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My small Christmas gifts

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So my family and I have been spending time about 2-3 hours away from were we live and have found a neat store that sells art, minerals and fossils. I pointed out a few fossils I liked (pretty much all of them) not thinking anything about it and to my surprise I got some for Christmas! I know 2 aren’t fossils but it’s the biggest sand dollar I’ve ever seen and a neat shell of some kind. Next time I go I’ll have to get the information about where they were found and all of that. But I’m happy to add to my small collection! :thumbsu:






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Adding a picture of everything together!
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Very nice nature history collection. I really like the  ammonites with pyrite.   :wub:


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Awesome thank you I’ll make sure I write that down so I can display it with it! Thanks I thought it was really cool and am glad she picked it up for me!

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Very nice.

You clearly had a good Christmas.:)

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