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Found 105 results

  1. Looking to trade some of my teeth in my collection, hoping to get: Dire Wolf Giant Ground Sloth ( Mainly Eremotherium) Edestus Shark Nice Whale Tooth Bears Bear Dog Bone Crushing Dog Open to other Carnivorous Mammals Looking for teeth of these
  2. Hello all Up for trade I offer this nice set of Shark tooth Hill teeth from Kern County California. In return for this set, or individual teeth I would like to get crocodile or crocodile-like (alligator, Phytosaurs...) teeth from as many various locations/species as possible. This group of animals is a bit underappreciated I think, but last time I lend some fossils to the local school, there were some crocodile teeth among them and the kids really loved them and that surprised me a bit. Anyway, I hope I can expand my crocodile collection a bit. These teeth are available for trading: Upper row: Allodesmus tooth, two unknown whale teeth, Desmostylus tooth, Allodesmus canine (glued) Lower row: Dolphin ear bone?, Rooted Allodesmus tooth, Rooted whale tooth. I already got: Still undetermined species from the Hell Creek Formation, USA Phytosaur teeth from the Chinle formation, USA Geosaurine Metriorhynchid, from Painten, Germany Unknown species from Unknown formation or location in Argentina Multiple species from the Kem Kem beds in Morocco Sarcosuchus imperator from the Elrhaz formation in NIger. Machimosaurus sp. from Portugal. Yet unidentified tooth from France (Self found). Might be crocodile, might be other reptile. Alligator teeth from Florida USA. What I really want: Big croc tooth from Java, Indonesia Pallimnarchus tooth or jaw piece from Australia Razanandrongobe tooth from Madagascar Kaprosuchus tooth from Niger Deinosuchus tooth from the USA Croc crowns (+6cm) or rooted croc teeth from Kem Kem. Crocodile teeth from Dinosaur bearing formations throughout the USA Canadian croc tooth. I'm also interested in other crocodile teeth, depending on country, or condition.. Size isn't really important. So far, on a map, these are the countries I got crocodile teeth from: Who, oh who could help me to paint this map more red.
  3. Hello to all. Currently I am looking for an Anklyosaurus tooth for my son for his Birthday. I was thinking that maybe a drawing or painting of an Anklyosaurus would be nice to go along with the tooth. If any of the forums great artists would be interested I propose a trade- your artwork, for my fossils. If anyone is interested please shoot me a pm. Thank-you Sincerly Dave
  4. Looking to trade these fossils from the Kalkberg Formation of NY for some other Palaeozoic fossils especially from the Ordovician-Devonian. These fossils are mostly brachiopods and can be very well preserved, they are however all in pretty hard limestone and may be challenging to prep. Orthid, somewhat hard to see, it is in the top right: Meristella: Atrypa? Looks like the shell is complete just obscured by matrix Another orthid:
  5. thank you BTHEMOOSE just got his teeth in the mail and couldn't be happier Bruce was fast, friendly and more than fair thanks again
  6. Few more French samples for exchange for all kind of fossils i don't have already with ID Ammonites 1 Garantiana gr. garantiana (ORBIGNY 1845) Bajocien Calvados - France 2 Parkinsonia parkinsoni (SOWERBY 1821)Bajocien (-170 à -164 millions d'années) supérieur Calvados - France 3 Chondroceras evolvescens Bajocien Calvados Normandy 4 Parkinsonia parkinsoni microcoque (SOWERBY 1821)Bajocien (-170 à -164 millions d'années) supérieur Calvados - France 5 BIGOTITES thevenini (Nicolesco 1917) Bajocien Calvados France 6 Teloceras blagdeni (SOWERBY, 1818) Bajocien Calvados Normandy 7 two Hildoceras Biffrons from the Toarcian of Riviére sur Tarn Aveyron 8 Quenstedtoceras Lamberti Callovian Villers sur Mer Normandy 9 Cardioceras woodhamense (Arkell) Callovian Villers sur Mer Normandy Echinoids a PHYMOSOMA GIRUMNENSE SANTONIEN GURAT CHARENTE France b phimosomas microtuberculatum SANTONIEN GURAT CHARENTE France c Flint regular Echinoid from the Turonian Ault Picardy and more Mezosoic from Picardy and Normandy A Tertiary Nummulites plate
