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  2. What is it

    Just curious, if you or the store clerk didn't know what it was, what prompted him to have it up for sell and you to purchase it?
  3. What is it

    Cropped and brightened: Sorry, not seeing a fossil here. Was it advertised or listed as a fossil? Hope you didn't pay too much for it.
  4. Madagascar Fish

    Images are upside-down. Corrected: In looking through Thomas's Triassic Fishes of Madagascar guide, I think Parasemionotus labordei may be a close match. Hopefully, Thomas will be along to give his assesment. From this post.
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  6. A few NJ Cretaceous trips

    So "latest" Campanian does not necessarily refer to the very end of the Campanian at ~72my, but sort of at the end of it. So the Wenonah/Mt. Laurel are approximately 76-74my and the Navesink is around 72my. Thanks for the other info.
  7. Another NJ Brook Unknown

    Yeah, that seems like it. The shell-like surface you are talking about which is opposite the bryozoan side can be seen in pic 3, right? I have a definite concretion with a bryozoan impression on it, so I guess they sometimes cling to stones too.
  8. What is it

    It looks like a rock to me, I'm not seeing any distinct bone features. It also looks rounded by water.
  9. What is it

  10. What is it

  11. and a productive trip off on Kentucky 17 in Northern Kentucky any location that exposes the McMillan formation. Fossils fossils in this ordovician exposure are about 445 million years old
  12. Grats Mike on the win with the Isotelus!
  13. What is it

    Maybe a bone fragment? Really hard to tell with just one picture to look at. Submit a few more please with better lighting and of the ends.
  14. Need to identify

    agreed. Cat skeleton (an old tom or Maine Coon probably, considering the canine size). I found one in an old shed at a place I used to live in. I have two cats and cat skeletons always make me sad. Pets don't live long enough, sadly.
  15. CT scan of dinosaur eggs

    I hope so! Both are unhatched with full and 90% shell coverage so it is possible. Are you familiar with interpreting these images at all @jpc? I need to figure out how to post a high resolution video of the scans here so people can get a full view of what they have inside but the 3.95mb limit is a real set back.
  16. What is it

    Bought it at an antique shop in New York State wanted to know what it is, I couldn't identify it my self.
  17. My first Permian Fossils

  18. My first Permian Fossils

  19. My first Permian Fossils

  20. My first Permian Fossils

  21. My first Permian Fossils

  22. My first Permian Fossils

    Hi all, I finally found my first Permian age fossils in southern Nevada, however I'm no expert on this age so perhaps some of you could help me out. In general I know what a brachipod looks like but it's really hard for me to tell when looking at these fossils. I'm not sure if the first one is one, or is just some sort of rock.
  23. Small jaw bone ID Jacksonville, Florida

    Oh I never doubted the Harry's experience, I just wanted to know what makes this a carnivore vs Herbivore
  24. Shark tooth?

    Feldspar is as good a guess as any other mineral.
  25. What kind of tooth is this?

    Thanks everyone,I can see it definitively being a sea robin skull,or fragments of it.
  26. Shark tooth?

    Hey Tony, found a photo of the sedimentary rock I found that I was thinking about...its got an usual 4 sided shape to it and has some similar textures in the more resistant top and middle beds/layers. Without more photos of bfree's unknown I just dont know. I could see maybe granitic as you suggested, still wondering about those elongated structures...you thinking they are some kind of feldspar or something else? Regards, Chris
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