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Tiger Mountain Amber (Upper-Tukwila/Lower-Renton Formations [Boundary], Middle to Late Eocene)


Incredible blue fluorescence in amber from Tiger Mountain, Washington State, U.S.A. No longwave UV light has been used here; these select pieces fluoresce in the same LED light conditions as Dominican blue amber, and with a strikingly similar coloration. Commercial quantities of blue amber have been officially described to be found in the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, and Mexico (Chiapas); to my knowledge, blue amber has never been described, much less documented, from North American deposits. Total weight is 0.4g, each piece measuring only a few millimeters in length. In the fluorescent video & image, specimens were submerged in water in a borosilicate glass petri dish; also, an additional video and image of the subjects when dry. *Please note there are several condensed air bubbles on surfaces of amber and glass. Subjects: Tiger Mountain Amber (Upper-Tukwila/Lower-Renton Formation [along boundary], Middle to Late Eocene) Lighting: Quantum 140 lumen LED light (yellow phosphor) Recording: Samsung WB35F


© Kaegen Lau
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5 hours ago, fossilhunter21 said:

That is some beautiful amber!



Thanks so much! It was a beast to try to get all the pieces in position underwater (they did sink, but just barely). Thank goodness for toothpicks!:D

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