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Found 26 results

  1. In situ Dipleura dekayi partial imprint

    From the album Fossildude's Middle Devonian Hamilton Group Fossils

    This is an imprint of a nearly complete 5.5 - 6 inch Dipleura dekayi, found at DSR on August 9th, 2020. Middle Devonian, Moscow Formation, Hamilton Group. Deep Springs Road, Lebanon, NY. Collected by photograph only. Shale was too crumbly to remove.

    © © TJones 2020

  2. Here is the final installment of my trip report to DSR (last spring with TFF group meet). These are the rest of the specimens including Gastropoda, Cephalopoda, Hyolitha, Phyllocarida, Trilobita, Ectoprocta, Plantae, etc. Scale in mm. A Palaeozygopleura encrusted with the bryozoan Leptotrypella amplectens. A close-up of Leptotrypella amplectens I am not sure what this is. I am assuming gastropod, but unlike the Bellarophontids, this one doesn't seem to have the ridge or furrow down the center. It's also quite large. And the striations look different than any I can find that are typical of the site. @Jeffrey P, @Fossildude19?
  3. Hey everyone, Back again. Couldn’t resist lol. I figure I could offer up some positivity during these uncertain times. Unfortunately it’s getting pretty serious in New York State with C19 cases blowing up. Our family business is under some stresses and I had to make some difficult decisions today so this post is also a little therapy for me. I really love paleontology it allows my mind to wander away from the present! I got back out into the field again this past weekend on Saturday 3/14/20 and Sunday 3/15/20. This time of year I have very little to do other than go hiking/collecting on weekend. Summer activities aren’t here yet and collecting during those hot summer days can be rough. I’m itching to do more exploring for new locations in New York but I’m still drawn to the classics like Cole Hill. On Saturday 3/14/20 figured I’d check out the Middle Devonian Delphi Station Member of the Hamilton group in search of Dipleura. Still dreaming of an articulated specimen but I’m always happy with some nice cephalons. I took a couple field shots. They always look so nice fresh and wet haha. 2 nicer cephalons a nice inflated cephalon Some smaller cephalons Giving the pygidiums some love. One was big!! This looked interesting. Not sure what it is exactly. gastropods and bivalves!! A flattened cephalopod and I think that’s a branching bryozoan. Needs to be glued together. I didn’t get the complete specimen but I still enjoy the location. Does need some work to get into the bedrock. It’s getting tough to find places to work. Mother Nature helps out as time goes. up next is my Sunday 3/15/20 trip to DSR and I did really well!! Finally scored the Greenops I’ve been looking for! stay tuned
  4. the hunt goes on

    I like DSR. It's peaceful and quite. You get a nice little view. Over all a good spot. I have however been unsuccessful with finding an intact Dipleura! The detail that can been seen on them is fantastic. What amazing little monsters. A quick way to-be driven nuts. I know fossil hunting is a mix of: skill, knowledge, luck and time BUT gosh darn! I will keep trying. This is what I have to show for my effort so far.
  5. DSR

    I don't put much into small fragments once have learned what they are. They just go into a bucket at my house to use for practicing cleaning fossils or part for later. Maybe some sort of Frank in fossil art piece. Lol I recently went back and looked through this bucket to see if I had some bits from a fossil someone else found and needed the rest of. No luck, but I did come across this guy. I believe it is a dipleura eye. Gosh darn it trilobite fossils are so beautiful in their preservation! I can only imagine that someone found most of him, is missing the eye. A real shame. Please let me know if this is your eye.
  6. Dipleura?

    My friend found this piece in Upstate New York. My best guess is that it’s the back half a Dipleura trilobite. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!!
  7. First dipleura!?

    Stop by deep Springs road quarry On my way back from work today. I was only able to be there for a short period of time because it started raining. Normally I really wouldn't care if I was getting rained on but of course with It being in the middle of nowhere and slick shale everywhere. NOPE. Thankfully I found a hotspot very quickly. Over all a good dig! I think I found a dipleura trilobite. Not sure. I saw a post from @Darktooth talk about them. It's in a strange position. All the trilobites I have found at DSR before are very small but other have found ones this big and bigger their.
  8. Quick trip to DSR

    Hey all, My sister had a friend in town and it was my turn to come up with an activity, so naturally I took them out fossil hunting! I picked DSR since there is a 100% guarantee that everyone who looks will find something. I spent most of the time there ripping up slabs for my sister and her friend to split down. Unfortunately a thunderstorm rolled in and we had to leave early, so there is a sizeable pile of fresh material waiting for whomever gets there next. The girls found some good stuff- brachs, crinoids, and a few dipleura & greenops cephalons. I had the lucky find of the day with a decently sized, albeit disarticulated, dipleura. I think the whole thing is there, but it will take some prep to find out for sure.
  9. Cole Hill 7/5/19

