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  1. Hi all I thought I would do a “show us your handmade display of stands” . I think it would be beneficial to collate all the wonderful display stands in one thread. If you do contribute to this thread it would be really useful if you can give some top tips and some pictorial info of how you made it. Also please add some pictures of the beautiful fossil , mineral or any other object you display on them. If you have already made a post and perhaps you would prefer to add a link instead. So if you have got some handmade stands out of wood, drift wood, iron, wire, acrylic , stone or upcycled
  2. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2022 AT 8 AM – 3 PM (and Sunday the 27th) Gabe Shuler (Cypress Gardens) and Robert Ireland reached out to me and said the Fossil Show is a green light. It is a two-day event starting Saturday February 26th, 2022. -------------------------------------- gabe.shuler@berkeleycountysc.gov (843) 553-0515 -------------------------------------- Recommendations: If you have arrangements to be a vendor or set-up a display you should arrive around 8am. The park hours will be from 9am-5pm but the show will most likely be scheduled to run until around 3pm. --------
  3. strochim

    Secure display case

    Does anyone worry that their greatest "treasures" will get stolen if they are displayed openly in your house, and you go away on vacation? So far, I have not been willing to set the few fossils I have out on our furniture. What do you do when you are away from home? Does anyone have a security-type display case with shatterproof glass to deter thieves? Just wondering.
  4. kirkjeremiah23

    My small collection

    Been awhile since I posted my collection. It has grown quite a bit over the years, what do you guys think?
  5. I'm not sure which category this would fit best in, so I'll put it here. @Bobby Rico in another thread got me thinking about labels directly on specimens, what with the appeal of old labels on specimens from historic collections and other considerations. I figured it couldn't hurt to attach labels directly onto some specimens (with more than the catalogue number that I put on all of my specimens) so that whoever ends up with them after I part with them, whether museum or private collector, would actually have to put some effort into scraping off the label to lose the provenance info! I ha
  6. After the summer end Clean
  7. Wendell Ricketts

    Foam inserts for small containers

    Hello all. I’m wondering if anyone knows of a source in the US for sheets or rolls of soft EVA foam that I can cut to size for the bottoms of various small plastic specimen containers. I’m looking for something no more than about 6mm in thickness (not “foam paper” or “foam core”). Althor used to sell exactly what I need, but the minimum order is now $100, and I won’t use that much foam in the rest of my life. Thanks much for any help or leads. Wendell
  8. Jurassicz1

    Tips on displaying?

    So i got some display cabinets but i'm not sure how to display it. I have many bought fossils and found. I got shark teeth mostly, But also amber, Fish, Dino, Reptiles and more. So i wonder how you guys display your fossils? Maybe post some pictures? So i can get some inspiration.
  9. fossilhunter21

    Fossil display!

    Hi! So I have been planning on adding some legs to this shelf (I use this shelf as a display because I can't afford anything better right now) because it is really short and it's not very nice to have to sit on the ground to look at your fossils. So I finally put some legs on it! It's not amazing looking and not very big and you do have to bend over a little bitt to look at the fossils up close but it will have to do. I also need some more fossils (I am saving up for a nice unprepared oreodont skull so I'm not going to be able to buy very many for the next few months).
  10. I had heard of these display options, but had yet to pony up and buy some. Found a deal on three 8 x 11's and I'm quite pleased! It was great fun to arrange the fossils in interesting patterns. I did one for my England Jurassic Coast finds, one for Florida Peace River and Venice finds and then a Texas Cretaceous Tiny Stuff. I like how they take up some nice space in my cabinet!
  11. I was wondering what you all recommended for displaying your collection. My collection includes both rocks and fossils. One of my concerns is I have several pieces that weigh over 40 pounds so I needed something very sturdy. In addition, several of my pieces are about 16 inches in height so I need something with adjustable shelves. I prefer the style of an older looking antique bookcase. I have found many online but I am not sure if they are study enough without seeing it in person. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. I’ve been working on a display centred around dinosaur eggs and fossils of young dinosaurs. I’ve so far gained quite a bit and have some more fossils on the way for the display. I will work on getting photos of the individuals pieces for now I’ll leave everyone off with the whole display currently. I will update this as time goes on.
  13. I bought some unprepared fossil fish and was wondering how I could display them. Also I am needing some suggestions on what to use to harden the fish and matrix around it.
  14. Hey! I was wondering if anyone knew any good places to buy custom stands/displays for bones or how to make them. Thanks! (sorry didn't realize this was fossil id and I don't know how to delete it)
  15. I bought these brachiopods and didn't think about how they are so small that you could hardly see them when they are on dislpay in my shelf. If anyone knows how to build a magnifying display I would aprecciate it. I have know idea if this is possible but even if it's not I appreciate your responses.
  16. hokietech96


