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Found 1,832 results

  1. Chippokes State Park in Surry VA

    Hello ! just wondering if anyone has ever been to Chippokes State Park Plantation in Surry Va. I have been there about 6-8 times haven’t had much luck there. I’ve found probably only 10 teeth at that location. Can anyone share their finds from there? @HoppeHuntinghave you ever been to Chippokes? If so have you had much luck there?
  2. That odd smell of death

    Good afternoon! Everything I find currently is from the North Sea, and I do end up finding a lot of bones with the spongey part (cancellous?) exposed through breakage or wear. Some crumble at a light touch, and most of these have a distinct odor like decay, not horrendous but definitely notable, even months after they've dried up. Does the smell indicate, like I have been assuming, that they are subfossilized, and/or possibly younger specimens? When I think back to natural history museum visits, I don't recall that smell, and not every fossil bone I have found has the smell. Some of the teeth I found do as well. Thanks in advance for any info, it is mostly just a question of curiosity.
  3. Need an opinion

    I need an opinion on how my framed my fossils and put them on the wall. Do you think it looks good? The right is Knightia eocaena. Bottom is 2 Diplomystus dentatus, left is a Mioplosus labracoides, top is a Phareodus testis.
  4. Fossil ID

    Hello! Help please to identify this fossil. May be bone, but I dont know if fishes have such structure of bones... Max lenght ~ 4 mm. Probably Middle Miocene. Western Ukraine. Thanks!
  5. Big Brook, NJ

    Hi everyone! I found these at the Big Brook Preserve in Colts Neck, NJ in May of 2020. This was my first fossil hunt so I'm pretty sure I was at the wrong exact location but I was nearby. I found them directly in the creek and had to use a sifter. This was also after a rainstorm. I'm not sure if anything here is a fossil, but I figured I'd ask the experts! Please let me know if you want closer pictures or other angles of any of them. Thanks for taking a look! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  6. What is it 2?

    Help please to identify this fossil. Age: Middle Miocene. Size - 3,5 mm. Location: Western Ukraine. Thanks in advance!
  7. What is it 1?

    Hello! Help please to identify it. Age: I dont know know age... There are deposits of Middle Miocene and some redeposits from Cretaceus-Paleogene. Size of stone - 9 mm. Size of object ~ 0,6 mm. Location: Western Ukraine. Thanks in advance!
  8. Fossils 2020

    With 2020 over with its now a good time to look back at the year. It was a decent year for fossils. I explored many new spots and was able to meet many new people, 6 feet apart of course. With the diagnosis of tendinitis i was not able to dig much this year but i was able to make the most of it. The first thing found since my last post was this epic bryozoan colony. It came out of the very top of the Wanakah shale and weighs almost 8 pounds. Im unsure of species but I think its pretty cool
  9. Post Oak Creek TX ID's please!

    Howdy All! More Post Oak Creek little fossils that I could use some help with ID please! Thanks! 1. First is this little tooth: 1/4 inch Front Back from the top 2. Another tooth or is it a denticle? - 1/8 inch 3. Is this coprolite or a worn gatropod? 4, something "fishy"? 1/8 inch 5. No idea what this is! Size 1/8 inch 6.And last one. Another fishy bit? 1/16 inch Thanks!!
  10. Have you ever seen...?

    Hello! I post this topic for pleasant and fun conversation. Have you ever seen dinosaur teeth from these genera? Dilophosaurus Cryolophosaurus Majungasaurus Irritator Masiakasaurus Acrocanthosaurus Stegosaurus Siamotyrannus Alioramus Coelurus Baryonyx Staurikosaurus Alamosaurus Eotyrannus Utahraptor Carnotaurus UK Megalosaurus Ornetholestes Brachiosaurus Eustreptospondylus Morrison ornithopod (Dryosaurus, Camptosaurus, Nanosaurus etc) Indosaurus Rajasaurus Ekrixinatosaurus Afrovenator Neovenator Australovenator Dicraeosaurus Giraffatitan Siamoraurus Megaraptor
  11. January in Texas is usually, weather wise, fantastic hunting. For seasonal allergy sufferers (like me) it can be miserable. But, we had a GREAT rain...two days of decent downpours and the temps were in the upper 60s, so, hoping the cedar pollen had been knocked out of the air a bit by the rains....I donned my mask and spent three hours out in the great outdoors and was I ever rewarded for my "perseverance"!!! hahahahha I had been hoping to find a Glen Rose Formation (Lower Cretaceous) Shark Tooth for a couple of years. I knew they could be found! Erich ( @erose) told me so and I believe him, usually! hahhaha. Well, Mother Nature decided to gift me one on this first hunt of the year! Plus, it was a bit of an Echinoid bonanza....nothing "new" to me, species wise, but a couple of really nice examples (four actually, of differing sizes!) of Hyposalenia phillipsae and a better preserved Paraorthopsis comalensis than I had. But what really tricked me was the Pygopyrina hancockensis. They are usually oval and i found this one (which turns out was just squished) and REALLY thought I'd found a Pygaster (which I DON'T have) so I got really excited until I got it home and realized I'd been fooled. Ah well, I found a Shark Tooth (Plus a nice big crab claw, too) so......it was a GOOD DAY. Shark Tooth Protolamna sp. 5/8 inches (15 mm) In situ (with lotsof Foramnifera Orbitolinas! A Quartet of Hyposalenia phillipsae echinoids: (Biggest is 3/8 inch) A very nice Paraorthopsis comalensis Size: 1/2 inch A very squished Pygopyrina hancockensis Size- 3/4 inch And a big honking crab claw - Pagurus banderiensis Size 7/8 inch
  12. Restoring teeth