    Hey fossil folks, I’ve been very busy lately moving into my new house and planning my wedding (8/9/19 is the big day) so I haven’t had a chance to report on a few recent trips. In the beginning of July I got some nice fossil hunting in...I went to Cole Hill Rd, DSR and Briggs rd but I’ll post the latter at another time if I get the chance. This is just a short and sweet trip report for Cole Hill Rd from Friday July 5th. I got out of work slightly early and made the quick 40 minute drive to the site. I hunted from about 545-8pm. I decided I would try to move some overburden and see if the rock was weathered below....I did a lot of work only to struggle moving the rock. Maybe the winter will loosen it up. I did end up finding a little spot with rock that was more “movable” and I had a little hot streak of parts and pieces. Nothing articulated but some nice cephalons and pygidiums. Heres some of the better Cephalons (sorry I missed the scale bar!!) plus a few body segments I found. The one at the bottom right is probably the best one but is covered by a brach. It looks like I could smack it with a hammer and pop it off but I’m going to wait for better equipment. I like the detail on this partial cephalon. Heres a line up of the better pygidiums I found. I really like the dipleura pygidiums because you can usually see faint evidence where the pygidium used to be more segmented as a juvenile. Kinda neat. Can’t ignore the associated fauna....some nice bivalves, a Gastropoda and a small cephalopod. That’s it for this trip. I still really want to find that “wow” specimen but I’ll have to pay my dues. It’s a very difficult outcrop to work, at least for me. Glad I found some nice partials, my last trip wasn’t as successful. I ended up going to DSR and Briggs rd the next day on July 6th and did decent. I had a really excellent find at Briggs rd I want to share so as I get the time I’ll try to post my fossil hunt from July 6th. Thanks for reading Al
  10. So, finally on the last leg of my trip and headed home tomorrow. Am thinking ahead about trying to prep my DSR Dipleura. Doubt I could but does anyone think it would it be possible to flip the cephalon to straighten this bug out? There is about 3/8 inch of matrix between at tip of cephalon. Otherwise the plan is just to re-glue the pygidum break, cleanup the cephalon and enjoy my beginners luck Dipleura
  11. Hey everyone, I had an entire free afternoon yesterday so made my way out to DSR and Briggs rd. I haven’t been out there since the group hunt and I was curious to see if I could find pickings to split. I did a good amount of slab tossing and I know others did as well. People also got some newer areas going also and I was curious if I could work off those too. I started the day at Briggs rd because I did so well last time I was there. I was drooling for a 2nd shot! I didn’t find anything top shelf worthy but I did seem to stumble on more dipleura than I did the last couple visits. These are the total spoils from Briggs rd. I don’t know how common dipleura is at Briggs or if they ever come complete but these are my best dipleura so far from Briggs rd. They sure don’t show up like the Eldredgeops lol. I just liked this cephalon lol. All alone popping out it the rock with great detail!! Basically I got a bunch of stuff like this. I did a ton of labor moving over burden so that perhaps in the future I can keep expanding the shelf I started. Kinda rough on the back but this overburden doesn’t remove itself! After a few hours I moved onto DSR to see what was left behind for me to find . With all the action at DSR with the group hunt something was bound to get missed!! I forgot to take pictures of the site when I was at DSR so all I have are the final spoils and some close ups of my favorite finds. DSR spoils I wasn’t at DSR as long cause I was so tired and worn out from Briggs rd so I didn’t do much slab removal or excavating. I spent most my time scouring over others discard piles looking for hidden gems! And gems I did find!!! I found this dipleura looking through some blocks that were pulled off the upper layer of the quarry. Dipleura tends to show up more in the upper strata. It’s missing the pygidium and the cephalon is tucked over. With some minor prep I should be able to expose the rest of the cephalon. Super happy about this find. In general I have been coming up empty with dipleura at both Briggs rd and DSR so it was a bonus. Last but not least....... Echinocaris punctata phyllocarid!!!! I found this just sitting out in the open face up. Most likely mistaken for a bivalve. I couldn’t believe it. My best phyllocarid carapace so far. It’s nearly perfect!!! I have to say this beats all my other finds for the day. Just sitting face up for me to find . Well that wraps it up. Fun time at Briggs rd and DSR with a couple exciting finds for me. Seems like every time I go out I comeback with something totally unexpected!! It just keeps me coming back for more . Hope everyone has a great mother’s day! Thanks for reading, Al
  12. When I was cleaning up scraps of shale from my prep floor today, I saw parts of trilobites on some of the pieces of shale. The rock was collected recently and a complete Eldredgeops was removed. This shale is Middle Devonian in age and is very hard (almost like limestone). Trilobites in this layer are well preserved and 3D. The trilo parts I found were the cephalon of a small Pseudodechenella, pygidium of a Greenops, and the eye of a Dipleura. I spotted the Dipleura as just a small piece of exoskeleton in the side of the shale. I knew it was a piece of Dipleura shell, and I knew it was just a piece, but I was curious. The fossil was lying on a crack in the shale that I easily split open with a small chisel. When the eye popped out of the matrix I thought it was pretty funny and said to my girlfriend "well i'll be darned".
  13. I can’t wait for spring ugh. I had 3 hours to fossil hunt today (including drive time) and I live 35 min from Cole hill rd. It’s been on my do list before we get buried in snow lol. My fiancée is 29 today!! She got her hair dyed today so she was going to be busy for the afternoon. When she did that I slipped out for a few hours before the birthday festivities. Perfect compromise lol. The outcrop didn’t have much snow on it.
  14. I'm a fairly novice preparator and I was wondering if some of you more experienced folks could help me out a bit. I am working on a dipleura that unfortunately broke apart upon extraction. Some fragments of the pygidium were lost. I have the imprint and was considering casting the missing parts in plaster or something ideally reversible. My goal is to turn this fossil into a nice display piece. There are also some large voids in the matrix I would like to fill in. I've never done anything of this sort to a fossil before and I was hoping for some guidance on materials, techniques, etc. I have attached a couple of photos of the areas I would like to repair.
  15. Christmas Dipleura!

