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    This coming weekend is the Earth Science Club of Northern Illinois (E.S.C.O.N.I.) Gem / Mineral & Fossil Show at the DuPage County Fairgrounds located at (2015 Manchester Road, Wheaton, Illinois 60187). The show is held in Buildings 2 & 3 and the best part is parking and admission to the show is FREE. The show hours are as follows: Saturday 3-24-18 (10am-5pm) Sunday 3-25-18 (10am-4pm) There are multiple dealers, displays, demonstrations, door prizes and a Kids Corner.
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    Make your way to the 25th annual Aurora Fossil Festival in Aurora North Carolina. Great times. Food, Fun and of course Fossils. See the Fossil Parade, attend the lectures and the auction. And of course don't miss the displays. Many of your fellow forum members; myself included display fossils, man tables and give lectures there.Saturday May 26th 2018.