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Happy Holidays


Start with Hypsilophodon's from the Early Cretaceous of the UK thanks to the NHM dinolab.  A small critter





A spectacular skull of Bistahieversor a Tyrannosaurid from the Late Cretaceous of New Mexico. 




A gorgeous specimen of the likely herbivorous/omnivorous Late Cretaceous theropod Ornithomimus at RTMP courtesy of NHM Dinolab





A Centrosaurus skull from Dinosaur Park Formation, Alberta from RTMP




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A beautiful Maxilla from the Tyrannosaurid Daspletosaurus.... RTMP  



From Lighting Ridge Australia the Opalized Toe bone of the Iguanodontid Fostoria dhimbangunmal.   from John Pickrell




Meet the most complete Stegoceras skull known (UALVP 2) courtsey of Henry Sharpe

A bonehead dino from the late Cretaceous





These beautiful feet belong to a nearly complete specimen of  Saurornitholestes.  thanks Mark Powers




Museum of Nature Skulls, David Evans




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The theropod Coelophysis bauri, from the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation of New Mexico courtesy of Guy Leahy







Not Dino but very cool pterosaur, Ludodactylus, 120 mya  thanks Jordan Bestwick




From Pete Larsen Black Hills Institute

This Triceratops skull is unusual in that it is an adult from the Triceratops prorsus zone, but it’s skull will only be about 5 feet in length. A normal adult T. prorsus may reach 8 feet



This braincase might tell us if we are dealing with individual variation, or a separate species



Our small adult Triceratops skull was preserved with about 20 maxillary teeth. Because these are smaller and somewhat unique, we are molding them and will put casts into the mount. Deb Christie is a master caster. This is her work, ready for the second layer of silicone.





Skull and foot of small ornithopod dinosaur Gasparinisaura. The is the holotype at the Lago Barreales Palaeontology Centre in Patagonia, Argentina thanks John Pickrell





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All of these interesting. I look forward to your Fossil Friday posts. Thanks for showing everyone what’s out there :dinothumb:

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Awesome fossils Frank. Thanks for posting this and Happy Holidays to you and yours !

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Happy Christmas and a very merry New Year, Frank. :)

Thanks for another year of top information, advice, articles and photos. 

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