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I've been looking for hesperornis fossils for a while, and recently, an acquaintance presented me with a challenge: He would send me a bag of broken up hesperornis verts for me to assemble. In return, I had to send him the biggest and best vert back. He also warned me it could be a real headache.


I took the challenge. Lo and behold! I was presented with over 60 broken pieces, some of which were tiny and terribly fragmented (not shown in picture)




Nonetheless, I googled for pictures of hesperornis verts and put what limited knowledge I had on fossil assembly into this task.


After 18 hours, this is what I got:



All in all, it was a tiring but satisfying job and now I can happily say I am the proud owner of a chain of associated hesperornis verts

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There is a lot of satisfaction in completing 3D paleo puzzles.  ;) Well done, Andy.

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Well done, Andy!

Thanks for posting this! :) 

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The Amateur Paleontologist

Great job, Andy! Anything from Hesperornis is cool IMO - and you scored something quite nice :D 

If only my friends could send me challenges like that....

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