  7. I’ve recently bought some fossil shark teeth online to expand my collection beyond the local Maryland fauna (Miocene from the Calvert Cliffs and Paleocene from the Potomac River/Aquia Formation), and it occurred to me that perhaps there are some forum members who would be interested in sharing some of your finds or extras in exchange for mine. The things I have to offer are shown below—mostly fossil shark teeth and a few other things. These aren’t all perfect, but there’s a good variety, including some less common species. I’ve collected most of these myself and have also listed a few purchased teeth for trade. If there’s something that interests you, hopefully we can help each other build out our respective collections. I have particular interest in adding Ptychodus sp. and Cretodus sp. teeth from the Cretaceous to my collection, but I’m open to a broad range of offers. U.S. trades are likely easiest for shipping, but I’m happy to consider international offers too. Thanks for looking! Quick summary of shark teeth available for trade by species (also see photos below): Miocene from Calvert Cliffs - Alopias latidens (2), Carcharhinus sp. (5+), Carcharodon hastalis (1), Galeocerdo aduncus (2), Hemipristis serra (4), Negaprion eurybathrodono (5), Notorynchus cepedianus (1), and Physogaleus contortus (4) Paleocene from Potomac River/Aquia Formation - Anomotodon novus (2), Cretalamna appendiculata (2), Palaeohypotodus rutoti (3), Paraorthacodus clarkii (1), Striatolamia striata (4+), and unidentified sand tigers (4+) Miocene-Pliocene from Purchases - Carcharocles megalodon (1), Carcharodon hastalis (2) I. Shark Teeth Available for Trade A. Miocene shark teeth from the Calvert Cliffs (unless otherwise noted): Alopias latidens (thresher shark) - both pending Carcharhinus sp. (gray sharks) – I also have others available. The tooth on the far right is from a Miocene exposure in Virginia (Westmoreland State Park). Carcharodon hastalis (white shark, predecessor to the great white) Galeocerdo aduncus (tiger shark) – The smaller tooth on the right is from a Miocene exposure in Virginia (Westmoreland State Park). Hemipristis serra (snaggletooth shark) - tooth A is pending Negaprion eurybathrodono (lemon shark) Notorynchus cepedianus? (sevengill cow shark) – This is most likely N. cepedianus though it’s a partial so I don’t know if it can be definitively ID’ed. Physogaleus contortus (tiger-like shark) B. Paleocene shark teeth from the Potomac River/Aquia Formation: ** I’ve done my best to identify the various sand tiger shark teeth below, but I may have made some mistakes. Anomotodon novus (goblin shark) - both are pending (though I also have others) Cretalamna appendiculata (mackerel shark) - tooth B is pending Palaeohypotodus rutoti (sand tiger shark) – I am pretty sure these are all P. rutoti due to the presence of basio-labial folds (see this elasmo.com page), but I could be wrong. Paraorthacodus clarkii (no common name shark) - tooth is pending Striatolamia striata (sand tiger shark) – I have others available too. - teeth A and D are pending Other non-striated sand tiger shark teeth – I’m unsure of the species on these; some may be Hypotodus verticalis. I have others available too. - tooth C is pending C. Purchased shark teeth available for trade: Carcharocles megalodon – This tooth was collected by a diver from the St. John’s River in Florida and measures a little over 2.75” slant height. I believe these are both Carcharodon hastalis – They are from an estate sale and their original collection location is unknown. They measure 1.7” and 1.2” slant height, respectively. II. Other Fossils Available for Trade A. Miocene from the Calvert Cliffs: Ecphora gardnerae? (gastropod) – If this is E. gardnerae, it’s also Maryland’s state fossil. Drum fish teeth Ray crushing plate fragments – The two v-shaped ones on the left are Aetomylaeus sp. and the other two may be as well. I have others available too. - plate B is pending Fossil corral – I believe these are Astrhelia palmata. I have others available too. Fossil sand dollar fragments – I have others available too. B. Paleocene from the Potomac River/Aquia Formation: Ray crushing plate fragments – I have others available too. Turritella sp. steinkerns/casts – I have others available too.
