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Just Above the Iridium Layer

Just Above the Iridium Layer
Jeffrey P
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Jeffrey P
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Fossils from the Manasquan River Basin, Freehold, New Jersey- found in the Pinna Layer just above the Iridium Layer and the K-T boundary,  a marine community that survived the asteroid collision that wiped out the dinosaurs and many other species of animals. 

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Interesting! I wonder exactly how long after the Ir layer these were deposited. Ie. were these the last of them, the die-off that immediately resulted from the 'nuclear winter', or did they survive, say, a few thousand years after the fact. The question recently came up for me after I read a paper on my local Upper Cretaceous... another paper that was referenced indicated that Baculites survived into the early Danian. Apparently it's still a contentious issue...

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