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Pachycormidae indet. - 'Hypsocormus' sp.

Pachycormidae WOODWARD 1895 indet.

Jurassic, Callovian

Oxford Clay, Peterborough Member

[ A ] Orton Pit [ B ] Hampton Lakes, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK


Teeth from indeterminate, predatory pachycormid fish. Likely pertaining to either 'Hypsocormus' leedsi SMITH & WOODWARD 1889 or 'Hypsocormus' tenuirostris SMITH & WOODWARD 1889, which can be distinguished only by characters of the rostrum. Neither species actually belongs to Hypsocormus WAGNER 1860 according to MAXWELL et al. 2020, but are closer to more derived, macropredatory pachycormids like Orthocormus WEITZEL 1930, though their exact affinities remain indeterminate due to their highly fragmentary nature.

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Oxford Clay Fauna

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