  8. I really only want to keep one of these, probably either the bottom left or the right fern. Not to concerned about the others.
  9. Hi, I live very close to big brook, NJ and have collecting many beautiful specimens of the oysters there. The oysters there are very unique, as they are some of the best and biggest of the species you can find in the world. I have many various specimens. Ill take any request for size, look, style as they all look different. Perhaps some like a more wavy pattern or separated pattern or a bubbly pattern. Im interested in anything you have to offer! I attached various pics to see. Although I have many and some even better.
  10. I am looking to trade small flat rate box(es) of Ordovician or Mississippian matrix for unsorted Permian Wellington f. (Waurika) or K Firesteel Creek (Hell Creek) matrix. PM me if you are interested. (or any other interesting micro faunal matrix)
  11. I made this little list with few nice french Echinoids for exchange,i still have many brachiopods,shells and carboniferous plants,the mail service is still not possible for the States,but i have a parcel already prep as soon as it will work again(very soon i hope ) 2 Discoides subuculus Cénomanian Charente Maritime France 4 Glypticus Hieroglyphicus on the matrix Oxfordian Foug France 1 Nucleolites elongatus Agassiz 1840 Bathonian Jaulny France 0 Temnocidaris (Stereocidaris) sceptrifera (Mantel,1822) - Upper Campanian , Charente Maritime France 2 Hemiaster bufo Cènomanian Villers sur mer Normandy 1 Echinolampas burdigalensis Bartonian Gironde France 2 Hemicidaris Luciensis Upper Bathonian Luc sur mer Normandy (1 on the matrix) 1 Holectypus depressus Callovien Sarthe France 1 Clypeus Ploti Bajocien Jaulny France 4 Micraster sp turonian Ault Picardy 2 Acrosalenia hemicidaroides Bathonien de Landaville (Vosges, France) 4 Collyrites ellipticus, Callovian Deux-Sèvres France 2 Toxaster sp 'Hauterivien,Southern France 4 Sismondia occitana (Defrance, 1827), Eocene, Gironde France 4 Arbacina monilis Langhian Miocène Indre-et-Loire France 1 Rhyncholampas grignonensis (Defrance, 1825) - Lutétien moyen, Aisne, France 2 Lenita patellaris (Leske,1778) - Lutétien moyen, authevernes, Eure 2 Toxaster amplus 'Hauterivien,Southern France 1 ECHINOLAMPAS CALVIMONTANA Éocène ( Lutétien). Aisne (02). 4 Salenia archiaci : Aptien-bédoulien du massif de la Clape.Aude France 2 Echinocyamus inflatus- Lutétien moyen, authevernes, Eure 1 conulus subrotundus(flint mold)Turonian Ault
  12. Dear TFF Despite having a very busy work schedule during these days, the fact that I did not have to travel allowed me to have time available to clean and organize some samples of field collections made in Portugal that had been waiting for a long time. These are two sets that I selected for myself. I have a few more copies, in excellent and identical conditions, for exchange. I have all the data available (age, formation, location). I will be interested in anything nice for my teaching collection, especially paleozoic specimens usual in your region (Bivalvia, Gastropoda, Cephalopoda, Echinodermata ...), but I am open to your suggestions. I can exchange sets similar to those in the photographs for a single specimen. 18x6 cm box Thank you, Ricardo