    After Christmas morning everyone was preoccupied with their new gifts, so I slipped out of the house for a couple of hours to visit the Cole Hill Road site in hopes of finding a nice Christmas dipleura. The site was covered in snow and I had to hack away a large amount of frozen overburden. Overall, the rock was fairly barren until the last slab I turned over. Underneath that slab was a complete, prone D. dekayi! Unfortunately it turned into a bit of a jigsaw puzzle upon extraction despite my best efforts and I believe a couple fragments of the pygidium were lost in the slush and mud. L --> R In situ, fossil with scale, the fossil in full view, Cole Hill Rd. site covered with snow- I was digging on the shelf between the two cliffs I'll post more pictures once the jigsaw puzzle is reassembled and the fossil is prepped.
  16. Hello! Al here, I’m new and I met @Darktooth (Dave) on the forum last week and we quickly planned a last of the year fossil trip to Cole hill rd for Dipleura dekayi. The weather was looking like snow so we called the trip. I woke up today and couldn’t help myself haha. I looked at little falls weather and there was no snow so I went to a spot I found some trilobites several years ago but it is now “posted” and has trespassing signs so I bailed.....side note....does someone know where to go and legally collect triatharus in little falls New York? I’m clueless now lol..........Dave just told me about the Cole hill rd location the other day so I said whatever I’ll go find it for fun and see if anything is possible. Worst case scenario is I do recon. Thanks to Dave’s directions I found the exposure and the weather held out perfect and I got to dig (I only hunted for about 2.5 hours tops). With a few minutes investigating it seemed there was a preference for diggers about half way up the exposure so I followed suit. I worked off a pre existing shelf and it didn’t disappoint for my first trip with little knowledge of the location :). Someone left a complete baby dipleura barely exposed on the shelf and I popped it out easily! Unfortunately part of the cephalon was missing from a pre existing fracture in the bedrock (I should measure those btw lol). Anyways....here are my finds! I used to be the trilobite whisperer years ago in buffalo......maybe I still got it? Haha..In total I found 3 large cephalons (1 is not photogenic lol), 1 large phygidium and the baby complete (which also isn’t that photogenic and a video actually does more justice). The pictures show a couple field shots and the final product on my best pieces. Thank you Dave!! Can’t wait to meet up and do some trilobite hunting in 2019! Thanks for reading
  17. Dipleura Cephalon ?

