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Post Oak Creek
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Fossils found in Post Oak Creek, Sherman, TX. Identifications are primarily done by myself, so don't hesitate to correct them.


The Cretaceous fossils are washed out of the Eagle Ford Group (~ 90 Ma), and mammal material from the Pleistocene or younger.


Vertebrate Faunal List (work in progress):


Rarity (purely subjective):

Abundant, Common, Uncommon, Rare


Cantioscyllium sp. ('nurse shark')

  • Cantioscyllium decipiens

Cretodus sp.

Cretalamna sp.

  • Cretalamna appendiculata

Cretoxyrhina sp. ('ginsu shark')

  • Cretoxyrhina mantelli

Meristodonoides sp.

Ptychodus sp. ('crusher shark')

  • Ptychodus whipplei
  • Ptychodus mortoni

Scapanorhynchus sp. ('goblin shark')

  • Scapanorhynchus texanus
  • Scapanorhynchus raphiodon

Squalicorax sp. ('crow shark')

  • Squalicorax kaupi
  • Squalicorax falcatus



Enchodus sp. ('saber-toothed herring')

Hadrodus sp.

Ischyrhiza sp. ('sawskate')

Pseudohypolophus sp. ('guitarfish')

  • P. mcnultyi

Ptychotrygon sp. ('sawskate')

  • P. triangularis

Rhinobatos sp. ('guitarfish')

  • Rhinobatos incertus


Coniasaurus sp.




Jealous. Been far too long since I have been in a north Texas creek...

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How exciting! I brought home a bucket of about 5 lbs of gravel matrix from POC just before the Covid-19 “lock-down” here in Dallas. Been going thru a few scoops full every evening. (So relaxing to “hunt fossils” from the ease & comfort of one’s own patio! lol) After sifting it by size, I search thru each subset. But, I’ve been saving the bag of “super-fines” (particles under about 1 mm) to inspect more closely once I get a decent magnifying glass. (A loupe is just too small to use for so many particles!) Already found some really neat tiny sharks teeth looking ones just searching with my 3.50-power reading glasses. FWIW, I average about 10-15 whole teeth (under 1 cm) per half pound of matrix I’d say. Add in 3-4 “large” teeth (over 1 cm) per pound for the “first sift” layer (stuff not making it thru the 1/2” mesh). Those have tended to be rather hefty / chunky ones too. I probably should start keeping better (well, any) records of the finds by layer & wt of each layer, but I’ve been lazy plus I can’t imagine what I’d do with the resultant data anyhow. Maybe post it here? Best part is the number of tiny fish vertebrae I’ve found this way. Anyhow, cheap thrills while socially distant, I guess.

Happy hunting, stay safe, everyone! 

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