    Hey! does anyone have any advice for a beginner on how to get decent serrations while restoring megs?
  13. Malvern Clay

    Hello Fellow Arkansans Have any of you folks ever gone to the amber field near Malvern? My grandson wants to go dig around, and once he is out of quarantine from his minimal exposure to COVID, I want to take him. I found amber there many many years ago with one piece having what looked like plant material and the other having an insect head. But I haven’t been back. I do have amber beads my great uncle bought when he was in the war and while they are beautiful, I am sentimentally attached. And, my grandson wants to find his own. Any information will be most appreciated.
  14. Hello, here is my experience with my cheap little tile saw purchased 12/22/2020. That´s the setup at the moment: Some modifications and additions: - I rotated the saw by 180°. This is first to reduce spraying into the face. And second it is much easier to "feed" from the back. You also have much more visual control producing an even cut in this way. Electric switch is now at the back right, which is no problem. - Glued two thin plates (2 mm) onto the table, touching the blade. The table has a big gap at one side of the blade to allow tilting of the table. That´s a nuisance, specimens can get easily jammed in this gap during feeding, resulting in very uneven cuts. The line where the two plates (nearly) meet is also a very good visual guide. Cutting height is now 32.5 mm. - Build a hood out of wood and toilet paper bags, not many words needed. - Saw is sitting in an old backing tray. - Cable connection needs to be a little bit lifted with a small rock, otherwise it is bend outside the anti-kink device and is dipping into the water... (faulty design!). - A lamp was already there. Results: - The blade cuts extremely well, the motor is powerful enough. Cutting one of the larger fossils only takes half a minute or so. - It consumes a lot of water, dripping onto the backing tray. No problem, just suck it up with a sponge cloth regularly. Used about 2-3 liter for 8 specimens, refilling at least after every cut! - The motor becomes warm rather quickly, it takes about 250 Watt running idle. It is rated for 600 Watt and 10 minutes short-time duty. I don´t think, it would survive that... So I have to let it cool down regularly, when it becomes very warm to the touch (maybe about 50° C surface temp.?). - The cuts are quite uneven for my taste. This comes from the fact, that the diamond-bearing ring is relatively thick compared to the metal disc carrying the diamond-bearing ring. But that´s the way it is. The better your fine motor skills, the smoother the cut. Mine are not good... - Highest specimen I have cut was 69 mm high. This resulted in a little "knob" in the middle, had no problem to grind it away with the saw blade. - Saw is situated in the basement, have no sink there. This is also a little bit of a nuisance, but that´s again the way it is. Using a bucket instead. - It is potentially dangerous. I have nearly 30 years experience with such kind of saws. I you have none, I strongly recommend personal and practical advice of someone experienced with these kind of machines and work. - Safety googles are a must, of course. - Gloves may be good, but such diamond blades are quite smooth, no real danger for accidental serious injuries by the blade itself. - Ear protection can be worn, but it is not extremely loud and when you are using it only for a few minutes every week or so, it does not matter. - Biggest danger are flying rocks when feeding the saw improperly. But this never occurred to me in 30 years. Just feed it correctly. Here are the results of today´s early morning work, box is 30x20 cm, biggest specimen to the lower left: Feel free to ask anything. Franz Bernhard
  15. How did you get in to fossils?

