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  2. Nucleatina viladrici (Calzada, 1995)

    I visit Spain every three months or so to stock up on products I can't get here: English food; books and tortoise products. I haven't been to Barcelona in decades, but hopefully will again in the next year or two as i liked it very much. So I will take you advice about Dr. Calzada then, I hope. Thank you.
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  4. Nucleatina viladrici (Calzada, 1995)

    You are a devoted braquiopod-lover, Adam. Thank you very much for your appreciation. If you ever go to Barcelona, I reccomend you to meet Dr. Calzada at the Museu de Geologia del Seminari. He's one of the last world's brachiopod specialists and a very kind person.
  5. Palaeoisopus problematicus BROILI, 1928

    I don’t care if it’s a starfish playing dress up! If it has 8 legs I’m staying the heck out of the water!
  6. Acrognathus dodgei Hay, 1903

    Pity, I'm living in Shanghai at the moment. No chance of getting to Tucson. According to Woodward 1902 it is Scopelidae. I changed the taxonomy to Sardinioididae and Myctophiformes - is that ok? Thomas
  7. Acrognathus dodgei Hay, 1903

    If you will be in Tucson, I can give you a pdf copy of the Forey paper there... so next week I guess. Bob
  8. Acrognathus dodgei Hay, 1903

    Ahh, thank you. I am not very familiar with the fish from Lebanon and I didn't know Forey's work. Unfortunately I cannot find a free copy on the net. Thanks again Thomas
  9. Acrognathus dodgei Hay, 1903

    Thomas, I think that this might be a different species of Acrognathus. A. libanicus is described from Sahel Alma, the Santonian site in Lebanon. The specimens from Haqel and Hadjula were named A. dodgei, Hay, 1903. This diagnosis is reinforced in Forey, et. al., 2003 in their paper about Namoura. Bob
  10. Mioplosus labracoides

  11. Mioplosus labracoides

    Excellent prep work - would like to see more! Thanks for showing Thomas
  12. Cockerellites liops

    Love this fish! Great prep job! RB
  13. Cockerellites liops

  14. Mioplosus labracoides

  15. Palaeoisopus problematicus BROILI, 1928

    To calm down for arachnophobians, sea spiders are only distant relatives of spiders
  16. Palaeoisopus problematicus BROILI, 1928

    Up to 40cm in diameter? That would be horror for people with arachnophobia.
  17. Saurorhynchus sp.

    Beautiful Saurorhynchus!!! Thanks for sharing.
  18. Mellita aclinensis

    Yes ! Nice ! Coco
  19. Mellita aclinensis

    It's a beauty! Funny how just down the road or even a few hundred yards away a pit can have complete echinoids. Go figure!
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