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  2. Petrified Wood Arizona Ranch

    Sorry to hear of Your loss. At least You got to do a good trip first. Nice Chinle "picture" wood! Looking forward to the rest of Your finds from this trip.
  3. New carboniferous hunt last weekend

    Exquisite finds, as always, Gery! The cone is unbelievable - congratulations!!! I also like this one - it has beautiful detail:
  4. Polished transverse sections of hippuritid rudists Hippurites colliciatus Woodward, 1855 from St. Bartholomä, Styria, Austria. St. Bartholomä-formation (Campanian), Gosau-group, Eastern Alps. 0 mm is the transverse section closest to the apex.
  5. Petrified Wood Arizona Ranch

    Wow, those are some really beautiful specimens!
  6. Cracked nodule repair

    You can if you can get a tight enough grip on the nodule. I have done this before and large/thick bands work the best. Be judicious with your gluing if doing this as a spot of glue that leaks out under the bands as a bit of a mess to deal with since rubber bands and cyanoacrylate apparently bond using the strong nuclear force.
  7. New carboniferous hunt last weekend

    Neat plants! -Christian
  8. A cute T-rex cousin from Utah

    Thanks for sharing, Kasia - this is quite cool! Here's the paper describing the new tyrannosaur, by the way Moros intrepidus -Christian
  9. Tree Fern?

    May be close to Psaronius?
  10. Sebago Lake Maine

    If you would like to try any sites in central NY. Let me know.
  11. New carboniferous hunt last weekend

    Wow, your finds are always gorgeous
  12. A cute T-rex cousin from Utah

    https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2019/02/moros-fills-tyrannosaur-origin-story/583264/ https://www.newsweek.com/new-dinosaur-utah-moros-intrepidus-tyrannosaurus-rex-1338776?piano_t=1
  13. Petrified Wood Arizona Ranch

    First, sorry for your loss--that has to be difficult. I'm glad you found some solace in completing some bucket list items in her place. Sounds like Rhonda DoBell did right by you to make up for her being away when you arrived. I'm glad to hear that. The DoBell Ranch was not even on my radar screen till you posted this. Took me a bit of time searching around till I found their official website: https://azpetrifiedwood.com/ From the other search results I found online while digging up their website, I see nothing but great reviews for this place. This place is definitely on my list now. This might have to be a roadtrip though--since even with 4 free suitcases from Southwest Airlines, I think I'd not be able to control myself and I'd be a pet wood glutton. I could keep my rock tumbler busy for a year with this beautiful wood. Might be just the thing to push me over the edge into taking that first tentative step on the slippery slope of buying all sorts of lapidary equipment and churning our cabochons for everybody I know. Cheers. -Ken
  14. Petrified Wood Arizona Ranch

    Here are more pictures as I had to downsize them. Our biggest piece is a nice 70 pounder for the yard! But we found some very nice specimens for indoor displays..
  15. Fossil Rosary

    Lololololol. Clark W. Griswold, hold my beer!
  16. Sebago Lake Maine

    Ah, my mistake--you'd think as a part-time copy editor that I'd read better than this. Penn Dixie was good fun and, though you can do this yourself while passing through the area, it pays to see if you can arrange a date to go out with other TFF members as local knowledge increases your chances of finding something nice and it is a great way to meet other members without using a keyboard. I'd drop a posting here when you have are closer to the date and have an idea of when you'll be hunting there. Cheers. -Ken
  17. New carboniferous hunt last weekend

    Excellent finds, Gery! That cone cross section is wonderful!! Thanks for showing us.
  18. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    Not sure on this. May need to have @paleoflor or @fiddlehead have a look at this. This topic came up a number of years ago. Cheers, mate.
  19. Petrified Wood Arizona Ranch

    Thank you!
  20. Fossil Rosary

    Awesome! You should have entered it into fossil of the month. How about doing a trade. Postage would be too expensive, so just bring it along if you make it to Minnesota this summer!!! Mike
  21. In Colombia

    Yes embedded in calcite in a cave
  22. Today
  23. Sebago Lake Maine

    Dom, This website shows some possibilities in Cumberland County. Looks like Pleistocene bivalves and gastropods, mostly. You'd have to do some research to see if any of the sites mentioned are still viable. Good luck.
  24. Sebago Lake Maine

    We are going for a couple weeks not in a couple weeks. Trip will be sometime over the summer. Thanks
  25. Tree Fern?

    Nice specimen! If it's Triassic it wouldn't be a palm (Arecaceae), they're angiosperms and evolved in the Cretaceous. Along with true ferns like the tree fern group Marattialies, there were other major plant groups around, for example seed ferns (Spermatophyta), early gymnosperm conifers, and others. I don't know much about identifying petrified wood, though, just throwing out some options
  26. New carboniferous hunt last weekend

    Congratulations. The details on those plants you found is very impressive. The cross section of the cone would be a worthy FOTM entry.
  27. New carboniferous hunt last weekend

    Fabulous finds. the cone cross section is spectacular and all the finds are gorgeously detailed.
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