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Hi everyone,


You have been overwhelming helpful in previous posts.  Thank you!  

A local person is wanting to sell this tooth.  He says it is from the Cooper River.  L1 is 5.81, L2 is 5.64 and W is 4.52.  It weighs 15.6 oz.  I looked at it under UV and magnifying glass, and it looked legit.


Do you think it is real or fake?





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Looks good to me! 

Typically the fake ones are quite light and easy to tell that they are cast.

Looks like a nice good sized tooth with good enamel.


Hope this helps a little!


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To quote The Friends of Distinction's 1969 hit tune...."So real, so real, so real, so real, can you dig it?"

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Real and a beauty at that. 

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Thank you everyone.  I really appreciate the comments.  I have never purchased an expensive tooth before, and wanted some professional reviews.  I am glad I posted it here.  You guys are awesome!

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