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  1. Carl


    I found this oddity on Point Pleasant Beach, NJ last weekend. The 5-point symmetry suggests an echinoderm but the black, phosphatic preservation suggests anything but. Any thoughts?
  2. subsonicdrone

    thought i would post yesterdays find

    walking along the beach yesterday i was pleasantly surprised to find this
  3. Bronzviking

    Partial Eagle Ray Dental Plates?

    Hi, I found these 2 unusual little pieces on a Tampa Bay beach in Florida. They are roughly 1 x 1 inches. At first I thought pottery shards or some seashell mold and put them in a box. I just saw a photo that they resemble, labeled Ray Dental plate. (brown photo) I attached 3 photos front and back of my specimen. What do you think?
  4. Hi, I'm new here, looking those with expertise to help identify this, appreciate any help. I found this in the water, about 2 or 3 feet from shore. I think it might be a part of a turtle shell, but it also looks like a sacrum. Any ideas? It's rather heavy for it's appearance.
  5. This riker mount displays the best shark teeth that I collected on 3 hunts sifting at Douglas Point beach, Charles County, Maryland. This is the Paleocene Aquia Formation. Bottom row contains several Odotus teeth. There are many goblin shark Anomotodon and sand tiger shark Carcharias. Also appears to be one pygmy white shark Paleocarcharodon in lower left corner.
  6. Hey all, Noticed there was not much info on these here on the forum or online in general. All of these have been found washed in from the tide of New Jersey's Ocean City. From what I could find these belong to Sea Robins and are part of their skull. The larger and more complete one shows more in detail how this would have looked on the actual fish. If anyone has more information as to what potentially the age may be it would be much appreciated! From what I have read based on seashells, the black coloring is due to being trapped in the sand for high periods of time, I would assume the sam
  7. Peter Jones

    Plum Island - Massachusetts

    Hello All, A friend of mine was walking the beautiful beach of Plum Island, Massachusetts, and came across this interesting treasure. Does anyone know what this might be? Thank you!
  8. Hi, My father found a weird looking bone, possibly fossilized, while walking on the beach of the German island Norderney. Date: 11.02.2021 Weight: 500g Height: 14.5cm Width: 12.0cm Opening: 4.0cm Any idea which species this might be from? Thanks a lot in advance, Helge
  9. Lulu88

    What is this?!

    Hey guys and girls. I’m so sorry if this is a common thing, I don’t hit the beaches often. but I just couldn’t wrap my head around what this is. first I assumed coral, then thought maybe the inner part of a sea snail shell? sorry for sounding silly. Just curious and it’s late and this seems to be the only thing I can focus on, hahaha
  10. butchndad

    What is this?

    Hello all. Found on the beach on the New Jersey side of New York bay. About 5.5 inches by 3 inches. Not like anything I’ve ever found. Likely not a fossil. Several people suggested it’s a sturgeon scute. Any help appreciated
  11. Hi There - I was on a walk along the rocky beaches at Deer Island in Winthrop, Massachusetts earlier today. I came across this odd looking rock. Does anyone have any idea what I’m looking at? Is this indeed a rock, or could it be a fossilized chunk of something? Thanks for taking a look. Cheers!
  12. Found these a few months apart on a beach in Suffolk of the UK. I am pretty confident, after a little research, that the first bone here is a partial clavicle, although I have much less confidence about what. I read that they only exist in animals with prehensile forelimbs, so it could be some kind of ape? No marsupial presence in the Doggerland that I've been able to find. And, probably not early human, right? (I'm sorry if that's a silly question. It always crosses my mind.) The second, while extremely worn, I think it may be an antler fragment because it has numerous
  13. Noisette


    Hi I found this on a walk today, I’m not a fossil hunter but thought it looked interesting. Can anyone give me some idea of when it was formed and what it is? It measures approximately 10” or 26cm long when measured round the rock. Thanks
  14. Seaspawn

    Mystery Big Tooth(?)

    Also found on a shingle beach in South Suffolk, five or six months ago. I was delighted, and spent hours googling herbivores with the idea that it had to be something huge, but nothing fit. Is it not a tooth after all?
  15. I found this about 3 years ago along the South Suffolk coastline (in the UK) that meets the North Sea, where the Doggerland sank about ten thousand years ago, give or take. Based on googling, I believe it could be a fox leg bone, but if I'm wrong, please let me know! (Also, if these pictures don't meet spec, please let me know that too.) It's hollow inside, as far as I can see with a flashlight, and it narrows as well, but it's hard to photograph that. This is probably where a ligament would wrap around? Thank you in advance to everyo
  16. Celticaceous

    Irish Beach find

    Hello, I am looking to see if anyone can give their opinion on what this fossil is created from, I come across many fossils in areas i go looking for them but have not come across anything looking like this. It is approx 230mm in width from left to right in this picture and 200mm in height from top to bottom. Cant give photos from the back etc as it is on top of a large boulder. Hope it is something that jumps out for someone. Eoin.
  17. buntingw

    Tooth ID

    Tooth identification needed for two separate finds. Found in Southport, NC (Brunswick County) near the Cape Fear inlet. Common place for bones too wash ashore. Teeth are a new find. Pictures below. Thanks!
  18. dodo4

    Need help with ID

    Happy New Year everyone! I found this little fossil while walking the Neptune Beach, FL. The piece is small, 15mm x 10mm x 2mm and has two lines of somewhat evenly spaced round holes/indents? that dont go completely through it. I did the best I could with the pictures and hopefully it is going to be enough to ID it. As always, thank you for your help!
  19. Ornithurae

    Capitola Beach, CA finds

    I recently went to Capitola beach for the first time. I found three of what I believe are cetacean fossils but I am very new to paleontology so I am not quite sure. These were found right on the beach under cliffs in the Purisima Formation. The images are quite large so I will post them in the comments Here is #1
  20. I found this at low tide on Manasota Key, Florida. We've collected shark teeth and other small fossils here for years, but this is a mystery for us! When we first picked it up at the high water line, it was black, but dried to a lighter gray over the course of a week. I asked locals and got guesses from a tortoise shell (it seems too thick?) to a megladon tooth (the v in the center is pointing the wrong direction, I think). The pictures are FRONT - Height & Width (with ruler), BACK view (no ruler), right edge showing holes and front , left side (with ruler) showing thickness. The gray colo
  21. Cyoder2020

    Englewood Florida Beach Fossil IDs

    Hello! This is my first post, so I'll try to get all the details right. I would love to get better at ID'ing the items we pick up on our trips to Englewood Florida. Here are some of the more interesting ones we have picked up over the past few days. These were found in Stump Pass and on the private beach section by our condo just adjacent. They were all either just washed up or rolling around in the waves. Some could totally be just rocks, but they looked cool to me! Item 1 (pictures 1-3) Item 2 (pictures 4-6) Item 3 (pictures 7-9) Item 4 (pictures 10-12) It
  22. Bob-ay

    1st tooth off NJ beach!

    Went out fishing to make a few last casts for the year and found my 1st shark tooth off New Jersey beach today! Small guy but my 1st off the beach!! Nor’easter few days ago moved a lot of sand around. Anyone care to help identify, and possible age?
  23. holdinghistory

    Florida vertebra find help

    My daughter found this vertebra on the beach today while we were looking for shark teeth (at Mikler Beach, just north of St Augustine). Any ideas on a more specific attribution? Thanks!
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