    Hi folks. I cracked into some very nice bryozoans today. Mostly the fenestella (?) and also see this item that looks like the upturned nose of a dipleura. Do you see the same ? Will post some pics of the bryozoans in the general section. Thanks.
  18. Today I took my two youngest to Cole Hill Road, for a Dipleura hunt. We got there shortly after 10 am. Right off the bat my son Devin found two rather nice bivalves that I had left behind from my last trip. I forgot about them and let him keep them. I decided to work the same spot and see how things went. Bembexia was the flavor off the day. I found so many of them. I only kept the ones that popped out of the matrix. I found a few Spyroceras that were bigger then what I normally find at this site. A few other goodies that I haven't I'd yet. I really had a hard time keeping the boys focused today. I know that they are getting bored with this type of hunting. They really want to do some sharktooth hunting. So I tried to hype things up with telling them I had good feeling about finding a large Dipleura. I did have a good feeling but I only half believed it. I decided to dig where I found a nearly complete one last summer. Under some plants and shrubs there is highly fractured and weathered rock. I took a garden hoe and started yanking out all the loose rock. After a couple minutes I see a rock with segments start rolling down the debris pile I was making. Immediately I knew what is was. Only I didn't know how much was there or the condition. It is not the biggest I ever found. Nor is it in great condition. But I can't complain considering I worked the weathered section of the cliff. Pygidium , thorax, and cephalon are all present but with some damage. All in all it was a great day to be out with my boys and finding some decent things. I am posting a few photos now and I will post more after I clean things up. Hope you enjoy.
  19. Trilobite ID

    @piranha et al. This specimen was collected in the 1880s. It's mostly now an internal cast/mold, the exoskeleton having probably fallen off over the years. I had initially, and hastily, assumed it was Isotelus, but after receiving some Dipleura parts and matrix from @Darktooth today, I'm thinking this is actually Dipleura. Can you confirm or refute?
  20. Deep Springs 3-30-18

    I am currently getting over the flu so I decided to put off my trip to New Jersey till I am more ready for a long roadtrip. With that being said, I needed to get my fossil fix and decided to hit up my favorite local site. I left the house at 5:30 am, during which it was lightly raining. I got to Deep Springs by 6:40 and was surprised by how much snow was still lying around even though it hasn't snowed for around 2 weeks. Luckily the snow was melted on a good portion of the site, particularly the ledge that I wanted to work. I managed to find a nice piece of fossil wood around 14 inches long. While I did not find any complete trilos, I did find a dis-articulated Dipleura thorax and pygidium around 4 inches wide, a Small Dipleura thoraxand pygidium, and a Small but decent Dipleura cephalon that popped off the matrix. There was many other things that I found which I left behind. I plan on going back tomorrow with the boys to get what is left and hopefully get some new material.
  21. Deep Springs 8-13-17

    It has been awhile since me and my boys have been to Deep Springs. I decided to go today and I brought along my Dad and brother. It was the first time either of them have came along for this type of fossilhunt. Both have gone sharktooth hunting with me. We got there around 11:45. The sun was out in full force. I found plenty Dipleura parts and pieces, but unfortunately no whole ones. Dylan my middle boy, found a lot of Greenops pieces including his most complete to date. He was happy with himself. Everyone else was finding the common brach, gastros, bivalves, and other assorted goodies. Two guys showed up and we talked for a little bit. The one guy said he was a fossil forum lurker. A highlight of the day was finding a nest of snake eggs mixed in with the rubble. But I feel bad because I think I broke two of the eggs open by accident. The babies were still alive but I am not sure they were ready to hatch. Later I caught, what may have been the mother. My brother really didn't do much , but my Dad took I chisel and hammer and made some good finds for a newbie. We stayed till about 2:30. All in all it was a nice day to be there. I was glad to has my dad and brother along as well. I made my best find of the day on the way out. A nice little Greenops just laying on the ground waiting to be picked up.
  22. Cole Hill Road 6-25-17

