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My ultimate mystery fossil


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I found what I have always assumed to be a fossilized broken leg bone among the landscaping stones in the parking lot of a barbecue restaurant in Nashville Tennessee in about 1985.  Thus I have zero idea of its origins.   The stone is very dense and hard, not at all like the more porous ones I’m accustomed to finding here in Florida.  I had a local fossil enthusiast here in FL once tell me it was mammoth, but given the size that doesn’t quite fit to me.  Can anyone tell me anything about the species, anatomy or whether it’s even really a fossil as I have been assuming all of these years? Thanks for any guidance and feedback!




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Sorry, I'm not seeing anything suggesting bone here, but maybe I'm wrong.

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Am I the only one that it strikes funny to be finding bones at a BBQ joint? :D


I'm not seeing anything that screams bone here either.  Is there dirt on it that can be cleaned off for a better look?

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Looks to be some kind of concretion?  Not sure really but it does not look like any kind of bone?



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