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ID requested: Miocene sharkteeth from Rumst (Belgium)


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Hi everyone,

saturday I went on my 2nd fossil hunting trip with my fossil club to the Wienerberger quarry in Rumst in the Rupel area near Antwerp (Belgium).

We hunted mainly in a thin Miocene layer dating back to the Burdigalian around 20.43 - 15.97 million years ago.

We found many shark teeth, most of which are C. hastalis, but there are a few I can't quite identify as shark teeth are not really my area of expertise and I was not acquainted with the location until my visit.

So I was hoping some experts could me out or someone who is familiar with the species from the location.
I did send an email to one of the excursion leaders from the trip, but he admitted not being a sharkteeth expert himself either and couldn't help me much further with ID's.
So any help would be welcome.


So the first batch of teeth are what I all believe to be C. hastalis. I am pretty confident with my ID on them but the other teeth are a mystery for me.



These two teeth are pretty beaten up. The tooth on the right has no enamel layer anymore and I doubt an ID is impossible. 
But the tooth on the right could be beat-up C. hastalis but I am not sure, it also kinda looks like a pretty beat-up Carcharocles angustidens. The latter can be found at the location and are usually found in the bad condition due to the fact that they were present in a now lost layer a little bit older than the one were most shark teeth were. 

But as said before I am not an expert and I am just purely speculating with the little info on the location I have.



I don't really know how to ID these teeth.

Are they C. hastalis but located on different locations in the jaws than the previous C. hastalis teeth or do these belong to a different species?




Then there are these 3 teeth that I don't know how to ID



We also found a few small shark teeth of which I believe they might belong to a different species than C. hastalis



And then the last tooth is this one, on first sight it kinda looks like a C. hastalis tooth but when you take a closer look you can see that the edges are serrated. 
So I wonder whether anyone know what species this could be?




Well that were all, I would really appreciate some help for their ID's

Thank you in advance! 

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Top tooth in pic 5 looks like a thresher to me. 

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I took the liberty of brightening and enlarging the first picture.  :) 



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I’m sorry to say that I can’t help much with identifying your shark teeth, but I am glad to see that you were able to get out and hunt again! :thumbsu:

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20 hours ago, Darktooth said:

Top tooth in pic 5 looks like a thresher to me. 

Thank you, I've looked up images of teeth and they do indeed look very alike and they apparently are present at Rumst :) 


16 hours ago, FossilNerd said:

I’m sorry to say that I can’t help much with identifying your shark teeth, but I am glad to see that you were able to get out and hunt again! :thumbsu:

Yes me too! Me and my girlfriend had an amazing day hunting, we can't wait till next time :) 

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Thank you all for the replies. 
I've gotten my hands on an article that describes the teeth from the location as well as a website with some ID from the location.
And I think most of the teeth are now ID'd.
All the teeth in photo's 1 - 4 are C. hastalis.

The 3 teeth in photo 5 are probably all Isurus retroflexus, which is a common find in Rumst.

The 2 middle teeth in photo 6 probably belong to Odontaspis sp., I don't know about the 2 outer teeth though.

And after some research I am quite confident that the serrated tooth belongs to Carcharomodus escheri.

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On 20-11-2019 at 9:30 AM, Natalie81 said:

Belgiansharkteeth is a very helpful website, give it a try :)

Yes thank you, I did came across this website during my search and it was very helpfull, one of only two websites with some info on sharkteeth on that location :) 

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