    Hi. Still waiting to get out and hunt. In the meantime I threw this together. It was inspired by other displays I saw on the forum. Enjoy for now can’t wait to be in a creek!
  17. Big44g

    Question on Fish Prep

    I have a questions on how to properly prep Fish fossils. I collected the attached fish from the green river formation near Kimmerer WY a few years ago. I have not done anything to the sample, I collected it, returned home and displayed it. How does one properly look for other fish in the matrix? I can see very small parts of other fish in the sample, but do not want to do anything to the sample until I get a better understanding on how to prep fish fossils. Thanks for the help
  18. carch_23

    T arm display stands

    Hi guys, Would like to ask where I may be able to find these types of stands? I believe theyre called T arm display stands or something along the lines of that. I saw it on a forum member a few years back but not sure if theyre still active so was wondering maybe some of you know where to get it. Btw, im in Australia so prefer to get here due to shipping costs though not ruling out international sellers either. Thanks!
  19. Hey guys so I got this display case a few years ago and was going to use it recently when I found that the plastic film is no longer clear but is a bit cloudy. Dont know how it happened but was wondering if there was any possibility of getting it cleaned? Thanks
  20. I think it is worthwhile to fashion or acquire stands to enhance the presentation of material for display. Why spend time and effort on a piece to have it rest unceremoniously on a shelf or be stuck in a drawer? Place it in view, if possible, for all to enjoy! Here are photos and comments on the cobbling of two very simple stands to support Mammoth material recently received. The smaller tusk fragment is full round. The larger fragment, a half-round, is split on its long axis. The large piece was the subject of minor prep discussed in the Forum's "mailbox finds" topic.
  21. Does anyone know of a source for a small magnifying box/case where I can display small micro fossils? Thanks in advance.
  22. Hey all. I have a19 inch diameter Nautiloid I am trying to display. I was thinking of something like a plate stand like my wife has holding her very large plates. Problem is this nautiloid weighs close to 25 or so pounds. Yea, I drug that thing out of NSR. Any ideas on where to find a good display option. As also, thank you in advance for any feedback.
  23. Strange streamers on the shoulders of this chicken sized feathered dinosaur were probably used for display. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sciencenews.org/article/dinosaur-fuzz-rods-feathers-first-southern-hemisphere/amp
  24. Dinobot

    Display stands

    Hi after seeing a few posts on here for display stands @snolly50, I figured i would try my hand at it I went more steam punk industrial if thats a thing haha. Used a couple pieces of wood I found in the garage (spruce) stained it with a jacobean stain. Bought 1/4 round steel bar and bought a pipe bender of Amazon. For the bear paw I used a bit of metal wire aswell and furniture felt pads for the base :)....its not perfect but I'm happy with the result. I know the femur is off center im waiting for my wife's cricut machine to come it so I can make a label for it!

    Proboscidean Ulna

    Since the Peace River, FL has been running deep and fast for the last few weeks I decided to spend some time prepping and making a display for several proboscidean bones found in the spring. After posting the bones for id here when they were found and doing a bit of research on my own I believe what I have are pieces of an ulna from either a Mammoth or Mastodon. There is the possibility of Gomph, but Dr. Hulbert has informed me a couple of times that Gomph specimens have not yet been found in the Peace River. So first up is a photo of the four ulna sections along with the other
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