  13. I had the time to made a trade list with the samples i have for exchange for other brachiopods or shells fossils i still not have,all the pictures of the species are in my TFF albums,of course the result of a possible trade will be send as soon as the quarantine will end(very soon;i hope) ,I will add few echinoids , gastropods and Ammonites soon in my list .And i have still good carboniferous plants in my boxes Brachiopods Cyclothyris vespertilio Santonian Sarthe France Burmirhynchia decorata Bathonian Ardennes France Cheirothyris fleuriausa (d'Orbigny 1850) Oxfordian Rè Island France Rhynchonella cuvieri Turonian Ault France Rugitela subrugata, Deslongchamps 1859 Callovien Normandy Loboidothyris ingens (Rollier) Aalenien Calvados Torquirhynchia inconstans callovian Calvados Septaliphoria mourdoni Callovian Calvados France Zeilleria quadrifida cornuta (J. DE C. SOWERBY, 1824)Lower Jurassic (Pliensbachian)Calvados France Digonella digona Bathonian Luc sur mer Normandy France Rhynchonella bouetti Bathonian Luc sur mer Normandy France Quadratirhynchia quadrata Bathonian Luc sur mer Normandy France Eudesia multicostata Bathonian Luc sur mer Normandy France Cererithyris intermedia Bathonian Luc sur mer Normandy France Gibbithyris semiglobosa Turonian Ault France Aulacothyris impressa Callovien Villers sur mer Normandy Septaliphoria orbinyana Oppel 1856 Jurassique moyen (Callovien) Courgains Sarthe France terebratella santonensis campanien Charente maritime Sphaeroidothyris uretae Upper Aalenian Muros de Aguas near Burgos Spain Musculina sanctaecrucis, Hauterivien, Canton Neuchâtel, Switzerland Sellithyris sella Bedoulien Massif de la Clape Aude France Tamarella chloris Bedoulien Massif de la Clape Aude France Tamarella tamarindus Bedoulien Massif de la Clape Aude France Kingena lima Turonian Le Tréport Normandy France Kallirhynchia cf. yaxleyensis (Davidson)Bathonien de Domfront (Sarthe) France Eleutherokomma diluvianoides mid Dévonian ,Eifelian Skaly, Holy cross mountains, Poland Primipilaria primipilaris mid Dévonian ,Eifelian Skaly, Holy cross mountains, Poland Shells Shells from the Eocene of Paris region France 1 Natica noae Bartonian 2 Bayania lactea Bartonian 3 Rimella fissurella Bartonian 4 Sycostoma bulbus Bartonian 5 Ancilla obesula Bartonian 6 Lyria turgidula Lutétian 7 Mitra elongata Lutétian 8 Cryptoconus denudatus Lutétian 9 Venericardia planicosta Lutétian 10 Chama sp Lutètian 11 Mactra semisulcata Lutètian 12 Cerithium filiferum Lutètian :Potamides tricarinatus 2 : Pugilina palissyi 3 : Potamides Marinésien, Bartonian La Chapelle en Serval, Oise France 13 Cubitostrea cubitus Lutètian 14 Clavilithes scalaris Eocene- Le Guépelle France Gastropods Amphitrochus subduplicatus. (D'Orbigny 1850). Jurassique inférieur (Lias).Toarcien supérieur de l'Aveyron.Riviére sur Tarn
  14. Hello, this is my first time at attempting to trade fossils. In this trade I have a variety of fossils that I am willing to trade for other fossils (This is all offered together). I am specifically looking for amber inclusions, Mesozoic vertebrate material, dinosaur fossils, and small theropod teeth from any location. 1- Large Clam Shell from the Jurassic of Madagascar 2- Enchodus sp. fang from the late Cretaceous of North Texas 3- C. Hastalis (Mako) Shark Tooth from bone valley of northern Florida (1.6 inches long) 4- 2 Burmese amber specimens from the Mid Cretaceous (99 million years old) of Northern Myanmar 5- A dark reddish Cretaceous Burmese amber specimen with a beetle 6- A Clear Cretaceous Burmese amber specimen with a Parasitoid wasp (Scelionidae Indet.) 1.
  15. hi guys , i have some minerals that i no longer collect bit of a long shot but i was wondering if maybe someone would be interested, i can give closeups on request i am interested in most fossil fauna other than bivalves and brachiopods.
