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    For myself as a child I'd always found them somewhat of a beautiful oddity, on family days out to the coast i was always at my happiest rummaging through the shell's and stones. i never found anything remotely fossil like but I'd always end up coming home carrying half the beach. Many years later that particular interest had faded and died a death, until last year when I went rummaging in the quarry at Berry Head Brixham and ended up coming home with some rather large, pink calcite crystals. Since then I've been eager to get started but for some reason or another it's had to be put on hold.. until now. Now I'm trying to read and cram as much information as I can in to my head, acquire the equipment I'm going to need as well as willing the wetter weather to get here so I can start planning a few trips down to the coast.
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    Hey everyone! Sorry it has been so long since I last posted. I have been so busy with school, family life, and lots of technical problems. But I finally was able to finish my video and I am so excited to share my work with all of you! This video is about my latest fossil cleaning, It is my favorite trilobite to date! It is actually a complete body fossil, not just a shell, or a piece of one. I did learn a few new things this time. I had some trouble with this one because the air scribe I have is not not suited for microscopic fossils, which is what I am cleaning up. Because of this I ended up damaging my fossil. A technique I am trying is to find the edges of the fossil and clean them out before I clean out the middle of the fossil. I am doing this because the air abrasive is basically a s sand paper in air form. The top of this trilobite is quite detailed, if I cleaned up the detailed section first it would leave it open to be hit by unintentional air abrasive and thus damaging it. So I left the top to be done last. This seemed to work well. Which is pleasing. Watch and see how it all turned out!