    Today my poor boys suffered. All because their father felt the need to find a trilobite. Yesterday was my nephews birthday. He lives almost three hours away. We left about 8:30amand didn't get home till almost midnight. I already knew that they would be exhausted in the morning and when they are tired it is hard for them to get excited about anything. BUT good old Dad had big plans so I got them up at 7:30 and I could tell it was going to be a rough day. We arrived at 10am and I debated on were to start. There was a lot of debris sitting on top of my favorite layer. I decided to try working a bit higher then I normally do. I was finding some decent things right off the bat. Then I started finding a lot of parts and pieces of Dipleuras. I just knew I would find a whole one. The boys didn't even get into it all all. They just wanted to leave. I tried to talk words of encouragement. They weren't having it. Then I told them we would leave as soon as I found a whole one, and I'm getting close, so it shouldn't be long. Well at about 1:00 I thought it wasn't going to happen and I should end their suffering and take them home. But just a couple more minutes. And then it happened! I grabbed a piece of matrix and it all crumbled into a hundred pieces and I saw the pygidium and partial thorax hung upside down from the cliff face. My heart started pounding, I had high hopes it was all there. I gave a couple gentle whacks with my hammer and then pryed it off with my prybar and Whalla! A semi prone, approx. 3 3/4 inch Dipleura. Unfortunately the left eye and cheek is missing. I tried in vain to find it, but to no avail. But most off the cephalon is there and its enough too make me happy. And my kids were happy that we could finally leave. A win for all! Here are some pics enjoy!
  23. Today I decided to take a trip to Deep Springs Road after work. The weather was great, and after a rather stressful week, I needed some time to myself. I arrived around 4:45, and found the area I wanted to work had been tore up pretty good. There were a lot of big new slabs laying everywhere. Immediately I found a nice Greenops sitting in one of the slabs just staring up at me. I have been collecting fossils for about 17 years and I can't believe I still make the same rookie mistake. Instead of immediately putting the specimen in the car, I had to mess with it to see how much I could reveal in the field. There were some natural cracks so I broke the matrix in my hand and saw that it was a roller, and the genal spine was free of the matrix and looking nice. That is , until it fell off! Now if I just waited till I got home and did this in a controlled setting I could have fixed it. Oh well. So, for a short time I chose to split the slabs.There were lots of decent brachs, bivalves and gastros. But soon the Dipleura siren song was singing in my head. So I cleared out an area, stared prying up slabs of my own. It didn't take lond before I exposed a Dipleura Thorax and pygidium about 2 1/2inches long. Unfortunately the cephalon was missing. But it got my blood flowing. After removing this specimen I pounded my chisel into a very fragile sectionand out popped a broken Dipleura thorax. I could not find more other than a small frag that went with it. Now I am starting to feel pretty good. Also I should mention than I was also seeing isolated body segments, and small cephs and pygs. So then I lift up a fairly decent size slab and as I start to flip it over I can see a big broken Dipleura ceph looking at me. I look at the slab in my hand and can see the nose stuck in the negative. I set the slab down to look closer at to ceph and see the remains of the eyestalks. This cephalon was pretty big and I noticed there were some body segments poking through the matrix behind the cephalon. So I popped the chisel underneath it and all of a sudden out pops the thorax of a huge Dipleura! I couldn't believe how big this was. Even though I have collected big ones in the past I think that if this one was complete this would have been the biggest. At first I didn't know if the pygidium was there, but I knew that I had to try to save the nose that was stuck in the negative. Unfortunately when I tried to break down the slab it was in everything crumbled apart. When I got it home I broke off more matrix and found that the pygidium is not present. But there is an odd body segment that sits off to the side of the thorax. Even though I flubbed the Greenops and didn't come away with any whole Dipleuras, the huge thorax was a cool find. It was really a great hunt and I was only there till 6:30. Here are some pics of my finds: enjoy.
  24. Sangerfield trip 3-19-17

    Today I had the pleasure of meeting up with @Dsailor at The Cole Hill Dipleura site in Sangerfield. After getting blasted with snow earlier in the week, I wasn't sure if we would have favorable conditions to hunt but decided to give it a shot. We were greeted at the site with aleast a couple feet of snow in the pulloff and about a foot or so up on the cliff. We both decided we didn't drive all this way for nothing. I brought my trusty snow shovel and he he'd a small shovel, so after trudging up th side of the cliff wecleared a spot for us to start working. It really didn't take to long to clear a decent spot. Also it did not take long before we started spotting stuff. I was surprised at the amount of stuff Dom was finding. He found quite a few cephalons and pygidium s from Dipleuras and even some Greenops which are more rare from this site. He also was finding a lot of cephalopods amongst other goodies. I seemed to find a lot of gastropods this trip. Then our hearts started beating when he uncovered the body of a Dipleura. We thought for sure it was whole. After a while of trying to carefully remove the surrounding matrix he was able to extract the body with pygidium intact but the cephalon was missing. Still a great find. I was very excited for him and glad he was able to leave with some good stuff. My collecting was kind of meager but I had good company and the sun came out which made the day a blessing. I hope Dom will share his own input into todays hunt when he gets a chance. Here are some pics. 1- This is how we we greeted. 2- After we had dug for awhile. 3- Gastropods 4-5-6- Dipleura pygidiums
  25. Dipleura dekayi

    Found in an unusual place in South Eastern New York. Great trip, ... more coming soon.