    What led you into the fossil hobby? Jurassic Park, this forum, collecting a large number of "dinosaur eggs" and "baby t rex skulls", etc.? For me, it was a book by Peter Larson called "Bones Rock." It was very basic, but introduced scientific thinking to me at a young age, and was well written for small children (as well as giving some basic information on collecting fossils.) Even before that, when I was a wee 5 and 6 year old, I watched the entire BBC "walking with" series. It's still one of my favorites today, even if some of the information is a bit outdated.
  16. Today,i made my last 2020 carb fossils hunt,the morning was nice on the first site ,but hunters came at 10 and i have to go very fast(they were probably drunk at this time and i didn't want to finish like a rabbit), I had the time to find this nice fern plate (to ID,kind of Sphenopteris i think) This nice Sigillaria trunk And this Neuropteris plate
  17. It seems complicated

    While hunting for fossils on the bank of the Grand River east of Tulsa, I found a large piece is limestone. Other than the limestone, I had no particular interest in the rock, but I thought the limestone rock would be a nice medium to practice prepping. However, once I began scratching a little here and there, I began finding fossils. Both sides and the edges of the sides are very fossil rich. Using dental picks and q tips, I began removing the matrix. On all surface areas, I began exposing various fossils, many that I’m unfamiliar with but I do recognize as fossils. Here’s the thing, some are tan, hard fossils, some are gray like shale, some are crystal like or crystal, and today I found one that feels like latex. Is this common? One rock with various, for lack of the scientific discourse, textures? I think there may even be a metal thing in there. I wanted to send pictures using the microscopic camera but I cannot get the thing to work. My granddaughter has been trying to teach me but you know I am far from a digital native and remember having trouble with those little instamatic cameras. The latex feeling fossils aren’t toxic are they? I’m sure this is common knowledge in your fields but for me it’s very new and complicated. Google doesn’t help either. Thank you all in advance for offering some explanations, and I really appreciate the time you folks take to teach us folks without science backgrounds the basics and often complicated knowledge of your discipline. I’ve attached an image I took with my phone before I began prepping.
  18. I just wanted to say thank you and Happy Holidays so to all of y'all. You've made my life a little bit richer all around. I hope the New Year brings us all many wonderful things...including new fossils! Sincerely, Jamie Lynn Crinoids are from Texas Cretaceous, Texas Pennsylvanian, New York Devonian and English Jurassic.
  19. Hi! I came across a large section of these types of fossils on a mountain in Las Vegas but cannot figure out what they are...anyone seen these before? There is some coral in the area as well as sponge
  20. Shark tooth ID

    Hello! Help please with identification. I thisnk that this tooth from Squaliformes, but I dont know which genus. Size: 5 mm. Age: Cretaceous-Paleogene. Western Ukraine. Thanks in advance!
  21. Tooth for ID

    Hello! Help please to identify it. Size ~ 2mm. Age - Cretaceous-Neogene. Western Ukraine. Thanks in advance!
  22. Tucson Fossil Show News

    Saw this on Facebook. Looks like the shows have been moved to april. George Winters posting Hello Dealers: This email is being sent to all dealers of all Tucson Gem Show venues (listed below) that are proceeding with their 2021 events. Myself and all of the other show promoters wanted everyone of you to receive this announcement first, and at the same time, so that everyone has the same correct information. Even though most shows have received their event waivers, it is the case that America’s / Arizona’s increasing infection and hospitalization rates now make the original dates untenable. For that reason, we anticipate that Pima County will rescind all the waivers in the coming days. Therefore, we have decided together to POSTPONE THE TUCSON GEM SHOWCASE BY EXACTLY 10 WEEKS. Any later and the outdoor temperatures would be too high for the tent shows. Any sooner would have straddled Easter (April 4). We considered the following in reaching this difficult decision. · It will require several months to administer 100 million doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine as well as tens of millions more doses by the soon-to-be-approved second vaccine by Moderna. · Meanwhile, other countries are immunizing their citizens as well. · In addition, experts anticipate that this third wave will subside with the warming spring temperatures. Therefore, we expect April to have a much lower infection rate and as a result, travel restrictions may well be eased and life will start returning to normal. As we stated, you are the first to receive this announcement. Please share this information widely and let your customers know. Many who planned to stay away in late January may now choose to come in mid-April. We look forward to hosting you then! Kind regards, Your Show Promoter CONFIRMED NEW SHOW DATES: 1801 Oracle — Mineral Village Show (April 7 – 25, 2021) 22nd Street Show (April 8 – 25, 2021) African Art Village (April 8 - 26, 2021) Arizona Independent Warehouse Show (exact April dates TBD) The Big Gem Show (April 10 – 24, 2021) Fine Minerals International (exact April dates TBD) G&LW Tucson Gem Show / Gem Mall (April 10 – 18, 2021) G&LW Tucson Gem Show / Holidome (April 10 – 18, 2021) GIGM Red Lion Gem & Mineral Show (April 9 – 24, 2021) GIGM Motel 6 Gem & Mineral Show (April 9 – 24, 2021) GIGM Quality Inn Gem & Mineral Show (April 9 – 24, 2021) JG&M Expo at Michigan Street (April 8 – 25, 2021) JG&M Expo at Simpson Street (April 8 – 25, 2021) JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show (exact April dates TBD) Kino Gem & Mineral Show (April 8 – TBD, 2021) Main Avenue Fossil & Mineral Show (April 8 – 25, 2021) Miners Co-op Rock Show (exact April dates TBD) Mineral City Show (April 9 – 24, 2021) Mineral & Fossil Marketplace (exact April dates TBD) Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show (April 8 – 25, 2021) Top Gem 1820 Oracle Show (exact April dates TBD) Tucson Showplace (April 9 – 24, 2021) PENDING DECISION Blue Moon Mineral Show Colors of the Stone Executive Inn Mineral & Fossil Show Fossil & Mineral Alley Grant Gem & Jewelry Show Just Minerals Event Kent’s Jewelry, Lapidary, Tool & Supply Show Madagascar Minerals Gem Show Mineral & Fossil Co-op Mineral Habit Rapa Raining Rocks on Main River Gem & Mineral Show Silk Road Gem & Jewelry Show Silver Street Shows (April 9 – 24, 2021) To Bead True Blue Tucson Artisan Workshops
  23. ID Assistance

