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my son and I found this fossilized coral, or what we think is coral, in a dried up creek bed. We were wondering what type of coral is it, what period did it come from and potentially what it can tell us about the prehistoric history of he area we live in. 

it was found in middle Tennessee, Montgomery county to be more precise.


lastly, does it have any value? I relocate a lot for my job and we have no use for a 25 lbs chunk of fossilized coral. 






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Welcome to the Forum. :) 


According to this geologic map: 




Montgomery County has mostly Mississippian period aged bedrock/outcrops.


So, basically from between 358 to 323 million years old. 


This looks like a colonial rugose coral.


Maybe something like Lithostrotionella or Eridophyllum.            Images

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It is an exceptional specimen and worth keeping, even though it's fairly common and won't make you rich. Most collectors would love to have one as nice as yours.

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