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Deep Springs Road Phacopid
© 2018 T.Jones


Enrolled specimen of Eldredgeops rana.

Found July 16, 2018.

Middle Devonian,
Moscow Formation, Hamilton Group.
Deep Springs Road, Lebanon, NY.


© 2018 T.Jones

From the album:

Fossildude's Middle Devonian Hamilton Group Fossils

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Photo Information for Deep Springs Road Phacopid

Taken with NIKON COOLPIX L830

  • 12.3 mm
  • 10/2500
  • f f/4.1
  • ISO 320
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Bringing Fossils to Life


This looks similar to a large female cephalon I found at Montour Fossil Pit (only this one's probably a male).

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19 minutes ago, Bringing Fossils to Life said:

This looks similar to a large female cephalon I found at Montour Fossil Pit (only this one's probably a male).

We do not have any evidence of sexual dimorphism in trilobites.

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Why do you say it's a male?


Tim, that's a really nice one.

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Over the years there have been many papers on this subject by numerous noteworthy authors. There is a smattering of 'evidence' that points to the possibility of dimorphism in trilobites.....unfortunately there has been nothing definitive published yet to substantiate any of those claims.


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