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I found this on Blind Pass Beach in November 2019 Not sure what it is - I thought it looked like a bird wing but not sure. It is 5cm long 3cm wide and weighs 25 kg.

Thank you for any help.






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I am not sure of any bones that would look like that, so I would bet it's geological and not a fossil.

25 kilograms is extraordinarily heavy for an object that small.

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Welcome to the Forum. :)


I have to agree - this is geological in nature, and not fossil.

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Does not look like fossil to me, but I can only judge from the photos. Not the same as holding it in hand. Does not look like anything I am familiar with, but it is an interesting specimen. I would hang on to it for that reason alone. Join a rock/fossil club in your area and see what they think. Most earth sciences clubs have annual dues that are very affordable. It's definitely not bird wing -- if those were bones, they would be too robust for a bird unless it was built like an elephant and flew about as well.

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