    I have about two buckets of fossils that I collected from yard in the past month. Here is a picture of some items I cleaned up today. Any assistance is appreciated. One that I want to get to this weekend. Gotta wait and have my son help me move it.
  24. Hello all! I'm new to the game but thoroughly enjoying myself. So that said I could really use some help with identifying some (most) of the many "potential" fossils I"ve found. These were all found on river banks in North Central Iowa. I will list them by number and add more as I go. 1. <img>https://drive.google.com/file/d/15p9GKDhZK1mBZUiksjErnlhwQAb6E70b/view?usp=sharing</img> <img>https://drive.google.com/file/d/1l23A-DrcGvbaRKthIkT79gS6ZFM_RYa2/view?usp=sharing</img> <img>https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_XCaTR1krkVm5kqIneEJbWIVkC42ZSeX/view?usp=sharing</img> <img>https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vlzuPnWx00U-8YFvBPZGSejUB04UiamW/view?usp=sharing</img> <img>https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-L9oUVtqtT2zvmtMUaTWhOKy9Pta7Uq_/view?usp=sharing</img> 2. <img>https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DJ_12ykiikggUVEkhkGNLJ3HEuKVsXxW/view?usp=sharing</img> <img>https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rTveHiWYyfSayBgPJWuGUmTIAZg3aVoq/view?usp=sharing</img> <img>https://drive.google.com/file/d/18oZBkLB8iAb-UcNc5IujAsG4_JBzAW1U/view?usp=sharing</img> 3. <img>https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MW0QU5m5gNbqejkccsvZnM86TDsUGGkU/view?usp=sharing</img> <img>https://drive.google.com/file/d/1v4QdfVqkB-PZZ8lY09bxk9s7vkaVSQnG/view?usp=sharing</img> <img>https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r8VXLoRoj2v4nI4zrFjzUywKdyXYM0ZY/view?usp=sharing</img> 4. <img>https://drive.google.com/file/d/1e6jg3sjwWYMmaMm1_awHGxF6iY4Vm6r3/view?usp=sharing</img> <img>https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jo4652WCcRQG2RANifB3gOxO1hrnEiEb/view?usp=sharing</img> 5. <img>https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZuNK9FClmPYMdPGrAZJhqurC4Kytiyz7/view?usp=sharing</img> <img>https://drive.google.com/file/d/17JLcsLsG-FbZJd9QDB44moYfNBzmRbEm/view?usp=sharing</img> <img>https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tjjYs0SfzyYHRFe9C83ti9cL-Htj63BV/view?usp=sharing</img>
  25. Hi guys! Just found this big tooth in Ramanessin Creek in Holmdel, NJ earlier today. It's about 2" long and in excellent condition. Probably the largest tooth I've ever found. I know that it's either a croc, mosasaur or plesiosaur, but I'm not sure which. Any help with the ID would be greatly appreciated! Sorry for the poor pics, I'm still out collecting and my curiosity couldn't wait!