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Muensterella scutellaris, a Vampyromorph


Muensterella scutellaris Muenster, 1842

Upper Jurassic

Upper Kimmeridgian (Malm epsilon)



Length 7cm /2.5"

Muensterella belongs to the Vampyromorpha, a group of Octobranchian Cephalopods:

New records of soft parts of Muensterella scutellaris

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Very interesting fossil. Is there soft tissue on this specimen? Can you identify its body parts?

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Hi Peter,

not on this one - only the gladius seems to be left. But I do have a slightly younger one (Lower Tithonian - this one is from Upper Kimmeridgium) where some soft tissue seems to be preserved. At least you can see the ink sac. http://www.thefossil...la-scutellaris/ Under UV light more details should show up.


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