  16. Hi guys got some good stuff for you I am looking for sharks teeth (or any teeth), vertebrate material, gastropods echinoids and micro matrix. (This is quite a wide range but if you have other stuff feel free to pm. Some of these are more uncommon than others here are the two people I know like this stuff @Tidgy's Dad @Max-fossils
  17. Hello everyone, I have decided a while ago that I would focus on collecting Paleozoic material, because of this there are quite a few fossils I have that I purchased a long time ago and do not have an interest in keeping, these guys are not that special and I am not looking for much of anyone even does want to trade with me, but I do prefer Paleozoic material. I will post what I have here. 1.Lebanese shrimp fossil Cretaceous GONE/TRADED 2. Geocoma carinata I believe from the Solnhofen 3. Chunkosaurus 4.some cretaceous teeth, spinosaurus, Squalicorax, scapanorynchus, enchodus 5. Some gastropods 6.otodus obliquus Morocco eocene
  18. Here is an ammonite which I found at Port Mulgrave on the Yorkshire Coast in 2017. This is Jurassic aged. My ammonite knowledge is not great, but I think this is Dactylioceras commune. These are very abundant on the Yorkshire coast, so I don’t expect anything uncommon for this. Anything is of interest, especially things which are abundant in your collecting area but not often seen for sale online in the UK, for example Mazon creek Jellyfish. I mainly collect Carboniferous fossils, but I will consider fossils of all ages. Thanks, Daniel
  19. This trilobite would be around 7" if prone. It had poor restoration done to it which I removed as best I could. There may be one or two small patches of restoration that I missed. In exchange for this trilobite I'm interested in all offers, especially high quality complete fossil fish, other high quality trilobites, and medium to big European Ammonites.
  20. I have had this drotops for a while. It measures over 5.5" long by 3 inches wide. I have looked very careful for repair and the only place it looks like it might have it is a band between the eyes and the tip of the nose. I cannot tell if it is bad prep work or repair. In exchange for this trilobite I'm interested in all offers, especially high quality complete fossil fish, other high quality trilobites, and medium to big European Ammonites.
  21. Hyracodon Skull

    Good evening I have a Hyracodon skull. Nearly complete, but does have some putty work done to the upper. Excellent teeth. I have two of these and wouldnt mind losing one. I just wanted to see what any of you had to trade of equal value. Not really looking for anything in particualar. Show me what you are willing to trade!
  22. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any Megalodon teeth from exotic locations they would be willing to let go of for trade. I'm also interested in other species of shark teeth/fossils from rare locations. Regards, Indominus Rex.
  23. Hi everyone, I was surprised to find a few nice mongolian fossils availables for sale on a well-known website (I dont know if it is allowed to give the name of the website here). including a protoceratops skull and a tarbosaur toe with claw. I am very surpised that they take the chance to put that for sale on theyr website (especially since I think that it is a us seller) and I was wondering if everything has changed regarding the fossil legislation in Mongolia...
  24. Hey everyone, This is a long shot......I am a fan of the history of paleontology. I love when science changes over time due to more observation and knowledge. Greenops boothi and phacops rana used to be the standard names for many New York trilobites. They are now split up into Eldredgeops rana and greenops grabaui, greenops barberi and a whole new Bellacartwrightia (spelling may be off sorry) genus. I plan on going and collecting my own greenops boothi someday as I know the locality location described in literature. However the original Phacops rana is from Europe and is now called Phacops latifrons (if I’m not mistaken) and I have no way of obtaining a specimen and I don’t know if they are even available. I would love to own a piece of history if anyone has specimens of the European Phacops latifrons I have lots to trade . Thanks Al
  25. Hello everyone, I have noticed that I have almost no fossils from the Carboniferous period and would really love to add some to my collection. I have decided to start out with the Mazon creek as it had many fascinating inhabitants. I am interested in pretty much everything from there and am not looking for anything spectacular. For what I have, there are Thalassina anomala mud lobsters from Australia, Devonian fossils from New York such as trilos and brachiopods, Jurassic Ostracods from CT, a few echinoids and probably other things too.