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10 minutes ago, Brett Breakin' Rocks said:

I finally made it out in July to a location near Charleston I am always mentioning, but had never personally visited.   After 3 dry years of no ear bone periotics they started showing up in triplicate this summer. Probably was able to discern their shape better after seeing so many examples. Not much else showed up for me that day save a few tiny teeth. But it led to my first, albeit small donation.


Common or Scientific Name: Odontoceti indet.  (delphinid periotic ear bone)
Geologic Formation: Undetermined - ( Fossil dredge from this site typically contains Oligocene Ashley Formation, Lower Miocene Marks Head Formation, Lower Pliocene Goose Creek Limestone, and Pleistocene Wando Formation )

Geologic Age: Undetermined - Oligocene (?)  But potentially Pliocene - Pleistocene
Region the fossil was found: Charleston, South Carolina
Museum or University that received the fossil:  Mace Brown Museum of Natural History at the College of Charleston

Reason for donation:  Well preserved and perfect for the fossil survey.


Found and donated (July 23, 2019) to Dr. Bobby Boessenecker


Dr. Bobby Boessenecker - " Ashby (Gale) and I (but mostly Ashby, since he's out more often) have been putting together a collection of riverbank ear bones from West Ashley, Johns Island, and Mount Pleasant, and this is quite a well preserved one that would go nicely into the eventual paper. "





Fantastic. Beautiful fossil and a great donation to make !

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Congrats on the find and donation!

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Brett Breakin' Rocks
10 hours ago, fossilsonwheels said:

Fantastic. Beautiful fossil and a great donation to make !


10 hours ago, sharkdoctor said:

Congrats on the find and donation!

Thank you both ! .... it was a nice find for a slow week.



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