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  3. Margaritaria abrupta

    what is the scale on this one? I think I recall this one not usually being this well preserved.
  4. Pododesmus sp.

    that's one interesting looking mollusk!
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  6. Pulalius vulgaris

    Oh, MY!!!! Did you prep this??!??
  7. Pododesmus sp.

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  10. Lepidocoleus sarlei

    @DevonianDigger that thing is hideous! Pretty cool though.
  11. Toronto Conularia

    That's a remarkable piece.
  12. Lepidocoleus sarlei

  13. Lepidocoleus sarlei

    Very nice, Jay.
  14. Lepidocoleus sarlei

  15. Regulaecystis pleurocystoides DEHM, 1932

    Beautiful specimen -Christian
  16. Shantungia liui (Ren et al, 2017)

    Very nice! But it deserves more photos from the side as well to provide additional diagnostic visual details.
  17. Shantungia liui (Ren et al, 2017)

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