurid skin patterns

  26. New Jersey Wenonah slabs (2016-2018)

    These plates look awesome - they're so packed with fossils!!! Thanks for sharing!
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