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Is this just a rock?


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This has been on our bathroom window ledge for some time now. Iam curious to know if this is just a rock or something else. This piece has some odd characteristics such as; linear ridges, pores, indent around one edge that looks like something could have been attached, and a think dark center. I read if you lick a fossil It will slightly stick which it did. 

We live in North Dakota north of the Missouri river. I like searching for odd or unique rocks along the shore. I can't recall exactly were it was found but can say either from the lake or my yard which is a new development on farm land. 

I am not a master photographer but hope the images do it justice.

Thanks for viewing.


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I wouldn't be surprised if it is a poorly preserved bit of cancellous bone, but you should wait for more opinions.

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36 minutes ago, Rockwood said:

I noticed that too. The North Dakota part drew me away though I guess.

I don't know the area but, checking a map, there should be some glacial deposits.

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